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Roswell, New Mexico
The truth finally comes out. New episode tonight at 9/8c. Stream tomorrow free only on The CW! #RoswellNM @CWRoswellNM's photo on #RoswellNM
01 Jun, 04:01 PM UTC
What to Watch Monday: #TheBakerAndTheBeauty Finale, @DarrenCriss' #Royalties, #RoswellNM and More https://t.co/kNmdaxbHZp @TVLine's photo on #RoswellNM
01 Jun, 11:36 AM UTC
Demy Martin
With all the racism and hate going on in this country, I actually had to pause #RoswellNM and cry because of the racism Liz just faced from those ICE agents. This show is important.
02 Jun, 01:39 AM UTC
yasmine ♡ blm. dont be racist.
i’ve never seen michael just say fuck it with his powers and i GREATLY APPRECIATE FERAL ANGRY GUERIN OVER THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE #RoswellNM
02 Jun, 01:32 AM UTC
“I fell in love with your son and I didn’t feel superior anymore” Yeah, because you now had someone and/or something to lose, something that could hurt you. Something that brought you back down to earth. #malex #RoswellNM https://t.co/yvnVF7myT6
02 Jun, 02:19 AM UTC
Shelby Elpers
"Angry's not so bad. It reminds us something's not right and then we change it." This felt a little too relevant not to share. #RoswellNM
02 Jun, 01:19 AM UTC
THE RELEVANCE!!!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 #RoswellNM https://t.co/jWjABEpeKB
02 Jun, 01:43 AM UTC
Michael Trevino Source
Roswell, New Mexico - “Linger” - 2x11 Episode Promo #RoswellNM #RNM https://t.co/mNyr7v2LjW
01 Jun, 03:18 PM UTC
🖤 Lolita 🖖🏽
Michael loves Alex more than he hates Jesse and he hates Jesse than space is vast. #RoswellNM
02 Jun, 01:18 AM UTC
🖤 Lolita 🖖🏽
Michael will create the weapon of his own destruction to save Alex. #RoswellNM
02 Jun, 02:01 AM UTC
◂ Jo ▸
The way they didn’t kidnap Maria but Alex to get Michael to cooporate 😏😬 #RoswellNM
02 Jun, 02:02 AM UTC
#RoswellNM Awwww Michael i fell in love with your son i didn’t feel superior anymore
02 Jun, 01:32 AM UTC
you asked me to | lea.
Why to the best guys get treated like crap in this show. Alex and Kyle deserve better than what they're getting right now ! #RoswellNM
02 Jun, 01:57 AM UTC
So clearly THIS was the only good part of that entire episode this week...... #RoswellNM https://t.co/FhYnDX6vYY
02 Jun, 02:45 AM UTC
Roswell, New Mexico 2x12 Promo "Crash Into Me" What the hell 😨 #roswellnm https://t.co/Rc4lOmGqC3
02 Jun, 02:34 AM UTC
Meredith #FangirlTherapist
Michael will burn down the world for Alex. #RoswellNM 👽
02 Jun, 01:32 AM UTC
that michael speech about alex really hits different when you think it’s one of the first times michael’s ever actually vocalised his appreciation for alex and said so many nice things about him #roswellnm https://t.co/NSHh86tdFv
02 Jun, 01:36 AM UTC
alex manes enthusiast
02 Jun, 01:30 AM UTC
Meredith #FangirlTherapist
“Then I fell in love with your son.” 😭😭😭 #RoswellNM 👽
02 Jun, 01:27 AM UTC
Leticia Piovesan
@MichaelVlamis Now I understand why you answered me 'anything' to save Alex. After tonight's episode I'm even more worried about what will happen but Guerin gave me the absolute certainty that he LOVES Alex. I need to cry now, sorry #Malex #RoswellNM
02 Jun, 02:24 AM UTC
My favourite thing about this episode was Michael finally saying nice things about Alex #RoswellNM
02 Jun, 02:20 AM UTC
yasmine ♡ blm. dont be racist.
with all the flashbacks in this show, i think i would like to see this the most LOL #RoswellNM https://t.co/ynAAduJNOe
02 Jun, 01:23 AM UTC
best part of the episode #RoswellNM (excuse my laughing but... can you BLAME ME) https://t.co/WhJHIwpUTM
02 Jun, 02:27 AM UTC
max + liz 💫 echo🖖🏼
“i love you” 💗 #RoswellNM https://t.co/HdBmD3w7Ny
02 Jun, 01:51 AM UTC
Neida (alien/human romance fan account)
Michael really said Alex’s existence elevated humanity as a whole for him huh thats power babes #roswellnm #malex https://t.co/yyTZSRUmMb
02 Jun, 02:55 AM UTC
🖤 Lolita 🖖🏽
Michael is willing to die for Alex. How are the antis doing? #RoswellNM
02 Jun, 02:12 AM UTC
Monitor Earthprime
#roswellnm is so nice to see that Michael still cares for Alex....#MAlex https://t.co/irJE5mBIYq
02 Jun, 01:29 AM UTC
#RoswellNM The person holding the isn’t Jesse is it Flint or Alex both are wearing leather jackets https://t.co/E4mB4cUY4R
02 Jun, 02:18 AM UTC
i feel like SO much is happening this season and simultaneously nothing at all because they’re constantly opening up new plot points and creating new character relationships without developing the ones they already have so everything just feels surface level #roswellnm
02 Jun, 02:12 AM UTC
Leticia Piovesan
About tonight's episode: "Come on Michael is there really nobody in this world that you wouldn't risk everything to save?" I waited so long for that. Bring Alex home, Michael!! #Malex #RoswellNM https://t.co/rRyOZMmNQh
01 Jun, 11:12 PM UTC

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