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Ash Sarkar
Do you suppose that Rod Liddle - who had to accept a police caution after allegedly punching his pregnant girlfriend - would be in the position he is now, handsomely paid for printing hateful bollocks were it not for the colour of his skin?
06 Dec, 02:53 PM UTC
Jess Brammar
Not even subtle from Rod Liddle in the Sun today. I mean, for christ’s sake, how is this acceptable? Jess Brammar's photo on Rod Liddle
06 Dec, 01:00 PM UTC
David Lammy
Can somebody please help Rod Liddle understand that although melanin is an important pigment, I don't think it has a role on the appointments committee of the House of Lords?
06 Dec, 02:50 PM UTC
Owen Jones🌹
Unapologetic racism by Rod Liddle in The Sun, again showing how you can be a rampant racist and flourish in the British media while so many talented and diverse writers can't even get their foot in the door. Owen Jones🌹's photo on Rod Liddle
06 Dec, 01:44 PM UTC
Hajo Meyer's Violin
Shami Chakrabarti is everything Rod Liddle despises. Female, intelligent, non-white, tolerant, compassionate and left-wing. That's probably why I like her so much. Other than John McDonnell, she's Corbyn's closest ally. #bbcqt
06 Dec, 11:28 PM UTC
Rossalyn Warren
journalism in the UK routinely rewards people like Rod Liddle with columns, top jobs, etc. meanwhile an entire generation of new reporters are largely on the outskirts, underpaid and undervalued, in a fickle industry that needs massive overhaul. thanks for coming to my ted talk.
06 Dec, 04:46 PM UTC
“We’re in the dire mess today, because for 2 years the Remainer majority of MPs has done everything it possibly can to thwart the will of the people. That’s the main reason the deal we have before us now is so weak” #StandUp4Brexit #DitchTheDeal
06 Dec, 11:41 AM UTC
Otto English
People like Rod Liddle make a lot of money out of saying monstrously obnoxious things. They do it on purpose because there's buckets of cash in being an awful fucking arsehole. And it says a lot about the state of this nation that they prosper.
06 Dec, 04:36 PM UTC
Aaron Bastani
Martha Osamor was stopped from becoming a Labour MP because she was too radical for the then Labour leadership. Local members preferred her over Kate Hoey, who was ultimately selected. According to Britain's biggest dickhead, Rod Liddle, this is affirmative action.
06 Dec, 04:09 PM UTC
Paul Williams
ROD LIDDLE"The biggest deceit is this.All the while these politicians are trying to scupper Brexit,they are putting on their sincere faces and saying “We must respect the will of the people.”This is a downright lie and it has always been a downright lie."
06 Dec, 02:15 PM UTC
Loz Argyle
The inflammatory comments by Rod Liddle ref Kate Osamor are disgusting, going to show how emboldened the right wing press and its odious columnists have become since the #Brexit vote, their casual racism is fuelling hatred/xenophobia/division on a sickening scale, sack him today
06 Dec, 02:15 PM UTC
Max’s Festive Fuckery 🏳️‍🌈
*opens Twitter *sees Rod Liddle trending *is disappointed to discover that it's not because the fucking pig-ugly, wife-beating sack of arse has tripped over his own massive fucking tits and fallen into a pit of watery shite and cunt-eating bacteria *closes Twitter
06 Dec, 07:18 PM UTC
Ruth Smeeth MP
This is a complete and utter disgrace. Rod Liddle should be sacked immediately and how did the Editor of the @TheSun let this be printed?
06 Dec, 01:28 PM UTC
@jessbrammar @AntiNazisUnited As a non-white woman, and as someone who hates Rod Liddle, I have to agree with him here. Racial privilege is not exclusively white. It's acceptable to talk about white privilege, but we shy away from accepting that non-whites are sometimes shown leniency to display 'progress'
06 Dec, 02:00 PM UTC
Kevin Maguire
Vile racism from Rod Liddle. A Black journalist wouldn’t be given a pulpit to spout this bigotry against others. Do thy only let him do it because of the colour of his skin?
07 Dec, 08:23 AM UTC
More racist bile from Rod Liddle. Saying that Kate Osamor is only successful because she is black. No wonder that the Sun is only read by beer swilling knuckle dragging toothless racists #dontbuythesun
06 Dec, 04:57 PM UTC
Clare Reeve 🌹✨👩🏽👱🏻‍♀️👵🏼🧕🏼
Another despicable article from ⁦@TheSun⁩ newspaper! It beggars belief that they do this during a time of high tensions; whilst masquerading as a friendly paper to our people. It’s time The Sun went to bed... #CoverTheSun #HateSpeech #MSM #JC4PM
07 Dec, 12:47 AM UTC
Both Rod Liddle and Charles Moore are trending. This can only mean one thing - there must be some properly hysterical lefties about on Twitter this morning. No one gets them howling these days quite like Liddle.
07 Dec, 07:09 AM UTC
CutTheCrap ❌ 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇮🇱 #StandUp4Brexit #AxeMay
ROD LIDDLE on #Brexit betrayal and the despicable #Osamor family
06 Dec, 10:32 PM UTC
Poorna Bell
I thought Britain was better than this but Rod Liddle keeps getting away with being that racist old uncle who’s had a few gins - I don’t know why the Sun and The Times keep printing his raggedy nonsense
07 Dec, 08:01 AM UTC
(((Ge_ff T_yl_r)))
Exclusive: Labour Calls For The Sun To Retract Rod Liddle ‘Racist’ Comments About Labour MP
07 Dec, 05:42 AM UTC
Mark Standing
@Matthew22179019 @Kevin_Maguire Aren’t people allowed an opinion about Rod Liddle’s opinion?
07 Dec, 08:35 AM UTC
Naomi Langford-Wood
@truemagic68 @graemeleslie1 We’ll see how our local one goes with Rod Liddle’s reading...
07 Dec, 08:41 AM UTC
@Kevin_Maguire Rod Liddle is absolutely spot on, the truth hurts eh
07 Dec, 08:34 AM UTC
Bertie Poole #Standup4Brexit
@Kevin_Maguire I always enjoy reading Rod Liddle's articles, he says it as it is. I shall have to go out and buy The Sun.
07 Dec, 08:34 AM UTC
🦁 Democracy UK 🐬 #StandUp4Brexit ❌
"Remain MPs favour the backstab option where the will of people is ignored" Rod Liddle @TheSun It is NOT #BREXIT
07 Dec, 08:44 AM UTC
Chris Blake
Labour Calls For The Sun To Retract Rod Liddle ‘Racist’ Comments About Kate Osamor | HuffPost UK
07 Dec, 08:36 AM UTC

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