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Oakland A's
Crown the Town as the best of the American League West. #RootedInOakland @Athletics's photo on #RootedInOakland
22 Sep, 03:45 AM UTC
Amazin’ A’s Craze
22 Sep, 03:45 AM UTC
James Heim
Congrats to the @Athletics for winning the AL West!!!! So pumped for the playoffs to start. #RootedInOakland https://t.co/Sn7kzmxem1
22 Sep, 03:51 AM UTC
Will MacNeil
22 Sep, 03:52 AM UTC
Raiders win. A’s clinch the AL West. Your girl is happy 🏴‍☠️☠️💚💛 #RaiderNation #RootedInOakland https://t.co/pdilD3O4kj
22 Sep, 03:45 AM UTC
Danny Vietti
AL West 2020 Payrolls: • Houston Astros ($82.5M) • Los Angeles Angels ($66.8M) • Texas Rangers ($62.6M) • Seattle Mariners ($48.8M) • Oakland A's ($36.7M) Oakland A's just clinched their first AL West divisional crown since 2013. #RootedInOakland @DannyVietti's photo on #RootedInOakland
22 Sep, 04:30 AM UTC
Oakland A's
Check out the plays that got the A's the Postseason clinch in this week’s TOUGH Plays of the Week presented by @DEWALTtough. #RootedInOakland @Athletics's photo on #RootedInOakland
21 Sep, 06:47 PM UTC
Robbie 🇺🇸
A’s won 3 World Series during the end of the Vietnam war. They won in 1989 during the earthquake. They win in 2020 during coronavirus. #RootedInOakland
22 Sep, 05:37 AM UTC
A's Fan by Design
Oakland @Athletics are American League West Division Champions!!! Oaktober has officially begun!!! #RootedinOakland #ALWestChampions #Oaktober https://t.co/IIqdLXvoDA
22 Sep, 04:01 AM UTC
James Heim
Congrats to this kid @Jonah_heim6 1st Big League season.. 1st AL West championship. Now go win a WS title!!! #RootedInOakland #Heimtime https://t.co/ir3dwWgnQ9
22 Sep, 03:54 AM UTC
No asterisk next to this year's AL West title winners - well done @Athletics! #RootedInOakland
22 Sep, 04:16 AM UTC
Kavin Mistry
📸 How the West was won. A’s the first team in 2020 to clinch a division. 🔥💥🟢 #RootedInOakland https://t.co/IIWIXToSSy
22 Sep, 03:48 AM UTC
A's Fan by Design
Oaktober came early this year, A's fans!! #Oaktober #ALWestChampions #RootedinOakland https://t.co/LI4MRKOzxy
22 Sep, 04:36 AM UTC
Gabriel Hernandez
GET HYPED A’S FANS WE JUST WON THE AL WEST!!! https://t.co/suOs1SnbWw #RootedInOakland #LetsGoOakland #ALWestChamps https://t.co/hS6VyoDV0y
22 Sep, 04:07 AM UTC
A's Fan by Design
I'm sorry @MLB, but you call that a graphic to celebrate the A's winning the AL West? #RespectOakland #ALWestChamps #RootedInOakland https://t.co/fMFwqM1QU5 https://t.co/UqNybPa9Zn
22 Sep, 07:35 AM UTC
#RootedInOakland We are the Champions ✌️✌️✌️
22 Sep, 07:12 AM UTC
A's Fan by Design
That one is NICE. #ALWestChamps #RootedInOakland #Oaktober https://t.co/ELCqpFcJfF
22 Sep, 07:43 AM UTC
Astro 🪐☄️
😭😭 #RootedInOakland https://t.co/KqPrRPrEzM
22 Sep, 10:28 AM UTC
Julie H 🙋🏼💕😺☕️⚾️
#RootedInOakland. Congrats A's✨✨✨⚾️⚾️⚾️ https://t.co/0j0VQpB3NF
22 Sep, 09:07 AM UTC
Stevie ✊🏻✊🏾✊🏿
Waking up to a division win! #RootedInOakland https://t.co/6prVloTzk3
22 Sep, 08:33 AM UTC
Savage Angel
Let's go Oakland *clap, clap clap-clap-clap* #RootedInOakland https://t.co/P6OsBFVC55
22 Sep, 08:28 AM UTC
〽️🅰️⚡️🍩♑️ ⚡️✝️🍤〽️🅱️🅾️
The @Athletics might win the World Series this year. #RootedInOakland
22 Sep, 08:05 AM UTC
georgia alice barks✨
Waking up to see the A’s have won the division title was the best thing to wake up to #RootedInOakland
22 Sep, 07:44 AM UTC
A's Fan by Design
Shout out to @gamerathletics for putting the #Oaktober banner graphic idea on my plate in the first place! I hope it looks good with the other banners in your backyard for the playoffs!! #RootedInOakland
22 Sep, 07:30 AM UTC
Andrew Ahn
Would you look at that? Go A's #RootedInOakland #tt https://t.co/n2MI7wJAG2 https://t.co/TTkypnCJlV
22 Sep, 07:10 AM UTC

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