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Zion isn’t the only Duke star projected to go in the NBA lottery. Meet RJ Barrett 🔥 SportsCenter's photo on rj barrett
14 May, 03:30 PM UTC
Bleacher Report NBA
RJ Barrett is expected to meet with the Knicks tomorrow in Chicago, per @AdamZagoria Bleacher Report NBA's photo on rj barrett
15 May, 02:22 AM UTC
Jay Bilas
A lot of Duke talent on this set. Also pictured, Zion Williamson, RJ Barrett, and Jay Williams. Jay Bilas's photo on rj barrett
15 May, 12:58 AM UTC
Tommy Beer
Knicks get the 3rd pick. I know Knicks fans don’t want to hear this right now, because they lost out on Zion, but getting a top-3 pick is a win. NY beat the odds to land No. 3. Knicks will likely draft either Ja Morant or RJ Barrett. They are getting a stud.
15 May, 12:54 AM UTC
Rob Perez
Zion and RJ Barrett being teammates again is a dream come true @PelicansNBA
15 May, 01:29 AM UTC
An RJ Barrett-Frank Ntilikina back court ? Robert's photo on rj barrett
15 May, 01:01 AM UTC
the mad kate
pelicans: we got zion grizzlies: we got rj barrett knicks: we got ja morant bulls: the mad kate's photo on rj barrett
15 May, 12:52 AM UTC
Rob Perez
every knicks fan should be content with 3. there was a moment there at pick #7 where it was a 66.7% chance NY would fall to 5 let alone win. we'd be BEGGING for RJ Barrett if that didn't go our way. https://t.co/iNpB0YMo2q
15 May, 04:33 AM UTC
Kazeem Famuyide 🏁
Anyway, Knicks. Don’t overthink this. Sign KD. Sign Kyrie. Draft RJ Barrett or Ja Morant. You’re fine.
15 May, 02:52 AM UTC
Brandan Verrastro
Rachel Nichols to RJ Barrett: "RJ tell me how it is to have all this talk around Zion Williamson and not yourself at all?" RJ Barrett: Brandan Verrastro's photo on rj barrett
15 May, 12:31 AM UTC
Daily Snark
Knicks fans spent all year photoshopping Zion with a Knicks jersey only to change their profile picture to RJ Barrett tonight. Sad world.
15 May, 03:58 AM UTC
RJ Barrett and Allonzo Trier waiting for each other to pass the ball next season #Knicks NYK-NYJ-NYY-4LIFE's photo on rj barrett
15 May, 02:08 AM UTC
Imagine if the Pelicans trade Anthony Davis to the Knicks for the #3 overall pick (and other pieces) and pair Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett in New Orleans.
15 May, 01:08 AM UTC
ewing is the GOAT
I’ve slandered Rj Barrett all year just for him to be drafted by my Knicks ewing is the GOAT's photo on rj barrett
15 May, 12:59 AM UTC
Who is the better prospect: RJ Barrett or Cam Reddish? @steve21smith and @MikeFratello discuss! #NBADraftLottery NBA TV's photo on rj barrett
14 May, 11:04 PM UTC
Knicks fans like "RJ Barrett was always my favorite player in this draft and it's not even close" eLone's photo on rj barrett
15 May, 12:53 AM UTC
Ricardo Brito Reis
.@JeremyWoo actualizou o seu ‘mock draft’ e volta a colocar @nemi1599 no final da 1.ª ronda: “Queta continues to receive first-round interest from teams, with immense length and defensive potential making him an appealing long-term option up front.” #NBA https://t.co/rbBIbbZpDb
15 May, 09:45 AM UTC
Kazeem Famuyide 🏁
RJ Barrett is a hooper. Did y’all watch any college ball? Lol https://t.co/2MxYXDTXQy
15 May, 03:21 AM UTC
SB Nation
NEW NBA MOCK DRAFT 1. Pelicans - Zion Williamson 2. Grizzlies - Ja Morant 3. Knicks - RJ Barrett 4. Lakers - Jarrett Culver 5. Cavs - De'Andre Hunter 6. Suns - Darius Garland 7. Bulls - Coby White https://t.co/zLZJDOefK2
15 May, 11:13 AM UTC
Bleacher Report NBA
Knicks Pick: No. 3 Record: 17-65 Needs: Franchise player @NBADraftWass mock: RJ Barrett, SF, Duke Bleacher Report NBA's photo on rj barrett
15 May, 01:38 PM UTC
Adam Zagoria
"RJ Barrett could easily be the best player in the draft. If I'm the Knicks, yes I hold on to the pick." - @JalenRose Adam Zagoria's photo on rj barrett
15 May, 01:35 PM UTC
Clemin Durant
Okay Knicks Fans, It's Time To Get Excited About The Number 3 Pick And RJ Barrett https://t.co/UIcTt0vlip Clemin Durant's photo on rj barrett
15 May, 01:32 PM UTC
Maleick Fleming
#NBADraft 1. New Orleans Pelicans - RJ Barrett 2. Memphis Grizzlies - DeAndre Hunter 3. NY Knicks - Zion Williamson 4. Los Angeles Lakers - Ja Morant (traded to Boston for Kyrie Irving) 5. Cleveland Cavs - Cam Reddish Maleick Fleming's photo on rj barrett
15 May, 01:02 AM UTC
The Knicks Wall
The Knicks won’t be drafting Zion Williamson. Now what? @Kevgam438 with the rapid reaction, and why hope shouldn’t be lost at all: https://t.co/8Ls074SpHN
15 May, 01:30 PM UTC
Knicks to meet with RJ Barrett today https://t.co/iZNwPQQlys
15 May, 01:27 PM UTC
Gary Parrish
My updated 2019 NBA MOCK DRAFT for @CBSSports. 1. Pelicans: Zion Williamson 2. Grizz: Ja Morant 3. Knicks: RJ Barrett 4. Lakers: De'Andre Hunter 5. Cavs: Jarrett Culver ... https://t.co/ONI0flAHRs
15 May, 01:26 PM UTC
Sal The Saiyan #prayfortheknicks
I’m feeling really good about RJ Barrett. He has a ton of potential, his college stats were 22.6 PPG/4.3 APG/ 7.6 RPG/ 45.4% FG And he’s only 18 years old!!
15 May, 12:40 PM UTC
yeah aight🏁
Pelicans are about to be Duke 2.0 when the Knicks trade for Anthony Davis with a package centered around #3 overall pick, RJ Barrett.
15 May, 12:56 PM UTC
Michael Pai
@EMichaelGW As a super biased Duke guy, Knicks could get RJ Barrett. He is a stud. He was built for the NBA.
15 May, 01:40 PM UTC
Bucks In 6
RJ Barrett is going to be the Team Canada RJ Barrett for the #Knicks
15 May, 01:40 PM UTC
@TheKnicksWall Best case? Draft, RJ Barrett and he becomes KD to Zion's Greg Oden. Mitch becomes better than AD, Frank and Knox blossom, Knicks have a drafted core 4 like the Yankees. Worst case, we trade them all for AD, and all of the above happens while AD doesn't pan out.
15 May, 01:39 PM UTC
Manuel Faria
@NicholasJLevi Hey Dennis Smith Jr and RJ Barrett could be a nice little duo in New York.d
15 May, 01:39 PM UTC
Anyone care how RJ Barrett feels ?
15 May, 01:38 PM UTC
Zion to the Pelicans stinks ... shoulda been RJ Barrett sleepy face down there smh . Talk about a waste of hype for a season.
15 May, 01:44 PM UTC
The dude don't even wanna come down here lol... #ZionSweepstakes ha well hey RJ Barrett welcome to NY buddy #KNICKSTAPE
15 May, 01:44 PM UTC
Rj Barrett will be the best third overall draft pick of all time excluding no player ever.
15 May, 01:44 PM UTC
Fidel Cashflow
Knicks lowkey won the draft lottery getting a top 3 pick ..... Ja Morant and Rj Barrett are the more pro-ready options with defined skill sets when comparing to Zion.. 🤷🏾‍♂️ Both are 𝗙uture all-stars, and probably have better careers
15 May, 01:44 PM UTC
BodegaBoi Ty 💸
@StepsMoog Why on God’s green earth would the pelicans trade arguably the best big man in the world for RJ Barrett.
15 May, 01:43 PM UTC
Symon Branson
Prediction.....The New York Knicks will trade their #3 pick(+extra players) for Anthony Davis, giving AD a fresh start in NY. While New Orleans will draft Zion #1 & RJ Barrett #3, giving New Orleans a new dynamic duo to help rejuvenate their franchise.
15 May, 01:43 PM UTC
@MarcJSpearsESPN Doubt its true. Even so he most likely traded to Pelicans for AD anyway. If RJ Barrett is there at #3 I see Knicks trading him and Robinson,Knox,Smith and Mavs picks for AD. Then Zion and RJ are paired up again. Besides Pelicans cans till trade Holiday for some assets as well.
15 May, 01:43 PM UTC
My new favorite thing post nba lottery. Hearing knick fans talk themselves into how great RJ Barrett will be. I ❤️ y’all
15 May, 01:42 PM UTC
Coach Jay
Ring depth = RJ Barrett and Kevin Knox 🤔 https://t.co/3ty7FpyrB2
15 May, 01:41 PM UTC
@sirlopie If RJ Barrett can be that “James Harden” type player people believe he has the potential to be, then I believe you guys have the better pick.
15 May, 01:41 PM UTC
Taylor Sias
@nypost The Knicks haven't been relevant because their organization is subpar. If NY got what they deserved it would have been #4. Just be lucky RJ Barrett will be on the board.
15 May, 01:41 PM UTC
David Puente
Calling it now: @nyknicks draft RJ Barrett, @knicks orchestrate trade with @PelicansNBA for AD and NOLA has new future with RJ Barrett and Zion. @knicks have AD and _________ #WhoKnows #TheyreTheKnicks
15 May, 01:41 PM UTC
Zion SZN 💪🏿
@LakeShowYo They not getting ja so they only looking up rj barrett
15 May, 01:41 PM UTC
Chen Aun
@JADubin5 New York Knicks franchise mostly screwing up the Carmelo Anthony era and promptly getting rewarded with Kristaps Porzingis only to mostly screw up the Kristaps Porzingis era and promptly get rewarded with RJ Barrett is some nonsense
15 May, 01:40 PM UTC
@equiano420 Out of time.. the fix is in.. lol you’re talking about trading Anthony Davis for rj Barrett and Kevin Knox lol
15 May, 01:40 PM UTC
Baz 🅱️🅱️🅱️
If knicks fans salty about getting RJ Barrett then the season is already over for y’all
15 May, 01:40 PM UTC
RJ Barrett could be a really good pick for the Knicks. imo he has a higher ceiling than Zion. add Kyrie and KD to that squad and it could be saucy. INJECT IT 💉
15 May, 01:40 PM UTC
Dylan Hoover
Most have Zion Williamson, Ja Morant, and RJ Barrett as their top 3 players going into the #NBADraft. Who do you have at #4?
15 May, 01:39 PM UTC
Justin Arnold
@JordanLRice @rkastens Mixed with RJ Barrett may not be a bad look.
15 May, 01:39 PM UTC
@TheClemReport RJ Barrett stinks. Andrew Wiggins 2.0
15 May, 01:39 PM UTC
@Mike10__ @BleacherReport @PelicansNBA Still if RJ Barrett is there at #3 Knicks could flip RJ,Robinson,Smith,Knox and a couple Mavs picks for AD. Then Pelicans can still trade Holiday for some assets as well.
15 May, 01:38 PM UTC
@EliBashiNBA RJ Barrett is nothing compared to the greatness of Jeff Green according to lord man bun
15 May, 01:38 PM UTC
News Bitz
5 things to know about Wizards' draft prospect R.J. Barrett - https://t.co/szrZegMsSM https://t.co/6JmEc1YbYi
15 May, 01:38 PM UTC
Rashad Stark
The pelicans gonna fuck around and have Zion then get rj barrett from New York
15 May, 01:38 PM UTC
@aaronhough22 Knox, Robinson, 3rd pick(RJ Barrett), then you have a starting 5 of Holiday Barrett Knox Zion Robinson and let that grow
15 May, 01:37 PM UTC
Nick Riley
think I need to go down an RJ Barrett highlight rabbit hole in my near future #SnicksTape
15 May, 01:37 PM UTC
No 🧢 RJ Barrett mite be best player in the Draft 5 years from now ..
15 May, 01:37 PM UTC
J’vous nique à MK11
@thyssan973 Vous aurez RJ Barrett c’est pas mal
15 May, 01:36 PM UTC