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BREAKING: The statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee has been taken down in Virginia. Good riddance, loser.
08 Sep, 01:05 PM UTC
NBC News
BREAKING: Robert E. Lee statue, erected in 1890, removed from its pedestal on Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia. @NBCNews's photo on Robert E Lee
08 Sep, 01:05 PM UTC
Really American 🇺🇸
Traitorous confederates like Robert E. Lee killed many Americans while fighting to preserve slavery, so it's fitting that his statue was removed. RT if you agree that all Confederate statues should be removed.
08 Sep, 03:04 PM UTC
philip lewis
NOW: Crowd chanting “hey hey hey, goodbye” as officials remove the Robert E. Lee Monument in Virginia — the country’s largest Confederate statue @Phil_Lewis_'s photo on Robert E Lee
08 Sep, 12:59 PM UTC
Kevin M. Kruse
Nothing honors Robert E. Lee’s legacy more than being brought low in Virginia.
08 Sep, 01:20 PM UTC
ABC News
Devon Henry, owner of the construction company that took down the massive statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee in Richmond, Virginia, hugs his mom following the statue's removal. @ABC's photo on Robert E Lee
08 Sep, 02:28 PM UTC
So we got rid of Robert E Lee and Kellyanne Conway today. Not bad for a Wednesday.
08 Sep, 09:48 PM UTC
Tim Young
Now that they took down that Robert E Lee statue, all racism has finally come to an end in America. Thank God!
08 Sep, 03:42 PM UTC
b-boy bouiebaisse
difficult to overstate the significance of this robert e. lee monument — you could say it is THE robert e. lee monument — coming down from its pedestal in the former capitol of the confederacy.
08 Sep, 03:09 PM UTC
Chad Williams
Du Bois told you everything you need to know about Robert E. Lee in 1928.
08 Sep, 02:19 PM UTC
Seth Masket
Yes I’m sure Robert E. Lee could have prevented a bloody multi-year stalemate from becoming a humiliating defeat.
08 Sep, 10:50 PM UTC
Christopher 🇺🇸 Proud Dem
One more time for the people in the back. These monuments of Civil War traitors were erected after the war in order to intimidate Black people. They are not heroes. Removing them is the right thing to do. Robert E Lee Statue 1890-2021. @cwebbonline's photo on Robert E Lee
08 Sep, 01:24 PM UTC
Jamaal Bowman
Robert E. Lee led an anti-humanity, anti-Black, and anti-Democracy movement — he didn't want any part of America. It's only right that America doesn't want any part of him. Good riddance!
08 Sep, 05:18 PM UTC
Ravenclaw 💙🌊
If you're happy that Robert E. Lee is no longer peering over the city of Richmond, Virginia we should follow each other or if we already follow each other leave a high five.
08 Sep, 04:15 PM UTC
Ricky Davila
Confederate traitor Robert E. Lee’s statue has officially been taken down in Richmond, Virginia which had been there since 1890. Good morning. ☕️
08 Sep, 03:33 PM UTC
#Gone! Robert E. Lee statue comes down in Richmond VA @NAACP's photo on Robert E Lee
08 Sep, 03:16 PM UTC
Chris Hayes
If only we had Robert E Lee commanding our troops in Afghanistan we would have won is the take version of a black hole: no sense or logic can escape from it.
08 Sep, 11:18 PM UTC
John Harwood
now that Robert E. Lee has been removed, the only remaining statue on Monument Avenue in Richmond, once the capital of the Confederacy, is that of legendary African-American tennis champion Arthur Ashe
08 Sep, 11:12 PM UTC
Liz Harrington
NEW! "Just watched as a massive crane took down the magnificent and very famous statue of 'Robert E. Lee On His Horse'... Our culture is being destroyed and our history and heritage, both good and bad, are being extinguished by the Radical Left, and we can’t let that happen!"
08 Sep, 10:37 PM UTC
Seen a lot of tweets about how Robert E. Lee "killed hundreds of thousands of Americans." What he did was defend Virginia from repeated invasion, with fewer men and equipment. Northern armies pillaged Virginia. Amazing we have no room for complexities involved.
08 Sep, 05:43 PM UTC
Charlotte Clymer 🏳️‍🌈
Robert E. Lee, who infamously ordered Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg, sending over 1,100 Confederate troops to their deaths by crossing an open field into a barrage of Union gun and cannon fire, against the advice of his top officers, resulting in a catastrophic loss.
08 Sep, 11:05 PM UTC
The New York Times
One of the U.S.'s largest Confederate statues was removed from Richmond, Virginia, on Wednesday. One Black activist, a native of the city, said he wanted to tell his dead relatives "the humiliation and agony and pain you suffered has been partly lifted." @nytimes's photo on Robert E Lee
08 Sep, 06:30 PM UTC
Cyrus McQueen
The statue of Robert E. Lee finally came down in Richmond… Thank goodness… He was the quintessence of evil… Southern conservatives are a curious bunch, boy… They love Jesus, yet they’ll essentially worship the Devil…
08 Sep, 10:53 PM UTC
The Lead CNN
Traitorous Gen. Robert E. Lee's statue taken down in the Confederacy's one-time capital city @joejohnscnn reports @TheLeadCNN's photo on Robert E Lee
08 Sep, 10:55 PM UTC
hannah gais
ah yes, robert e. lee, noted war winner
08 Sep, 11:06 PM UTC
The Columbia Bugle 🇺🇸
President Trump is right. Our nation doesn’t create men like Robert E. Lee anymore, to our great detriment.
08 Sep, 11:19 PM UTC
The Lincoln Watchman🎩🇺🇸🏴‍☠️
Hey Donald, if Robert E. Lee had commanded our forces in Afghanistan he would have FUCKING LOST just like he LOST in 1865. He was a loser, Donald…ya know, just like you.
08 Sep, 10:55 PM UTC
Edward Hardy
The Confederacy was defeated after only 5 years, so why did Robert E. Lee get to have a statue in Richmond, Virginia for 131 years
08 Sep, 11:00 PM UTC
ʎzzI-Call me Izzy 💉 Get Vaccinated
Virginia does it right, another Confederate symbol removed. #LiveBlue2022
08 Sep, 01:03 PM UTC
CBS Evening News
CONFEDERATE COMES DOWN: A 12-ton statue of General Robert E. Lee, the largest Confederate statue in the country, has been removed from its pedestal in Richmond, Virginia. @CBSEveningNews's photo on Robert E Lee
08 Sep, 10:49 PM UTC