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Saj Sadiq
Mohammad Rizwan in the current series against England: 68, 88*, 8, 88 and 63 Runs 315 Average 78.75 Strike-rate 140.62 #PAKvENG #Cricket
28 Sep, 04:13 PM UTC
Ch Fawad Hussain
اگر کسانوں کے پر امن احتجاج پر پولیس ایکشن کیا گیا تو تحریک انصاف کسانوں کے ساتھ سیسہ پلائ دیوار بن جائیگی ، یہ فاشسٹ حکومت ہر احتجاج کو بزور طاقت دبانا چاہتی ہے یہ اب ممکن نہیں
28 Sep, 07:19 PM UTC
Daniel Alexander
Fantastic win by Pakistan to lead the series 3-2 after being 1-2. Yet another match-winning inns by world's best all-format keeper-batsman Rizwan & an incredible effort under immense pressure by Jamal on Int'l debut. They surely got bowler-factories in Pakistan. #Cricket #PAKvENG
28 Sep, 06:23 PM UTC
Avinash Aryan
(63 off 46) Rizwan- The alone warrior of Pakistan. Amazing innings. No.1 batsman for a reason. #Rizwan #muhammadrizwan @iMRizwanPak
28 Sep, 04:13 PM UTC
Saj Sadiq
Babar Azam "Mohammad Rizwan deserves a lot of credit for his innings today. The wicket wasn't easy to bat on but he built his innings and batted to near the end. He was outstanding" #PAKvENG #Cricket
28 Sep, 06:38 PM UTC
Kamran Shahid
How imran khan was removed from power— revealed for the first time @FrontlineKamran's photo on Rizwan
28 Sep, 06:23 PM UTC
Wajahat Kazmi
Muhammad Rizwan gets the player of the match award. Haters should find a place to hide 😂
28 Sep, 06:32 PM UTC
Ahmad Haseeb
Mohammad Rizwan in this series vs England 68, 88*, 8, 88 & 63 Runs - 315 Average - 78.75 Strike Rate - 140.62 - All the burden of batting line up is on Rizwan & few people are still criticizing him that he didn't accelerate the innings, speechless! #PakvsEngland #PakvsEng2022 https://t.co/4UfYAIKTdz
28 Sep, 04:20 PM UTC
Roha Nadeem
Hope that this win will not take away from the batting issues that require attention. Rizwan needs a breather and rest of the order needs to be…in order. 😕
28 Sep, 06:44 PM UTC
adi✨|| haris rauf cheerleader
Hope Rizwan and Haris do not have back pain from carrying this whole team https://t.co/w3LFAqhfbC
28 Sep, 03:39 PM UTC
𝐂𝐫𝐢𝐜𝐤𝐞𝐭 𝐊𝐢𝐧𝐠 👑
Mohammad Rizwan is a warrior, proved it once again why he's the best T20 batsman in the world, added another valuable contribution to the team total, 4 fifties in 5 matches this series so far, tremendous consistency by a remarkable cricketer. Absolute Champion! #Cricket #PAKvENG
28 Sep, 06:22 PM UTC
Arfa Feroz Zake
Shan Masood is trying to develop paddle scoops and reverse sweeps in T20's but unfortunately terribly failing to execute unorthodox shots. Shan Masood is a technical batter. He should stick to orthodox shots which is a reason for success of Babar Azam and M Rizwan in T20 #PAKvENG
28 Sep, 03:06 PM UTC
Anmol Farya
Mohammad Rizwan that's it, that's the tweet #PakvsEng2022 #PAKvENG #PakvsEngland https://t.co/kEZz3bqzDg
28 Sep, 05:04 PM UTC
Cricket Pakistan
Well fought Rizwan 💚 #PAKvENG @cricketpakcompk's photo on Rizwan
28 Sep, 04:13 PM UTC
Aatif Nawaz
The value of Rizwan's innings cannot be overstated. With wickets falling around him and farcical run-outs...he held things together with his 63 off 46 and guided Pakistan on a difficult surface. It's not just about hitting fours & sixes. World Number 1 for a reason 🏅 #PAKvENG @AatifNawaz's photo on Rizwan
28 Sep, 06:48 PM UTC
M Saqlain Absaar
Winning moment Here's the thrilling last over by Ahmad Jamal brlint over well played Rizwan chacha and very good pitch #PakvsEngland #PAKvsEng #PakvsEng2022 https://t.co/G4KTqgKkbS
28 Sep, 06:29 PM UTC
Grassroots Cricket
Another Player of the Match award for Mohammad Rizwan! The trophy cabinet at his home surely needs an expansion! 😅 #PAKvENG | #Cricket https://t.co/U5FxTd6f1d
28 Sep, 06:36 PM UTC
Reliable batter and player of the match Mohammad Rizwan♥️ #PakvsEngland https://t.co/4NGNBrbicB
28 Sep, 06:34 PM UTC
rizwan literally carried the whole batting lineup on his shoulders, stood there like a lone warrior, total wouldn't have been even 100 without him, yet ppl still have the courage to criticize and hate on him, unreal !! get a life you clownss.
28 Sep, 04:24 PM UTC
Now put that Rizwan innings in context. He did an excellent job!
28 Sep, 06:17 PM UTC
Javeria 💫⭐
Truth has been spoken Mohammad Rizwan na ho ham 100 b na kr paayen #PakvsEng2022 #PakvsEngland #Babar #Rizwan #Hafeez https://t.co/z3VZtjnpHc
28 Sep, 04:14 PM UTC
Adv. Mian Omer🇵🇰
People criticized him harshly but he played the best game even on this difficul pitch , Hats off to M.Rizwan❤️ #PakvsEng2022 https://t.co/6zbnFLveGI
28 Sep, 06:22 PM UTC
Abdul Ghaffar
Dont forget Rizwan inning 63 of 46 DIFFERENCE
28 Sep, 05:44 PM UTC
Muhammad Asif
3-2 to Pakistan 🇵🇰 what a competitive series is continues. Rizwan is amazingly consistent again while opening. Moeen kept England in match till the end. Pakistani bowlers bowl well easpecially debutant #AmirJamal and they won it for the team 👏✌️ #PakvsEngland #PakvsEng2022
28 Sep, 06:58 PM UTC
#PakvsEng2022 Who is best T20 batsmen in the world? #INDvsSA #SuryaKumarYadav #INDvSA Like ❤️ for SuryaKumar yadav RT 🔁 for Mohammad rizwan https://t.co/kcNzJwVXxK
28 Sep, 04:56 PM UTC
In Babar, Rizwan, Haris, Shaheen, Shadab & Asif, Pakistan has 6 elite t20 players with excellent support players in Nawaz, Fakhar, Wasim Jr & Hasnain. It’s all about finding right balance/tactics & this team is easily top 3 sides in the world & title contenders
28 Sep, 07:03 PM UTC
Shahzad Tirmizi Syed
Mohammad Rizwan now holds the record for most runs (315*) and the most 50s (4) in a bilateral T20I series and still two matches are remaining. Well done @iMRizwanPak #PAKvENG #MohammadRizwan
28 Sep, 07:09 PM UTC

Rizwan daughters FINALLY must be so happy he won MOTM 😭😭😭
28 Sep, 06:35 PM UTC
Javeria 💫⭐
2 things why Pakistan are still in this series 1, Mohammad Rizwan 2, Their bowling attack
28 Sep, 06:18 PM UTC