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Jeffree Star
Nathan and I have the most devastating news to share with you all… 🐶💔 #RIPDiamond https://t.co/yslBUwUCpF
11 Jun, 04:04 PM UTC
Brianna K. Johnson
Me after watching Jeffree Star new video. #RIPDiamond @Krystalluvsyou2's photo on #RIPDiamond
11 Jun, 04:28 PM UTC
jaq 🏳️‍🌈
diamond throwback to honour her 💖 #ripdiamond https://t.co/DOY0o0e0aP
11 Jun, 04:13 PM UTC
光 𝐿𝓊𝒸𝑒
RIP Diamond Star. i can’t even explain how it feels to lose your dog, you’re completely numb, nothing makes sense anymore... i hope jeffree star and his family recover as soon as possible from this heartbreaking loss. #ripdiamond https://t.co/PKFnSSTDOl
11 Jun, 04:20 PM UTC
I feel so sorry that you’ve never experienced loving a pet so much. It’s beautiful & rewarding. And yes it’s painful sometimes when they’re suffering & you can’t do much but pray that all the money you just spent at the vet will somehow help them. They become family❤️#RIPDiamond https://t.co/7elnQEjOcH
11 Jun, 04:53 PM UTC
I seen #RIPDiamond & I thought it was diamond from Crime Mob https://t.co/7c5MM25fQh
11 Jun, 06:02 PM UTC
Tracy Martin
@JeffreeStar I am so so sorry for your and Nates loss. It is the hardest thing ever to lose one of your pets. Take comfort in knowing you gave her a wonderful life and she was truly loved. Sending you both my love #RIPDIAMOND xx https://t.co/M2BciKdkZQ
11 Jun, 04:51 PM UTC
liam | #wave 🌊 | ATEEZ LOCKDOWN
#RIPDiamond https://t.co/h4gASZANLN
11 Jun, 07:05 PM UTC
No no no no no 💔 #RIPDiamond 🌈💕 https://t.co/l9W29967Ft
11 Jun, 07:10 PM UTC
Zoë-Jane McKinnon
Watching @JeffreeStar & Nate’s video I sobbed, absolutely heartbreaking to lose not only a dog but a family member/baby. My heart breaks for you, Nate & the rest of the babies! Sending you loads of love & prayers from me & my fur baby ❤️ #RIPDiamond https://t.co/lBsgwXZE1a
11 Jun, 07:13 PM UTC
Laura Morrissey
@JeffreeStar I’m sorry for the loss in your family. It is truly hard to lose someone who you’ve known so long. Diamond, will forever be in yours and Nate’s heart. Her memories will live on and she is great full for everything you’ve done for her. Stay strong. #RIPDiamond 🐶🌈❤️
11 Jun, 07:10 PM UTC
👑Off-brand Fendi👑
11 Jun, 07:08 PM UTC
Tasha Allen
#RIPDiamond that video made me tear up.... I'm an old cold hearted lady but I #canrelate to how hard it is to lose a pet/family member... 💙💙💙
11 Jun, 07:05 PM UTC
@JeffreeStar Omg I am soooo sorry. That breaks my heart. #RIPDiamond
11 Jun, 07:04 PM UTC