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Yoongi's wife ☔
"That B in BTS stands for body rolls which are extremely hot" — A thread
24 Nov, 03:12 PM UTC
The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center
Wanda Cooper-Jones, mother of #AhmaudArbery, just shared that she believes her son can now rest in peace. We are thankful for the guilty verdicts and we take comfort in these words from his mother. “…until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.” @TheKingCenter's photo on Rolls
24 Nov, 07:34 PM UTC
Hawaiin Rolls on Thanksgiving: .... Me: @fuzzyfromyt's photo on Rolls
24 Nov, 05:21 AM UTC
Liz Harrington
25,975 suspected dead registered voters on Michigan voter rolls
24 Nov, 01:46 PM UTC
Every year at our Muppets Thanksgiving dinner, we all go around the table and say what we're thankful for. And every year we all say we're thankful for @MissPiggy so she doesn't throw dinner rolls at us.
24 Nov, 08:00 PM UTC
Yoongi's wife ☔
Namjoon's body rolls in this fancam, lemme breathe-
24 Nov, 03:12 PM UTC
Yoongi's wife ☔
The way jimin rolls his body 🥵
24 Nov, 03:12 PM UTC
Tom Fitton
Update: Voting rolls in NYC, CA, and Oregon are a mess and present opportunities for voter fraud.
24 Nov, 02:55 PM UTC
Judicial Watch ⚖️
"Dirty election rolls can mean dirty elections,” @TomFitton. READ: @JudicialWatch's photo on Rolls
24 Nov, 02:09 PM UTC
Sanzu, rindou: *sneezes* ran: *GASP, rolls him in a blanket, gives a hot cocoa* rindou you ok? Aw ofc it's cold Sanzu: wbm? ran: I'm sorry, who are you? rindou: pf- Sanzu: OI? kakucho, covering him with a blanket: stop it you guys Sanzu, genuinely: you, I don't deserve you
24 Nov, 05:25 AM UTC
My 2 cinnamon rolls 🧡 #hinatashoyo #Itadoriyuuji
25 Nov, 12:27 AM UTC
Just posted a tiktok about how I got scammed by “millionaire” DJ who claims he drives a Rolls Royce and lives in a mansion. Mind you it was just $500………🤧
24 Nov, 07:24 PM UTC
Comedian sleepy
New Orleans food and spirits really not all that tbh and then voodoo rolls mid
24 Nov, 11:23 PM UTC
The D Hive
Where the fuck was this energy while GGG was cookin dinner rolls and szerchuan chicken? Tryna turn boxing into the modern day negro leagues. #boxing
24 Nov, 07:21 PM UTC
syl ₂₇
when george gets complimented he either rolls his eyes and laughs OR randomly changes the subject i love him a lot
25 Nov, 01:14 AM UTC
Becky Kevoian
@Conservativeind @PolitiBunny Girls, you should have just asked me first! I'm old and experienced, and you'll never need another recipe but this. Ever.
24 Nov, 08:56 PM UTC
Elle Mason
@KweenJosie Made a pumpkin pie, an apple pie, and an amaretto cherry pie with my Nana today. She was very impressed with my cherry crust. I am working on some cinnamon rolls for Thanksgiving Day breakfast.
25 Nov, 12:44 AM UTC
Teresa Palmitessa
#SideItemFilms The Name of the Rolls
25 Nov, 01:08 AM UTC
Fiona Apple Bot
I'll make the most of it, I'm an extraordinary machine If there was a better way to go, then it would find me I can't help it, the road just rolls out behind me
25 Nov, 01:13 AM UTC
cant wait for synonym rolls tomorrow
25 Nov, 12:30 AM UTC
Bon, New York ReSister (#NY tough)
Biden's HHS revokes certain faith-based exemptions, rolls back religious liberty enforcement 👏🏻👏🏻
25 Nov, 01:12 AM UTC
JP's Delights
Getting a head start on #Thanksgiving prep with Pumpkin Dinner Rolls using our #Pumpkin Butter & the accompanying Cranberry Orange Butter using our #Cranberry #Orange #Jelly & Orange #Cinnamon #Marmalade
25 Nov, 01:09 AM UTC
⁶⁹ finn/eka/alfie🎗️
eyes pop out AROOOOOOOOGA! jaw drops tongue rolls out WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WURBLWUBRLBWURblrwurblwurlbrwubrlwburlwbruwrlblwublarblblbrlbel
25 Nov, 01:13 AM UTC
I kinda wish I did the pumpkin rolls differently but the cream cheese filling kinda evens it out
25 Nov, 01:13 AM UTC
brosko but spicier
@FurXig You're a food criminal And you'll keep the rolls? It's just bread?
25 Nov, 01:12 AM UTC
Charlie Ricker
Eliminate rolls, FFS. No way I'm tossing away tastier foods for some damn bread.
25 Nov, 01:12 AM UTC
Tyler Roney
Power Ranking of Thanksgiving sides: 1. Sweet/Mashed Potatoes 2. Rolls 3. Mac n Cheese 4. Stuffing 5. Cranberry Sauce . . . . . 32. Green Bean Casserole
25 Nov, 01:12 AM UTC
Kim Seokjane
Body rolls is the best with morning coffee ☕️ #BTSJIN #JIN #YOURS #Jinからの贈り物Yours
25 Nov, 01:15 AM UTC
kobi kardashian
I can’t believe Patrick bought 24 rolls of rough ass toilet paper I want to give the rest to the homeless 😭
25 Nov, 01:15 AM UTC