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Just Bein real with yourself is one of the best things you could do
17 Jan, 04:00 AM UTC
2000's era nostalgia
Playstation 2 Startup Screen (2000)
16 Jan, 11:38 PM UTC
David Rothkopf
Djokovich, Rodgers, Irving, etc. aren't just entitled rich people who are so arrogant they think they know better than science. They are betraying the two groups who enabled them to get rich--their fellow athletes & the public. These are not "off the field or court issues."
16 Jan, 03:18 PM UTC
Peter Bukowski
Aaron Rodgers only needed 37 seconds to beat the 49ers
17 Jan, 12:53 AM UTC
shannon sharpe
Mahomeboy, Rodgers, Allen those are the guys you want throwing from the pocket. They can still hurt you from the pocket. Let them outside and you’re at their mercy. Mahomeboy has been on fire since that int.
17 Jan, 02:44 AM UTC
NFL Talk
Packers’ QB Aaron Rodgers has finished 11 straight seasons without throwing double digit interceptions.
16 Jan, 06:05 PM UTC
Biggest difference makers in sports: Michael Jordan LeBron James Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers Mike McCarthy
17 Jan, 01:05 AM UTC
Scott Lemieux
Gotta give credit to State Farm for casting Aaron Rodgers as a whiny narcissist who's openly furious that he's not getting special treatment
17 Jan, 12:08 AM UTC
NFL Talk
Packers’ QB Aaron Rodgers winning HC Mike McCarthy a super bowl is definitely overlooked.
16 Jan, 11:45 PM UTC
Brian Murphy
Friendly reminder: Aaron Rodgers is 0-3 vs the #49ers in his playoff career. I'm just tweetin', is all ...
17 Jan, 05:00 AM UTC
David Rothkopf
If Rodgers wins the MVP in the NFL in a year when he put his teammates & opponents as well as fans at risk would send yet another repulsive message about pro football & its values. We shall see how that plays out. But this is not celebrity trivia. It is a matter of life & death.
16 Jan, 03:18 PM UTC
Albert Breer
Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes will get his seventh playoff win tonight, and that puts him 22nd all-time among QBs. He's just one playoff win behind Steve Young and Dan Marino on that list, and four wins behind Aaron Rodgers. Mahomes doesn't turn 27 until next season.
17 Jan, 04:04 AM UTC
.@EdgeofSports: Aaron Rodgers has another dumb reason to complain about the 'woke mob.'
17 Jan, 07:02 AM UTC
James Thompson
@JackPosobiec @jerodmcdaniel Aaron Rodgers blew the lid off of all of this. NFL teams have been using monoclonal antibodies and ivermectin internally to get players back on the field and the league is keeping it under wraps. White is dead right.
16 Jan, 10:56 PM UTC
Kevin Turner
It’s on the coaches too, but my biggest Dak complaint isn’t about performance, it’s about managing these late game situations. He’s gotta realize there’s no need to run a play there. It’s on all of them but the idea is for Dak to handle that like Rodgers and Brady do.
17 Jan, 12:35 AM UTC
Danamaeresists is enjoying every day!
@nathaliejacoby1 Deserved. He's not above the rules, although he, Aaron Rodgers and others think they are.
16 Jan, 04:57 PM UTC
I’m officially here to see Aaron Rodgers win another ring now.
17 Jan, 02:45 AM UTC
Slab Work
@CowboysNation You can be right about both. He’s not the guy. W/o Rodgers he doesn’t have a sb. The top of the organization and how the run the football part is horrible and too hands on. No great coach wants that. Ask Jimmy
17 Jan, 01:14 AM UTC
Avocado Farming
👩‍🌾Rural producers 🧕Rural women 🙋Rural youth 🙌All rural people We must work together to help them build productive Avocado production.
17 Jan, 08:04 AM UTC
@rodgers_kirwa @diangaronald @YaraKenya @Billngeno So you can harvest part and leave the other part to grow as you get the right market?
17 Jan, 08:13 AM UTC
Nesh Incognito
@peter_king @JoeyB Insane facts. Rodgers once had a 9 game stretch in 2011 where his passer rating was 130.7. Brady had a 8 game stretch in 2007 where his passer rating was 136.2. Just comical numbers.
17 Jan, 08:04 AM UTC
🌴Dερrεssεđ 𝘾Ɉ🗿
@t_bizzle124 Ong I need the Brady dick riding to be done with, hope Rodgers puts 50 on him
17 Jan, 08:02 AM UTC
@d3sigN8t3dDruNk @ridgeway_nut @BruceIronsNFL Production is directly related to tolerance .... He lost 38-3 last year to the saints...won the SB .. Rodgers is 1-5 in nfcc games and it's always either defence coaching o line someone else's fault but rodgers
17 Jan, 08:15 AM UTC
Quiero Mahomes-Rodgers para el Super Bowl
17 Jan, 08:14 AM UTC
Emmit aka blind seahawks fan
@Benmaller despite the cold 1.5 cold quarters for the chiefs Big Ben still couldn't make anything. happen. Big Ben has been average this year throwing 22 TD's and 10 picks. I doubt they could get Aaron rodgers, but they could fold for Jimmy G or even Tyler Huntley.
17 Jan, 08:13 AM UTC
Dorfℌ00l Plasmers
@schIuerkens Außer vielleicht impfAusfall von Rodgers oh moment
17 Jan, 08:13 AM UTC
Adam’s would be a key fit if rodgers leaves for the broncos
17 Jan, 08:12 AM UTC
@BruceIronsNFL Yaa so we gonna pretend nothing happened in the first half ?... Packers were behind by 2 scores which meant they couldn't run the damn ball the D was playing for the pass every single time...Rodgers was 3/11 in 4 th quarter ....clutch?... Ass..
17 Jan, 08:12 AM UTC
Test Account1
@test5f1798 : 509c17a7-8c78-4818-92f3-b70038feb65f
17 Jan, 08:12 AM UTC
@talonfoley @WerderEdESPN That’s the problem. You casually just put Dak in the same category is Rodgers and Brady. Do you know how insane that is to think that he can be anything close to them even in 10-16 years. He isn’t as cerebral as Brady on the field He does not have Rodgers’ arm talent. Stop it
17 Jan, 08:12 AM UTC