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B/R Wrestling
Breaking: Roman Reigns, who has had leukemia and is immunocompromised, will not compete at WrestleMania 36 against Goldberg due to coronavirus concerns, per @ryansatin @BRWrestling's photo on Roman Reigns
27 Mar, 01:58 AM UTC
Alex McCarthy
Roman Reigns is OUT of WrestleMania 36. He's told WWE he doesn't feel comfortable performing during the coronavirus pandemic due to his impaired immune system as a result of his battles with leukemia. [@WrestlingSheet] Full respect and love to Roman for a brave decision.
27 Mar, 01:46 AM UTC
Adam Pacitti
Roman Reigns making a very brave but also very sensible move by pulling out of WrestleMania. Health comes first.
27 Mar, 03:02 AM UTC
Pro Wrestling Sheet
Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned Roman Reigns will not be part of the WWE Universal Championship match at WrestleMania 36 as planned.
27 Mar, 01:39 AM UTC
(((David Starr)))🌹
Roman Reigns 👍
27 Mar, 10:17 AM UTC
Shaan Singh
Dude became Undertaker, Jeff Hardy, Adam Cole, and Roman Reigns in one video 😂😭
27 Mar, 01:13 AM UTC
Scott Fishman
Roman Reigns stepping out of #WrestleMania I’m sure weighed on him heavily. You know how much #WWE and fulfilling his commitments means to him. Disappointed fans is the last thing he would want to do. It’s why he even came back after battling leukemia. Respect his decision.
27 Mar, 04:09 AM UTC WWE Wrestlemania 36 news #Wrestlemania
BREAKING NEWS: Roman Reigns not facing Bill Goldberg at #WWE #Wrestlemania 36 @nodqdotcom's photo on Roman Reigns
27 Mar, 01:43 AM UTC
Remi Steele
Roman Reigns has bowed out of his match with Goldberg at WrestleMania amid fears of COVID-19 after his battle with Leukemia weakened his immune system. He is not in the wrong at this at all. You are wrong if you question why. Stay safe, Big Dog.
27 Mar, 03:15 AM UTC
Gorilla Position
ROMAN REIGNS IS OFF WRESTLEMANIA! Roman tells WWE officials he’s no longer comfortable doing the Performance Center shows during this Coronavirus pandemic because of his impaired immune system as a result of his battles with Leukemia. He’ll no longer face Goldberg. Much respect @WWEGP's photo on Roman Reigns
27 Mar, 07:44 AM UTC
Chamatkar Sandhu
Brave, commendable and absolutely the right move. Roman Reigns has taken himself out of his WrestleMania 36 match with Goldberg because he didn't feel comfortable performing during the COVID-19 pandemic as he has an impaired immune system as a result of his battles with leukemia.
27 Mar, 01:57 AM UTC
Roman Reigns is out of his WrestleMania Match:
27 Mar, 02:03 AM UTC
Ryan Droste
Props to Roman Reigns for making that tough decision. Given his medical history, he absolutely made the right choice. #WWE #WrestleMania
27 Mar, 05:20 AM UTC
Tom Colohue
Per a #WWE source: "There's no team monitoring Joe (Roman Reigns) he made this decision himself. He can't take the risk. We all support him and we'll all work something out." Roman Reigns has pulled out of #WrestleMania and at current there is a scramble for a replacement match
27 Mar, 11:45 AM UTC
David Herro
Real journalists treat their sport with respect. Can u imagine ESPN or FOX Sports saying that Brady, LeBron, or Trout refused to play in their biggest game because it was an empty stadium? Roman Reigns didn't beat Leukemia TWICE to risk his life with an unknown virus #WWE
27 Mar, 03:27 AM UTC
Simon Miller
I've just realised that out of every person on the WWE roster, I wanted @WWEBigE to replace Roman Reigns at Mania. Have him win the belt. Have him hold it for 10 years. Have him become the man. Thanks.
27 Mar, 03:56 PM UTC
NOT a rumor: Roman Reigns is indeed OUT of his match with Goldberg. No clue as to whom the replacement will be. Apparently there were more changes made to the card with others not being able to make it.
27 Mar, 02:22 AM UTC
Royal Wrestling 👑
BRAUN STROWMAN SERÍA EL RIVAL DE GOLDBERG EN WRESTLEMANIA 🏴‍☠️🔥 THE MONSTER AMONG MEN sería el reemplazo de ROMAN REIGNS en el combate por el Campeonato UNIVERSAL 🏅🏅 El inesperado cambio se explicaría en SmackDown con un segmento grabado durante el día de ayer 🔵
27 Mar, 02:52 PM UTC
Kris Griffin
So, The Big Dog Has pulled out of Wrestlemania 36. I have the same leukaemia as @WWERomanReigns and very similar treatment. He’s doing the right thing. Anyone think he’s wrong, message me, let’s chat 👍🏻 Supporting Roman Reigns is the right thing to do. #WM36 #leukemia @WWE #cml
27 Mar, 07:51 AM UTC
On Observer Radio this morning, Meltzer states Roman Reigns was at the Mania tapings but decided not to compete. The report states that The Miz showed up sick and it upset The Uso’s, which in turn upset Roman and led to him pulling out to protect his own health.
27 Mar, 10:55 AM UTC
Gary Cassidy
Just to be clear: - Posting that Roman Reigns will not be competing at WrestleMania 👍🏻 - Posting who his replacement is without a spoiler warning 👎🏻
27 Mar, 01:31 PM UTC
- Roman Reigns has pulled out - The Miz is reportedly sick - Many Wrestlers backstage are angry that Vince has gone ahead - Mysterio, Brooke, Daniel Bryan, and Lashley are in Quarantine... and Vince is STILL going ahead.
27 Mar, 03:30 PM UTC
Wrestling Travel
Who should face Goldberg for the Universal Title at WrestleMania now Roman Reigns has pulled out of the show? @WrestlingTravel's photo on Roman Reigns
27 Mar, 10:09 AM UTC
I commend Roman Reigns for looking after his safety, even the USOS wasn't happy about being there!!. Hope The Miz is alright tho. Superstars health comes first!!
27 Mar, 03:09 PM UTC
WWE on ComicBook
Roman Reigns Update: News on Possible Replacement, Other #WWE Stars Sick
27 Mar, 03:46 PM UTC
Supreme Sun
Roman Reigns is out of WrestleMania now?! It’s gonna be a shit show. Vince will NEVER admit defeat or lose one dollar. His greed is truly a detriment to his product right now. Just cancel mothafucka. Ain’t nobody paying for a PPV with no fans anyway. You’ll see. Just tap out, B.
27 Mar, 03:40 PM UTC
Check out this week's #SmackDown Preview! Who replaces Roman Reigns at #WrestleMania? The Firefly Fun House RETURNS! Is Daniel Bryan heading to Mania? What next for Gronk?! @adamwilbourn @MichaelHamflett @MSidgwick #WWE @WWEonFOX #SmackdownOnFox
27 Mar, 04:00 PM UTC
Matt Riddle Offers To Replace #RomanReigns Against Goldberg At WrestleMania 36
27 Mar, 03:52 PM UTC
With Spandex UPROXX
#WrestleMania spoiler: here's who replaced Roman Reigns in the Universal Championship match against Bill Goldberg
27 Mar, 02:30 PM UTC
The Ring Generals
Roman Reigns OUT, The Miz OUT. What the hell is @WWE doing? We will be recording a podcast later tonight, to be released tomorrow, talking about about all of this!!! STAY TUNED #WrestlingTwitter
27 Mar, 03:25 PM UTC