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She has someone else she can lean on now. Stream the season premiere for free on The CW App: https://t.co/bBg9HMyx4v #Riverdale Riverdale's photo on #Riverdale
12 Oct, 08:00 PM UTC
Don't fall behind! Stream the season premiere for free on The CW App: https://t.co/bBg9HMQ8t5 #Riverdale Riverdale's photo on #Riverdale
12 Oct, 04:00 PM UTC
Summer lovin'. Stream the season premiere for free: https://t.co/bBg9HMyx4v #Riverdale Riverdale's photo on #Riverdale
13 Oct, 03:00 AM UTC
“B” is for Betty, getting caught up on her diary writing before the next episode of #Riverdale. (Even better than the premiere, IMO...) 🎲🎢🍔🎰🌋💣🐍 RobertoAguirreSacasa's photo on #Riverdale
13 Oct, 08:35 AM UTC
Archie Comics
What did you think of the #Riverdale Season 3 premiere? Stream the season premiere for free on The CW App: https://t.co/1uS4zkAgOT Archie Comics's photo on #Riverdale
12 Oct, 10:01 PM UTC
A L L Y 🔗
No hate to the riverdale boys but we need in season 3 girls power💃🏻 @CW_Riverdale @CamilaMendes @lilireinhart @VanessaMorgan @madelainepetsch @iamamurray @madchenamick @marisolnichols #RiverdaleS3 #riverdale #WomenLikeMe {PLEASE TAG THEM} A L L Y 🔗's photo on #Riverdale
12 Oct, 05:28 PM UTC
Anne Marie
I don’t think we talked enough about how @colesprouse had a smize that would make @tyrabanks proud during the #Riverdale premier. Anne Marie's photo on #Riverdale
13 Oct, 01:28 AM UTC
Netflix Portugal
Mês de setembro Vs. Mês de halloween. #Riverdale https://t.co/uuLjgWMBHH
13 Oct, 02:25 PM UTC
KJ Apa waking up with a boner 🍆 #Riverdale https://t.co/2Q2cqXoUEM HotFamousMen's photo on #Riverdale
13 Oct, 02:07 PM UTC
INSTAGRAM: Citandoseries.ig
Amém, Cheryl Blossom #Riverdale INSTAGRAM: Citandoseries.ig's photo on #Riverdale
12 Oct, 06:40 PM UTC
Entertainment Weekly
'#Falice' fans, rejoice! Mädchen Amick teases upcoming FP bedroom scene on #Riverdale https://t.co/ops9RhBPz4
13 Oct, 03:05 PM UTC
Riverdale Polls
If only one #Riverdale couple can be endgame, which would you pick? #Falice #Varchie #Choni #Bughead
13 Oct, 02:16 PM UTC
Como não amar 🧡 #Riverdale https://t.co/3dgMXqot0e
13 Oct, 04:03 AM UTC
Best chemistry?❤️#Bughead #Barchie #Riverdale
13 Oct, 02:43 PM UTC
unidos de novo e novamente #Riverdale Flor's photo on #Riverdale
13 Oct, 02:56 AM UTC
13 Oct, 07:25 AM UTC
Archie before going back to jail: I love you Veronica. Jughead before wanting to sacrifice himself: I will never stop loving you. - to Betty I love (2) endgame couples that wanted to dedicate their last words to their loved ones. #Varchie #Bughead #Riverdale https://t.co/QW6gmSILOs
13 Oct, 02:50 PM UTC
Tô só apreciando a terceira temporada de #Riverdale QUE HINO! #SabadoDetremuraSDV https://t.co/ON9xEkkmK3
13 Oct, 06:03 AM UTC
Luana Amorim 🌙
É uma rainha mesmo ❤️ #Riverdale Luana Amorim 🌙's photo on #Riverdale
13 Oct, 06:45 AM UTC
"não sei pq ela não solta aquele cabelo nunca" @isadorajamar 😂😂 #Riverdale Gadelha's photo on #Riverdale
13 Oct, 03:30 AM UTC
Simone • “Or you could stay • Stay”
Apart from promising her that they would get through this together, Jughead gave Betty his beanie - his safety blanket - during a time when she needed some kind of reassurance that everything would be alright. Okay? Okay. #Bughead #Riverdale Simone • “Or you could stay • Stay”'s photo on #Riverdale
13 Oct, 03:15 PM UTC
I think Betty should be the one to crack the code on Archie's case and prove his innocence. Otherwise what's the point of her investigative/Nancy Drew background? #Barchie #Riverdale
13 Oct, 02:17 PM UTC
Gryffindor Books
If you like Riverdale you will LOVE any books by the creepily amazing @darrenshan!! #BookRecommendations #riverdale #darrenshan #bookslike
12 Oct, 07:51 PM UTC
bettynin babasını nefessiz dövesim var allahım çıldırııcam aq #Riverdale
13 Oct, 03:26 PM UTC
Steve Wilkins, Jr.
...I just remembered that #Riverdale Started back. Let me go and watch this episode.
13 Oct, 03:26 PM UTC

Ayer empecé la 2da de #Riverdale y ya la estoy terminando 😵🤦🏽‍♀️
13 Oct, 03:24 PM UTC
Fatii Prieto
Mi corazón no aguanta tantas emociones .. #Riverdale
13 Oct, 03:30 PM UTC
I've just watched episode S01E05 of Riverdale! #Riverdale #tvtime https://t.co/FpkQNFA7nc
13 Oct, 03:30 PM UTC
I looked up symptoms of Adderall abuse and hallucinating and seizing are on the side affects list Betty was most likely hallucinating #riverdale @CW_Riverdale
13 Oct, 03:29 PM UTC
Esther_dc 🍋
The way Cami announced her relationship with Charles, fam 😍😍😍 been wanting these two to date since he joined the cast #Riverdale
13 Oct, 03:29 PM UTC
Hennessy Hairo 🦄
these series are driving me crazy hahahaha #riverdale #HTGAWM
13 Oct, 03:28 PM UTC
Polly la pazza, che fa parte di una specie di setta, si permette di dare della malata a Betty #Riverdale alohomora's photo on #Riverdale
13 Oct, 03:27 PM UTC
Qué bueno está Archie Andrews joderrr #Riverdale #Riverdale #Riverdale #Riverdale
13 Oct, 03:26 PM UTC
Not mudblood🎃
Pero que ha padado en el primer capitulo de #Riverdale ??? me lo explican? me oyen? que explosion que confusion
13 Oct, 03:24 PM UTC
Vanellope 🌻
Riverdale S3 E1 #riverdale
13 Oct, 03:23 PM UTC
Archie en bañador. Me se de una a la que se le van a mojar las bragas #Riverdale
13 Oct, 03:22 PM UTC

See top twitter trends from Italy.

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