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Robert Smith, the billionaire investor who erased the student debt of Morehouse College’s Class of 2019, has launched an internship program for ethnically underrepresented students @Forbes's photo on Robert Smith
09 Jun, 07:00 PM UTC
Jamil Smith
I’m late to this @DrIbram brilliance: “Smith identifies as a community-made man, prominently diverging from conventional American male identity, particularly wealthy white male identity, which is built on the projection of the self-made, superior man.”
09 Jun, 06:16 PM UTC
Dartunorro D. Clark
Robert Smith’s pledge to pay off the student loan debt of the 400 Morehouse graduates is historic. But, there also needs to be a plan to address the systemic inequalities that place uncommon burdens HBCUs and black students.
09 Jun, 09:53 PM UTC
Kevin Smith
“Some Christians are like bad film 🎞 - overexposed and underdeveloped.” (Dr. Robert Smith) #SBC19 He’s walking in the Beatitudes!
09 Jun, 11:52 PM UTC
𝐌𝐚𝐱𝐱 🦇
robert smith dancing cured my depression this is so CUTE
10 Jun, 12:14 AM UTC
Trevin Wax
Robert Smith is one of the best preachers in America today, and Doctrine That Dances is one of the best books for preachers I’ve ever read.
09 Jun, 11:16 PM UTC
Jan Wolsheimer
Zestig is ie, maar de stem van Robert Smith klinkt nog net zo fris als in 1980. #thecure #pinkpop2019
09 Jun, 07:44 PM UTC
Johnny Hunt
Listening to one of my favorite preacher Dr Robert Smith, Jr. I love this friend!
09 Jun, 11:36 PM UTC
The Crisis Magazine
Billionaire Robert Smith creates program to help at least 1,000 students through Intern X, a paid internship of at least 8 weeks that introduces students to opportunities in STEM-related positions. #philanthropy via @theGrio
09 Jun, 01:27 PM UTC
SBC This Week
The @SBCPastorsConf kicks off in about 10 minutes. You won’t want to miss Robert Smith. He’s up first with an overview of the Beatitudes. #SBCPC19
09 Jun, 10:50 PM UTC
Went to a brunch with the general counsel at Morehouse yesterday. There’s been a ton of discussion about the tax implications of Robert Smith’s donation. Never thought about that until they mentioned it.
09 Jun, 10:53 PM UTC
Roy Henry
You have all of the Holy Spirit you're going to get. The question is not how much Spirit do you have, it's how much of you the Holy Spirit has. ~Robert Smith, Jr. #SBCPC19
09 Jun, 11:53 PM UTC
Biblical Recorder
Robert Smith, Jr: Jesus was not a teacher coming from God. Jesus was God coming to teach. #SBCPC19 @SBCPastorsConf
09 Jun, 11:38 PM UTC
Ed Litton
Dr Robert Smith bringing God’s Word
09 Jun, 11:29 PM UTC
Mark Warnock
The Holy Spirit is not a luxury; he is a necessity. - Robert Smith / Amen!
09 Jun, 11:50 PM UTC
Chris Bolt ن
Robert Smith kicking us off at #sbcpc19
09 Jun, 11:29 PM UTC
Paul Cooper
“We are becoming what we already are!” - Robert Smith Jr. #SBCPC19
09 Jun, 11:56 PM UTC
Fons Wolterink
#TheCure wat een magistraal geluid, zanger Robert Smith met een goede stem voor een zestig jarige, band oogt nog steeds jong en geniet van het applaus enorme [en alle leeftijden] publiek hun hits komen nog Pinkpop19
09 Jun, 08:05 PM UTC
Mark W. Williams
The Holy Spirit is not an accessory; He is a necessity! - Dr. Robert Smith, Jr. #SBC19 #pastorsconference
10 Jun, 12:10 AM UTC
Brent Hobbs
#SBC19 Robert Smith, Jr. of @BeesonDivinity kicking off SBC Pastors’ Conference
09 Jun, 11:34 PM UTC
Aaron Leggett
Dr Robert Smith bringing the Word! #SBC19 #SBCPC19
09 Jun, 11:32 PM UTC
Vonnie 🌿 Siblings for Better or Worse
For real though, this was 40 YEARS AGO. Robert Smith was writing music in 1979 that we had never heard then, and it STILL sounds fkin’ rad. The Cure changed my life (& Robert Smith still sounds good). The Cure - A Forest Dec 79 via @YouTube
10 Jun, 12:16 AM UTC
Eastern Oaks
Dr. Robert Smith Jr. “Every Christian has as much of the Holy Spirit as he will ever have. The question is NOT “How much of the Spirit do I have?” The question is “How much of ME does the Spirit have?” #SBC19 #SBCPC19.
10 Jun, 12:10 AM UTC
Having a bitch fit when seeing #TheCure and Robert Smith trending. Then the relief when it's about their tour! Phew!! #Breathe
10 Jun, 12:05 AM UTC
Ryan Reach
The Holy Spirit is not a luxury, He is a necessity - Bro. Robert Smith, Jr. #sbc19
09 Jun, 11:52 PM UTC
Clint Ellis
Some Christians are like bad film: overexposed and under developed. Robert Smith #SBCPC19
09 Jun, 11:49 PM UTC
Robert Smith shucking the corn right down to the cob!! #SBCPC19 #SBC19
09 Jun, 11:45 PM UTC
𝙰𝚗𝚗𝚒𝚎 𝙰𝚢𝚞𝚠𝚘𝚔𝚒
Juemadre, Jarlath esperó casi 40 años (con todo lo que eso implica) para conocer a Robert Smith. Hasta había perdido las esperanzas. Yo lo conocí antes de cumplir 20 años y pude regalarle un libro. Yo he tenido mucha suerte en la vida.
09 Jun, 11:29 PM UTC
James L Goforth, Jr
@SBCPastorsConf @SouthernBaptist wow Pastors Conference KICKS OFF with powerful worship “every praise” “total praise” and Dr Robert Smith Jr
10 Jun, 12:13 AM UTC
Roy Henry
You have been blessed in justification; you are being blessed in sanctification; you will be blessed in glorification. Therefore, I will bless His name! ~Robert Smith, Jr. #SBCPC19
10 Jun, 12:01 AM UTC
la perra brava del barrio
yo: 😭 robert smith: Quietly he laughs and shaking his head Creeps closer now Closer to the foot of the bed And softer than shadow and quicker than flies His arms are all around me and his tongue in my eyes yo: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
09 Jun, 11:55 PM UTC
Roy Henry
The Spirit is not a luxury - He is a necessity! ~Robert Smith, Jr. #SBCPC19
09 Jun, 11:51 PM UTC
Brett Pitman
The Holy Spiritis not a luxury. He is a necessity! -Dr. Robert Smith #sbc19 #SBCPC19
09 Jun, 11:48 PM UTC
Kyle Hopper
Listening to Dr. Robert Smith preach on the Beatitudes has me questioning if I've ever really preached a real sermon in my life?! 😉 #SBCPC19
09 Jun, 11:45 PM UTC
Scott Wilson
We are becoming who we already are. (Dr. Robert Smith, Jr. Speaking of the Beattitudes). #SBCPC19
09 Jun, 11:43 PM UTC
Adron Robinson
The one and only Dr. Robert Smith Jr.#sbcpc19 #theynotreadyforthis @ TheBJCC
09 Jun, 11:34 PM UTC
belafae johnson
Robert Smith Jr.....WOW!!!! #SBCPC19
09 Jun, 11:33 PM UTC
nice to know that i dance like robert smith lol
10 Jun, 12:27 AM UTC
formalin freak
protect Robert Smith at all costs 🖤 I can’t believe I’m seeing him in August
10 Jun, 12:25 AM UTC
bill wolters
Als deze editie van #Pinkpop iets aantoont dan is het dat de tijd onverbiddelijk is. Robert smith is een oud kruidenvrouwtje geworden, Jan Smeets is gekrompen tot 1.50 m en hij van Jamiroquai maakt duidelijk dat je na je 40e écht geen trainingpak meer moet dragen.
10 Jun, 12:22 AM UTC
Robert Wise
“Jesus didn’t come to teach about God - HE is God who came to teach! Robert Smith Jr
10 Jun, 12:20 AM UTC
Marcelo Sors
Linda Imagem do mestre Robert Smith com nossa musa dark dos anos 80... Siouxsie...
10 Jun, 12:11 AM UTC
Marcelo Sors
Senhoras e Senhores, Sr. Robert Smith... #TheCure
10 Jun, 12:11 AM UTC
Rob Hare
"Christians can be like bad film, overexposed and underdeveloped." Robert Smith Jr. #sbcpc
10 Jun, 12:09 AM UTC
D.J. Carney
Got here just in time for one of my favorite modern preachers, Dr Robert Smith Jr #sbc19 #sbcpc19 @ TheBJCC
10 Jun, 12:05 AM UTC
Mark M Walters
What a word from Dr. Robert Smith on the Beatitudes! #SBCPC19
10 Jun, 12:04 AM UTC
Allen Murray
Robert Smith just preached as only he can an introduction of the Beatitudes. #SBCPC19
10 Jun, 12:03 AM UTC
Allen Murray
The Holy Spirit is not a luxury, He is a necessity. - Robert Smith #SBCPC19
09 Jun, 11:55 PM UTC
Dr. Roger White
Many Christians are like bad film, in that they are overexposed and underdeveloped. Dr Robert Smith. SBC Pastors Conference 2019.
09 Jun, 11:52 PM UTC
George Ross
Robert Smith is such a gift to the Church. It is my belief he is one of the greatest preachers in our generation. #beattitudes #sbc19
09 Jun, 11:52 PM UTC
Steven Wright
‘Some Christians are like bad film - overexposed and underdeveloped.’ Dr. Robert Smith #SBC2019
09 Jun, 11:50 PM UTC
Jason Webb
“The Holy Spirit is not a luxury but it is necessity. “- Dr Robert Smith Jr
09 Jun, 11:49 PM UTC
@voellig It’s weird there’s never been a UK tabloid “robert smith in the wild” photo expose but I figure they don’t dare as he knows where they all get their smack from
09 Jun, 11:45 PM UTC
Jill Robinson
👏🏾 This man. Robert F. Smith Launches Internship Program
09 Jun, 11:45 PM UTC
경수 너무 귀여웠다
the version of not in love with vocals by robert smith is everything to me
09 Jun, 11:44 PM UTC
Hevy Rayne
@notaproviderMD We need a combination. Individual achievers like the investor Robert Smith and collective economics, schools owned and ran by the community, with our values. I hope we get there.
09 Jun, 11:42 PM UTC
Mark Warnock
#SBC19 Pastors Conference in my living room. Robert Smith bringing fire. (Thanks for the stream!)
09 Jun, 11:41 PM UTC
Michael Linton
"Jesus was not a teacher come from God; He was God who came to teach!" Dr Robert Smith #SBCPC19 #SBC19
09 Jun, 11:38 PM UTC
James Jackson
Robert Smith lighting up the #sbcpastorsconference! “If we truly rendered to God all that belonged to God, there would be nothing left to render unto Caesar.” Dorothy Sayers
09 Jun, 11:37 PM UTC
Aaron Summers
Is the world our parish or in our parish? Robert Smith #sbcpc19
09 Jun, 11:36 PM UTC
x Kirsty Rose x
@BettysHotpot7 I fucking love The Cure, me! Robert Smith is my guy 🖤
09 Jun, 11:28 PM UTC