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Ron Filipkowski
I’m sure Roger Stone doesn’t have to worry about these Oathkeepers flipping on him. Yeah, they’re facing 20 years in prison and the government is willing to negotiate with them for full cooperation, but these guys are solid. I’m sure they won’t say anything to save themselves.
13 Jan, 07:29 PM UTC
Palmer Report
Congrats Roger Stone, you're now just one step up the hierarchy from being criminally indicted for seditious conspiracy. You're fucked!
13 Jan, 07:46 PM UTC
Aaron Parnas
Today's seditious conspiracy charges should make Steve Bannon and Roger Stone very nervous.
13 Jan, 11:21 PM UTC
Jennifer Cohn ✍🏻 📢
I shoulda known. Arizona fraudit leader Kelli Ward is a colleague of Roger Stone. (How much damage as that one evil man caused?) 1/
13 Jan, 04:17 AM UTC
Spiro Agnew’s Ghost
Trump’s last minute pardon of Roger Stone—who directly was involved with the Oathkeepers indicted today on top of all the other crimes he committed on behalf of Trump—looks even more like one criminal co-conspirator pardoning another now.
13 Jan, 11:37 PM UTC
Jennifer Cohn ✍🏻 📢
Reminder that the Oathkeepers supported Clive Bundy in the armed standoff with the federal govt. You know who else supported Bundy? Roger Stone, Paul Gosar, & Kelli Ward. January 6 & the #fraudits were practically a reunion. 1/ @splcenter #RogerStone
13 Jan, 07:38 PM UTC
Duty To Warn 🔉
It's probably not a good day for Roger Stone.
13 Jan, 08:27 PM UTC
Richard Signorelli
Jeff Clark Mike Flynn Roger Stone Steve Bannon Scott Perry Mark Meadows Paul Gosar Rudy Giuliani Sidney Powell Andy Biggs Mike Lindell Bernie Kerik Victoria Toensing Joe diGenova John Eastman Jenna Ellis Cleta Mitchell Lin Wood Mo Brooks Kevin McCarthy Boris Epshteyn Chris Bobb
13 Jan, 08:27 PM UTC
Jennifer Taub
🎯 Roger Stone, once a middleman always a middleman. Remember. He was the go-between the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks and the Russian hackers. No surprise that he was likely the guy between the Oath Keepers and…… @jentaub's photo on Roger Stone
13 Jan, 08:46 PM UTC
Ryan Goodman
3. @misstessowen reported in 2021 with photos: Oath Keepers who provided security for Roger Stone at rally on January 5 were "wearing 'All Access' passes on lanyards."
13 Jan, 06:39 PM UTC
Ryan Goodman
2. DC Complaint 12/14/21: "[P]rosecutors revealed that Rhodes, his deputy, and three additional members of Oath Keepers who acted as guards for the political consultant Roger Stone on January 6th exchanged 19 phone calls during the January 6th Attacks totaling over three hours." @rgoodlaw's photo on Roger Stone
13 Jan, 06:36 PM UTC
Aaron Parnas
The leader of the Oath Keepers is officially in custody. Roger Stone should be very nervous that he might be next.
14 Jan, 12:54 AM UTC
Sandi Bachom
1) Roger Stone with his security, Oath Keepers on January 5th at 8:04pm after his speech at Freedom Plaza. Of interest, the Proud Boys have always been his security, but Enrique Tarrio had been arrested the day before. I always suspected that was bogus, to get him out of the way.
13 Jan, 07:47 PM UTC
Ben Collins
Weird, right? (Story from last February.)
13 Jan, 10:05 PM UTC
Scott Stedman
Roger Stone call your lawyer.
13 Jan, 11:23 PM UTC
Roger Stone, Bannon, Meadows, Giuliani, they’re all going down. They will spend the rest of their miserable lives in prison.
13 Jan, 11:34 PM UTC
David Volsic
@TheRickWilson AND Roger Stone he is tight with them
13 Jan, 11:47 PM UTC
Thee ManoloGal
@TheRickWilson @jnizzle44 And Roger Stone and all those who met with Bannon in Old Forge, PA at that secret meeting in Arcaro and Genell's Pizza.
13 Jan, 11:22 PM UTC
Steve Rustad
Kyrsten Sinema betrayed 81 million Democratic voters. She needs to hear from us. All of us. (202) 224-4521. #Maddow #TheView #TheReidOut Kevin McCarthy Oath Keepers Supreme Court Mark Meadows Glenn Beck Roger Stone Barrett Kavanaugh 50 Republican Biden Covid Dem Senators
13 Jan, 11:55 PM UTC
Jennifer Rodgers
DOJ appears to have Roger Stone in their sights, again. And this time without someone in the White House willing to give him a corrupt pardon.
13 Jan, 11:20 PM UTC
Sandi Bachom
@TheRickWilson Roger Stone, Flynn, Ali Alexander
14 Jan, 12:20 AM UTC
Sandi Bachom
#SeditiousConspiracy Bingo card. For starters.... 1. Michael Flynn 2. Roger Stone 3. Ali Alexander
14 Jan, 12:34 AM UTC
Brenda❤️46 - Build Back Better 👊🍷🏡💥🍹🏝📫
🚨Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers charged with Seditious Conspiracy 🚨Told Alex Jones he had men stationed outside Washington prepared to act on Trump’s command 🚨Told members to “stock up on ammo” for “war in streets” 🚨Part of Roger Stone security detail #DemVoice1
13 Jan, 10:07 PM UTC
The Sparrow Project
Among the 11 Oath Keepers charged with sedition is Joshua James, seen above and again here with Trump advisor Roger Stone.
13 Jan, 08:04 PM UTC
Geo Steve
I believe President @JoeBiden could revoke the trump pardons of Michael Flynn, Steve Bannon, Roger Stone and Bernard Kerik with the stroke of his pen, for the grounds that the pardons were issued with corrupt intent, including seditious conspiracy.
13 Jan, 07:52 PM UTC
The Sparrow Project
As @lrozen highlights, in addition to serving on Roger Stone's security detail Joshua James, according to the indictment, dropped off weapons and ammunition at Hilton Garden Inn in VA where Stewart Rhodes was staying.
13 Jan, 08:20 PM UTC
Elizabeth de la Vega
Hmmm. I wonder who might be closely allied with Roger Stone?
14 Jan, 12:29 AM UTC
Zach Cloutier
@StevenBeschloss I reckon that Roger Stone will be indicted in a matter of days for seditious conspiracy.
13 Jan, 09:15 PM UTC
The Sparrow Project
With news that Stewart Rhodes and 10 Oath Keepers were indicted for Seditious Conspiracy related to January 6th, it's important to underscore that the Oath Keepers were also embedded at the Willard Hotel providing security for Roger Stone on 1/5 and 1/6.
13 Jan, 07:56 PM UTC