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Legion Hoops
Just a heads up: the Rockets own every Nets first-round pick/right to their pick until 2027… This could get ugly… fast.
23 Jun, 08:54 PM UTC
2023 Nets first round pick swap 2024 Nets first round pick 2025 Nets first round pick swap 2026 Nets first round pick 2027 Nets first round pick swap Rockets fans right now: @statmuse's photo on Rockets
23 Jun, 08:44 PM UTC
Bang Garr
|| 200 USD || 2.880.000 IDR || || one winner || Bang Garr 424 || Retweet this, follow me and follow: @Rockets_Lab Winner will be picked in 48 hours. https://t.co/Q2ytCALLz7
24 Jun, 12:52 AM UTC
PREPARE FOR TAKEOFF 🚀 The Rockets take Jabari Smith with the third overall pick! @espn's photo on Rockets
24 Jun, 12:23 AM UTC
Alykhan Bijani
Jabari Smith: "I'm happy to be where I'm wanted. I'm glad they took a chance on me. I'm ready to get in there and show them they made the right decision." #Rockets
24 Jun, 12:53 AM UTC
Tim MacMahon
The Rockets feared being stuck in NBA purgatory when James Harden forced a trade. GM Rafael Stone: “The NBA punishes the middle.” So they loaded up on picks, projects and patience. ESPN story about the Rockets rebuild that’s still in the early stages: https://t.co/N1pDYc30Bc
23 Jun, 01:31 PM UTC
#Rockets get Jabari Smith Jr. (#3), Tari Eason (#17), TyTy Washington (#29), two second-round picks and unloaded Christian Wood 😂 Houston Draft Grade: A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
24 Jun, 02:49 AM UTC
Houston Rockets
good morning #Rockets fans! big day today, huh?
23 Jun, 01:00 PM UTC
Rockets to the moon… LFG!!!! 🚀 @HoustonRockets
24 Jun, 01:49 AM UTC
Houston’s newest addition 🚀 The Rockets select Jabari Smith Jr. with the No. 3 pick in the 2022 #NBADraft @NBAonTNT's photo on Rockets
24 Jun, 12:23 AM UTC
As of right now, your 2022-2023 Houston #Rockets 🚀 Kevin Porter Jr. Jalen Green Jae’Sean Tate Jabari Smith Alperen Sengun TyTy Washington Josh Christopher Garrison Matthews Tari Eason Usman Gaurba
24 Jun, 02:53 AM UTC
Host Robert Land | Houston Sports Talk Podcast
James Harden's trade demand a year & a half ago may be one of the luckiest events in #Rockets history. The Deshaun trade already looks like the best trade in #Texans history. The Yordan trade is the best trade in #Astros history
23 Jun, 05:38 PM UTC
Shai Gilgoat-Alexander (THE TIMELINE ⏳)
24 Jun, 12:39 AM UTC
Bearcat Basketball
Title Town ➡️ H-Town The Houston Rockets sign @TrevorHudgins12 to a two-way contract. Trevor becomes the first Bearcat to sign an NBA contract. https://t.co/fj89NmP5Jf
24 Jun, 04:41 AM UTC
TyTy Washington was selected No. 29 overall by the Grizzlies and traded to the Houston Rockets! @ESPNNBA's photo on Rockets
24 Jun, 03:03 AM UTC
50 Nuances 🇺🇸🏀
24 Jun, 12:23 AM UTC
Euromaidan Press
🇺🇦farmers harvest wheat amid Russian rockets, crossfire To help with the wartime strain, farmers had united to work out logistics. Russia’s invasion has hit some of the most productive 🇺🇦agricultural land disrupting supplies & pushing up food prices-WSJ https://t.co/oFUQzmXCMU
24 Jun, 04:05 AM UTC
Sixers Deprê 🇧🇷
O time que o Rockets tá montando, pelo amor de Deus...
24 Jun, 01:43 AM UTC
Only Rockets
🎁New players are welcome to OnlyRockets so we are launching The Game starter kit giveaway! 🎉Prizes: 5 Exclusive rockets packs 5 Rockets packs ⏰The end of giveaway: 30/06 6:00PM UTC https://t.co/NyEywXmId8 Good luck! #Giveaway #NFTGiveaway #PlayToEarn #NFTGame #NFTs https://t.co/5aL4hdTzaa
23 Jun, 06:02 PM UTC
Alykhan Bijani
Rafael Stone: "When we talk about position for us at the #Rockets, we tend to think more about defense than offense." "In time, we expect Tari Eason to guard 1-through-5...I think Jabari can switch 1-through-5, more 3-4-5 defensively." #Rockets
24 Jun, 05:00 AM UTC
Jack Pilgrim
Kentucky guard TyTy Washington hears his name called on draft night Pick traded to the Houston Rockets https://t.co/1x7DqhjHOO
24 Jun, 03:00 AM UTC
Chancellor Johnson
@Rockets_Insider: “What stood out when you watched Jabari Smith Jr. on tape? Rafael Stone (with a smile): “I noticed when he shoots, it usually goes in.”
24 Jun, 04:47 AM UTC
Mark Berman
New @HoustonRockets guard @tytywashington3 says he’s familiar with a few of the Rockets players: “Some of the guys that I’ve known a minute now, Josh Christopher, Jalen Green, Daishen Nix. I knew actually Josh Christopher & Jalen Green since like the 6th grade..It’s pretty cool.” @MarkBermanFox26's photo on Rockets
24 Jun, 03:47 AM UTC
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23 Jun, 10:09 PM UTC
World Music Awards
Korean Superstar group #StrayKids rockets 66-2 on the #WorldwideiTunesAlbumChart with their 2nd Japanese EP #Circus and lands at #2 on iTunes Europe!💪🚀🥈🎵🌎➕🌍💿📈👑❤️‍🔥 Their title track #Circus lands at #10 on the #WorldwideiTunesSongChart!👏💥🔟 https://t.co/g6dpFBlYXR https://t.co/R6r5fKDclZ
23 Jun, 01:28 PM UTC
Mark Berman
.@jabarismithjr on being teammates with @JalenGreen and the Rockets young corp of players: “The most thing I’m looking forward to is just growing with them. Over the next few years, growing with them..learning from them, building that relationship so it can transfer to the court” @MarkBermanFox26's photo on Rockets
24 Jun, 01:23 AM UTC
Jonathan Feigen
Guessing Rafael Stone was quite pleased with the Rockets' draft haul. Just sent a post-draft story in which he said "excited" eight times, "happy" twice and I did not come close to using every time he said either. And this is a guy that prefers not to show how he feels.
24 Jun, 05:52 AM UTC
John Crumpler
Houston has been preaching a desire to improve defensively all off-season With the 17th pick in the draft, they made a major investment in doing so with the selection of LSU's Tari Eason. Some quick thoughts here on @TheRocketsWire #Rockets https://t.co/JVUAmL8inx
24 Jun, 03:00 AM UTC
Zeke | Vibes Meteorologist
Hey everyone, are you hungry for more draft content before the NBA Draft starts? Check my article containing info about the media sessions I attended covering the top Rockets draft candidates! https://t.co/AXAfGNYm1q
23 Jun, 01:09 PM UTC
SportsTalk 790
Here’s what it sounded like as @jabarismithjr joined the guys from 790 as a new member of the @HoustonRockets! #Rockets Hear the entire interview here: https://t.co/rt0GeVNuqT @SportsTalk790's photo on Rockets
24 Jun, 03:40 AM UTC