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Darren Grimes
🤬 Rowan Atkinson’s free speech crusade extends way beyond his defence of Boris Johnson's right to offend. This speech has to be one of the best in defence of it. 🤬 Darren Grimes's photo on Rowan Atkinson
10 Aug, 04:19 PM UTC
James O'Brien
Rowan Atkinson’s brother, Rodney, stood for the leadership of Ukip! Not suggesting this has anything to do with his pronouncements today but it’s the best bit of trivia I’ve come across in years.
10 Aug, 12:48 PM UTC
Andrew Pierce
Rowan Atkinson, one of our best comedy actors, backs @BorisJohnson in the burka row saying its fair game to poke fun at religion. He's right
10 Aug, 04:16 PM UTC
Roland Stewart
In the last 48 hours we’ve discovered Polly Toynbee, Stephen Fry, Paul Merton, Rowan Atkinson, Anna Soubry, the Guardian, and pretty much every feminist for the past 20 years has had no problem whatsoever mocking the Burka. The Met Police aren’t going to be able to cope.
10 Aug, 11:20 PM UTC
Alf Garnett
Our grandparents and great grandparents fought for our freedom. But your PC Brigade ponces wanna stomp it out. And are subjecting Rowan Atkinson to dog's abuse for daring to object to their social media lynching of Boris Johnson. Makes you wanna cry, dunnit? #LestWeForget Alf Garnett's photo on Rowan Atkinson
11 Aug, 10:16 AM UTC
Patrick O'Flynn
Now R4 having a debate between someone who thinks Boris/Rowan Atkinson were wrong and someone who thinks they were wrong.
11 Aug, 07:57 AM UTC
“Rowan Atkinson is absolutely right: freedom of speech is meaningless if we are not free to make fun of religion. Christians had to put up with The Life of Brian and now Muslims will have to put up with pisstakes of the burqa.” Brendan O’Neill in The Sun
11 Aug, 11:00 AM UTC
Mark Thomas
Rowan Atkinson defends disgraced ex minister Boris Johnson’s dog whistle comments... probably for the best Mr Bean doesn’t get any lines.
11 Aug, 07:46 AM UTC
The best thing about Rowan Atkinson’s intervention in the Boris/Burqa ban furore is that he’s not even on Twitter. SJW’s simply don’t know how to abuse him, and are now barking at the moon!!
11 Aug, 11:01 AM UTC
Ernst(ig)! 🇳🇱
Hoe erg is onze westerse cultuur aangetast als zelfs de vanouds bekende, Britse humor en ironie moeten verdedigd worden tegen policor-azijnpissers?
10 Aug, 01:07 PM UTC
Henk de Vries
@wilbert_mol @JoostNiemoller @Joop_nl Ja, eigenlijk wel. Zo extreem was mijn reactie nu ook weer niet, maar het toont inderdaad hoe eenzijdig men wil discussiëren. Ze hebben bij @Joop_nl duidelijk niet naar Rowan Atkinson geluisterd.
11 Aug, 11:16 AM UTC
Mr Bean thinks Boris Johnson's burka joke was funny and he shouldn't apologise via @MetroUK
11 Aug, 11:42 AM UTC
Rowan Atkinson defends Boris Johnson over burka comments
11 Aug, 11:45 AM UTC
Anthony White
@Sc_Meerkat @ContrarianHail @toadmeister @Fox_Claire @BorisJohnson Comedian - Rowan Atkinson. Politician - Boris Johnson.
11 Aug, 11:42 AM UTC
Martin Foote
If Rowan Atkinson is such an expert on good jokes he should have put some in the first series of Blackadder.
11 Aug, 11:39 AM UTC

See top twitter trends from United Kingdom.

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