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⚠️#OUTBREAK UPDATE: Further information from the FDA in the investigation into outbreak of E. coli O157:H7 infections linked to #romaine lettuce grown in California this fall prior to November 23, 2018. https://t.co/4j0VMQQ9WV FDA FOOD's photo on #romaine
13 Dec, 10:40 PM UTC
Stephanie Stahl
The CDC is reminding consumers and businesses not to sell, buy or eat #romaine lettuce if you don’t know where it’s from. https://t.co/0zC4dzDDjl
13 Dec, 10:09 PM UTC
CA Leafy Greens LGMA
Today the @US_FDA released a statement clearing the San Luis Obispo, Santa Cruz and Ventura counties from the #Romaine outbreak list. Please see the CA LGMA's response to the statement here https://t.co/4t6S7dCOSk CA Leafy Greens LGMA's photo on #romaine
14 Dec, 12:15 AM UTC
Editorial Staff
#Romaine E. Coli Outbreak Partially Linked to #AdamBros. Farms in #SantaMaria, FDA Says https://t.co/TmIwes1G7F #FoodPoisoning
13 Dec, 11:44 PM UTC
Candice Choi
Reporter: Why does #romaine keep popping up in E. coli outbreaks, if the same (presumably contaminated) water on a farm is used on other types of lettuce? FDA official: "We are just as intensively interested in being able to answer that question." https://t.co/18GeBknxNI
14 Dec, 12:45 AM UTC
Greenhouse Grown #Romaine Deemed Safe, Labeled Product Returns to Stores https://t.co/vI2hhWDEJD greenhousegrow's photo on #romaine
13 Dec, 09:44 PM UTC
Ted Goldberg
Lettuce/E. coli update: federal health investigators (@US_FDA + @CDCgov) say they've identified a positive sample of a strain tied to the outbreak of E. coli connected to #romaine #lettuce at a farm in Santa Barbara County. @KQEDnews https://t.co/VzGjUOBUZo
13 Dec, 09:25 PM UTC
Todd B. Bates
Tainted romaine lettuce traced to at least 1 California farm https://t.co/niZMat66Cz #romaine #health
14 Dec, 12:05 AM UTC
Top 10 Produce LLC
“However, the strain of E. coli O157:H7 causing the current outbreak was identified in one sample collected in the sediment of an agricultural water reservoir at one ranch owned and operated by Adam Bros. Farming, Inc., in Santa Barbara County. “ #romaine https://t.co/neyTjCnPxh
14 Dec, 12:02 AM UTC
Tom Bolton
#Romaine E. Coli Outbreak Partially Linked to #AdamBros. Farms in #SantaMaria, FDA Says https://t.co/Ldnr3OORKy #FoodPoisoning
13 Dec, 11:44 PM UTC
Food regulators said Thursday that other farms are likely involved in the E. coli outbreak and consumers should continue checking the label before purchasing #romaine lettuce. https://t.co/1o9cvp0JMT
13 Dec, 11:15 PM UTC
A farm in Santa Maria has been linked to the E. coli outbreak involving romaine lettuce. https://t.co/spn6Z2glMN #Romaine #ecoli KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO's photo on #romaine
13 Dec, 11:00 PM UTC
Quincampois Numis
Antoninien GALLIEN (267-268) CERF #Gallienvs #Romaine #Cerf #Numismatique #eBay -------> https://t.co/S2RIc2VsJE Quincampois Numis's photo on #romaine
13 Dec, 10:42 PM UTC
Quincampois Numis
Follis CONSTANTIN II (331-334) #CYZIQUE #Romaine #Follis #Numismatique #eBay ---------> https://t.co/SAbeQCMMfU Quincampois Numis's photo on #romaine
13 Dec, 10:38 PM UTC
I'm glad I don't like #romaine lettuce.
13 Dec, 10:28 PM UTC
Having been a victim of tainted food in the past, it's safe to say that it's going to take *a lot* of time for #romaine to get back in my good graces. https://t.co/z01cXrBB0h
13 Dec, 10:26 PM UTC
Sally Quick
Living on the edge. #romaine #clearanceromaine #wednesday #betterblessitfirst Sally Quick's photo on #romaine
13 Dec, 10:24 PM UTC
#Breaking: @CDCgov and @US_FDA announce a positive sample of the #romaine lettuce #Ecoli outbreak strain was found in the sediment of an irrigation system at Adam Bros. Farms. https://t.co/4DinzDUmBC Contagion's photo on #romaine
13 Dec, 09:44 PM UTC
We will have romaine back tomorrow Dec 14. #caesarsalad #romaine @ Amici Restaurant & Pizzeria https://t.co/8M72iiwlsx
13 Dec, 07:47 PM UTC
@alexdylanparks #romaine #comebackking the kale of comebacks
13 Dec, 04:31 PM UTC
Refrigerated Transporter
#ICYMI @US_FDA continues probe of E coli outbreak related to #romaine #lettuce @FDAfood #Ecoli https://t.co/o3eSHQKUvf
13 Dec, 03:07 PM UTC
Is it okay to buy #romaine yet?
13 Dec, 02:15 AM UTC

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