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Ashleigh Murray
Last night was epic b/c we had the opp to express life in all its form of imperfection: fights, fear, mistakes, chances, interruptions. It marinates or moves at light speed whether we‘re ready or not and that’s beautiful. We all shined 💕. Thx 4 coming to my Ted talk. #riverdale
07 Feb, 01:48 PM UTC
Taking big steps in their relationship. Stream the latest: https://t.co/7AWy68Uz9b #Riverdale Riverdale's photo on #Riverdale
07 Feb, 09:00 PM UTC
Will they make it official? Stream the latest #Riverdale free on The CW App: https://t.co/7AWy68Uz9b Riverdale's photo on #Riverdale
07 Feb, 05:00 PM UTC
Best wishes, The Gargoyle King. Stream #Riverdale free: https://t.co/7AWy68Uz9b Riverdale's photo on #Riverdale
08 Feb, 02:00 AM UTC
Archie Comics
What was your favorite moment from last night's #Riverdale episode? Stream it now: https://t.co/2uwzu4stHe #Riverdale Archie Comics's photo on #Riverdale
08 Feb, 01:01 AM UTC
Ashleigh Murray
We’ll never be famous so who’s gonna care Nobody needs us and everyone’s had us We’re here, but not here We’ve been there, but not there and Wheeeeerrrree is a full video to this song? #riverdale People Like Us (feat. Ashleigh Murray and KJ Apa) https://t.co/W2eKq66uzB
07 Feb, 03:11 PM UTC
Riverdale Brasil
O mistério de #Riverdale continua em 27 de fevereiro às 21h40 na @WarnerChannelBR. Riverdale Brasil's photo on #Riverdale
07 Feb, 04:47 PM UTC
Alex Zalben
Regarding the ratings for last night’s #Riverdale: The episode was critically acclaimed, and fans have been discussing it *all day long*. That’s all that matters. They’ll try shaking up the formula with hours like “Bizarrodale” again.
07 Feb, 10:38 PM UTC
Brian E. Paterson
Oh what could have been if Fred were elected mayor. 🛰️🚀🛸 #Riverdale Brian E. Paterson's photo on #Riverdale
07 Feb, 09:54 PM UTC
Movie & TV Awards
going to keep shipping #CHONI because they are goals and it's what they deserve ❣️💋#Riverdale Movie & TV Awards's photo on #Riverdale
07 Feb, 04:38 PM UTC
《Previously SERIES》
#PrevFrase #Riverdale “Me enferma que aún quede gente que piense que ser gay es cualquier cosa menos fantástico” 《Previously SERIES》's photo on #Riverdale
07 Feb, 10:49 PM UTC
#Riverdale Series 3, Episode 12- 'Bizarrodale' (2019) https://t.co/w6g5IrZfix
07 Feb, 12:41 PM UTC
Twórcy Riverdale podczas pisania scenariusza: I ty handlujesz narkotykami! I ty handlujesz narkotykami! WSZYSCY HANDLUJECIE NARKOTYKAMI!!!!!!1!1111!!1 #Riverdale #riverdalepl Kimerline💫's photo on #Riverdale
07 Feb, 05:52 PM UTC
Adam ➰🏳️‍🌈🐍
Over 20,000 combined already?! You know this is the best episode of the show so far! Thank you to @brittashipsit for writing this incredible ep! If you haven’t checked out my reaction, do that now! ❤️ @WriterRAS #riverdale https://t.co/hgqPsYVskI
07 Feb, 10:41 PM UTC
KJ Apa Brasil
[LEGENDADO] Novo trailer do décimo terceiro episódio da terceira temporada de #Riverdale (3x13), “Chapter Forty-Eight: Requiem For A Welterweight.” KJ Apa Brasil's photo on #Riverdale
07 Feb, 02:43 PM UTC
Michela Balta
Ornella Vanoni "A GRATIIIIS" is the new "Sierra Serranda non è in vendita". @Daninseries @LaValeheheh #Sanremo2019 #riverdale
07 Feb, 10:19 PM UTC
Mano n tem uma pessoa que me represente tanto igual ele assistindo #Riverdale nalu's photo on #Riverdale
08 Feb, 01:25 AM UTC
Netflix Life
We'd love to see these @ArchieComics turned into new shows or movies! #Riverdale https://t.co/qapXAxoLJC
08 Feb, 01:32 AM UTC
ᴶᴬᴴᴬ ᴮᴿᵁᴺᴼ *・゚。
좋아하는 시즌1 오프닝 장면들 #Riverdale https://t.co/4v9AHZ4OEO
07 Feb, 06:06 PM UTC
karo 🏆 FR 💍
Now which is your #riverdale ship ? ❤ #Veggie ✏ Archie/Josie
07 Feb, 08:02 PM UTC
I started watching #Riverdale and of course I’m obsessing over ChiChi and Bulma being Riverdale Vixens. #chichi #bulma #dragonball #archie #riverdale #bettyandveronica OMGGLOWCHICHI's photo on #Riverdale
08 Feb, 09:19 AM UTC
Riverdale Merch
Riverdale Clothes and Accessories in stock with FREE World Shipping: https://t.co/A8JibKhbIB #riverdale #colesprouse #lilireinahrt #riverdaleedit #kjapa #riverdalearchie #choni #riverdalebetty Riverdale Merch's photo on #Riverdale
08 Feb, 08:10 AM UTC
I've just watched episode S03E12 of Riverdale! #Riverdale #tvtime https://t.co/xakWQkLaKy
08 Feb, 10:51 AM UTC
Portal Mädchen Brasil
📷 | Quem concorda, respira... #AliceCooper #Riverdale Portal Mädchen Brasil's photo on #Riverdale
08 Feb, 10:45 AM UTC
Portal Mädchen Brasil
📷 | Who agrees, breathes... #AliceCooper #Riverdale Portal Mädchen Brasil's photo on #Riverdale
08 Feb, 10:45 AM UTC
Archive Skädchen
📷 | Quem concorda, respira... #FBJones #AliceCooper #Falice #Riverdale Archive Skädchen's photo on #Riverdale
08 Feb, 10:38 AM UTC
God is a woman❤️✨ I SAW BEYONCÉ
Hai capito Gladys... Praticamente ora ha la città nelle sue mani #Riverdale God is a woman❤️✨ I SAW BEYONCÉ's photo on #Riverdale
08 Feb, 10:41 AM UTC
Acabo de ver el episodio S03E12 de Riverdale! #Riverdale #tvtime https://t.co/6i9evRPfW3 Aidasmiler😌's photo on #Riverdale
08 Feb, 10:41 AM UTC
Perso Archie et Josie c rien tant que Veronica et Reggie ils restent ensemble 😍😍#Riverdale
08 Feb, 10:41 AM UTC
Betty Cooper
I've just watched episode S03E12 of Riverdale! #Riverdale #tvtime https://t.co/TOUasiUIPG
08 Feb, 10:57 AM UTC
I've just watched episode S03E12 of Riverdale! #Riverdale #tvtime https://t.co/755xvovkpQ nelli's photo on #Riverdale
08 Feb, 10:57 AM UTC
#Riverdale βerlyn♡'s photo on #Riverdale
08 Feb, 10:56 AM UTC
Identity Politics for All
@maggiemayi123 @Kathy_362 @Bantauj1 @chrisberenguer @RealJamesWoods There will be hundreds of AOCs in the future Due to mass 3rd world immigration which even #Trump applauds - #MAGA #FoxNews #p2 #Riverdale #CriminalMinds #Tucker #Hannity #CCOT #tcot #GreysAnatomy #HouseOfWalker #OscarNoms #QAnon #XRP #XboxLive #NASA #REDMAREinLA #IngrahamAngle https://t.co/ktcEYL5GLG
08 Feb, 10:49 AM UTC
V8 Diner Bangkok
🖤💛❤️ (📷:Nai Pinitnan) 📍V8 Diner ซอยสุขุมวิท 11, บีทีเอสสถานีนานา ทางออก 3 🕛ร้านเปิดตั้งแต่ 12:00 PM - 6:00 AM (เที่ยงถึงหกโมงเช้าอีกวัน) #V8Diner #Riverdale #PopsDiner V8 Diner Bangkok's photo on #Riverdale
08 Feb, 10:45 AM UTC
"Me enferma que en Riverdale haya gente que siga pensando que ser gay es cualquier cosa menos fantástico". No entiendo que Cheryl salga tan poco, la verdad. #Riverdale LorenaVanDerWoodsen's photo on #Riverdale
08 Feb, 10:44 AM UTC
@CW_Riverdale I just watched the latest episode and that song you used " why do fools fall inlove" at the start is amazing!! #riverdale
08 Feb, 10:43 AM UTC
✨Звёздная✨| ВП
ГГ - это воплощение Ривердейла. В нём есть свои грифоны, горгульи и Король Горгулий... Лодж, Толбой, отец Лося.... #RIVERDALE
08 Feb, 10:41 AM UTC
Mo 🐹
J’viens d’regarder S03E12 de Riverdale! #Riverdale et j’vais encore continuer #tvtime https://t.co/a00zF4kKIQ Mo 🐹's photo on #Riverdale
08 Feb, 10:40 AM UTC
Teghan Ball
another 3 week break, really?! 😡 #riverdale
08 Feb, 10:39 AM UTC
Archive Skädchen
📷 | Who agrees, breathes... #FBJones #AliceCooper #Falice #Riverdale Archive Skädchen's photo on #Riverdale
08 Feb, 10:38 AM UTC
#riverdale & #coffee ☕️ #netflix 🥰
08 Feb, 10:36 AM UTC
Comunque le scene con Ronnie diventano sempre più trash #Riverdale
08 Feb, 10:34 AM UTC
I hate Reggie and Veronica’s relationship. That’s not his babe😐🐍 #RIVERDALE
08 Feb, 10:34 AM UTC
Dr Dunk-West
#riverdale is cooked Dr Dunk-West's photo on #Riverdale
08 Feb, 10:31 AM UTC
I Bughead mancavano come l'aria in questo episodio #Riverdale
08 Feb, 10:31 AM UTC
B ¡ u 👽
Y la reina Betty no ha salido en todo el capítulo, de qué van #Riverdale
08 Feb, 10:30 AM UTC
B ¡ u 👽
Archie y Jossie, yo me cago en todo #Riverdale
08 Feb, 10:29 AM UTC

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