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Rohan Kon
Listen to what this agency worker has to say about breaking Royal Mail @CWUnews picket lines 👇 https://t.co/FPFWGP7Jh5
24 Nov, 12:47 PM UTC
Ragged Trousered Philanderer
You know the country is f*cked when a parking space earns more than a postie working for Royal Mail. https://t.co/xqMbyMKvhX
24 Nov, 12:26 PM UTC
Ragged Trousered Philanderer
Solidarity with Royal Mail workers taking industrial action ✊ https://t.co/1aMvgs9d5l
24 Nov, 12:22 PM UTC
EXCLUSIVE: Royal Mail's £2bn to shareholders as it refuses staff decent pay rise and plans jobs axe https://t.co/YkEh6DxKB7 #StandByYourPost
25 Nov, 07:15 AM UTC
General Secretary @DaveWardGS completely exposing Royal Mail Group on GB News this morning #StandByYourPost @CWUnews's photo on Royal Mail
25 Nov, 07:47 AM UTC
Richard Burgon MP
Today 115,000 postal workers began two more days of strikes. They're not only striking against pay cuts. They're not only striking against job losses & worse conditions. They're striking against attempts to end Royal Mail as we know it. Solidarity @CWUnews #StandByYourPost
24 Nov, 06:43 PM UTC
Dave Ward
If you care about your postie, you will support the Royal Mail strike | Me for @Independent | https://t.co/3WilbVqfz4 #StandByYourPost
24 Nov, 01:25 PM UTC
Kevin Maguire
First Class Disgrace Today’s @DailyMirror front page contrasts unfavourably the privatised Royal Mail’s skinflint, harsh treatment of posties with mega windfalls for speculators and high pay at the top. @Kevin_Maguire's photo on Royal Mail
25 Nov, 08:57 AM UTC
sandieshoes 🇬🇧🇺🇸
How can a company ( Royal Mail) go from delivering 20 billion letters a day in 2004 to 2005 to eight billion now.. not expect to change its business model.
25 Nov, 08:09 AM UTC
Tommy Gribbin
I hope the Royal Mail strike doesn't hinder Post going into Grhaham Brady's letterbox.
25 Nov, 08:55 AM UTC
Peace & Justice Project
Whilst our posties face a real terms pay cut and job losses, Royal Mail bosses have handed themselves £2bn since privatisation in 2015. Disgraceful. We stand with you @CWUnews ✊ #StandByYourPost https://t.co/SHq5Pz7MnE
25 Nov, 07:46 AM UTC
CWU Ireland
CWU extends its solidarity to our sister union in the UK in its dispute with Royal Mail. We congratulate their leadership, professional campaign and unwavering support of members in the struggle to have a negotiated settlement. @CWUnews
24 Nov, 12:18 PM UTC
Richard Burgon MP
Visiting the Harehills Royal Mail Delivery Office picket line to support East Leeds posties on strike not only against pay cuts, but against job losses and attacks on terms and conditions too. Plenty of support for our posties from the public going past. Solidarity @CWUnews! @RichardBurgon's photo on Royal Mail
25 Nov, 10:06 AM UTC
GB News
'They want to turn Royal Mail into just another parcel courier and we're not going to accept that. This is an important part of the UK's infrastructure.' General Secretary of the Communication Workers Union, Dave Ward, explains why 115,000 postal workers are striking. @GBNEWS's photo on Royal Mail
25 Nov, 08:07 AM UTC
Connor Gurney (he/him)
It was a privilege to talk to striking Royal Mail workers at my local delivery office early this morning. They’ve been shafted by this Government and deserve so much better. So many of us stand with you, @CWUNews! Solidarity — today, tomorrow and forever. ✊ #StandByYourPost
25 Nov, 10:03 AM UTC
Dave Ward
Royal Mail Group CEO Simon Thompson has declared war on his own staff and is attempting to destroy our members mental health. It’s sickening. #StandByYourPost https://t.co/0QQRSqUHdP
25 Nov, 09:53 AM UTC
Show solidarity with striking posties today! Royal Mail has announced profits of £758 million, but workers have been saddled with a 2% pay deal. 120,000 postal workers are taking action. Join them! @CWUnews #StandByYourPost https://t.co/WlGE4OHL1h
25 Nov, 08:36 AM UTC
Alex Cunningham MP
Good to meet with local posties as they strike for better pay, terms & conditions. Royal Mail says they can't afford to pay more but have dished out £ms to shareholders - and have threatened 10,000 job cuts. Time for Royal Mail to engage with @CWUnews properly. @ClevelandAmal @ACunninghamMP's photo on Royal Mail
25 Nov, 10:26 AM UTC
Chris Webb
This morning before work I joined CWU members in Rochdale on their picket line to show my support and solidarity as a fellow CWU member in their current Royal Mail dispute. #Solidarity ✊ @CWUnews @DaveWardGS https://t.co/bqnOOE6cfP
25 Nov, 09:59 AM UTC
Graham Hiscott
Royal Mail's £2bn to shareholders as it refuses staff pay rise and plans job axe https://t.co/JBB9utTu0Q
25 Nov, 09:17 AM UTC
Cllr Jack Hemingway
Paying billions to shareholders while laying off hard working posties, Royal Mail is a complete disgrace. The Tory-Lib privatisation has been a disaster, undersold and now racing to the bottom on pay and jobs. Workers before shareholders. #StandByYourPost https://t.co/TKqTvySc6Z
25 Nov, 10:36 AM UTC
#SimonThompson chief exec of the #RoyalMail , the man who cost us 37 Billion over the #trackandtrace scam Took another £ 750,000 of our cash as a bonus for ruining the Royal Mail #vichy #shill #worthlessactor SUPPORT YOUR POSTIE NOT THE LAZY LIARS WHO ARE KILLING OUR NATION
25 Nov, 10:44 AM UTC
Royal Mail are on Strike Great 🙄 just pay them
25 Nov, 10:44 AM UTC
ROYAL MAIL ROCHDALE https://t.co/vr5o7STl9Z
24 Nov, 08:04 PM UTC
James IS ON STRIKE Greenwood-Reeves
Royal Mail bringing in precarious agency workers, under false pretences, to undermine their workers' demands for fair pay and working conditions? Good on him, for refusing to cross the picket. https://t.co/tmj8NwLqj8
25 Nov, 10:39 AM UTC
Retro Nerd
@cdtplug @SkyNews @theRCN There’s a lot more workers than CEOs. If Royal Mail pay what’s asked others would have to. Think before you tweet twatwaffle.
25 Nov, 10:45 AM UTC
Sir Muppet of Smegg
lol there's a point. tories don't like government interventionism... SO STOP INTERVENING AND SELLING PUBLIC SERVICES LIKE ROYAL MAIL FOR A LOSS.. ??? #jeremyvine #55TuftonStreet #TettOffensive
25 Nov, 10:45 AM UTC
エミー ♡ 𝘦𝘮𝘮𝘺! サポート金井 柚那 ルージュブック!
i'm so sure royal mail has lost one of my parcels, it's the worst time of year to send parcels because of christmas 🥺 make sure to always get tracking if you use them! this is the first time they've lost a parcel for me.
25 Nov, 10:45 AM UTC
UCB News
Continuing industrial action from Royal Mail staff is expected to impact #BlackFriday deliveries. Around two and a half million students face a second day of disruption as thousands of university staff are on strike again. https://t.co/URtXvhXagm
25 Nov, 10:45 AM UTC
Z Kingdom
eBay Royal Mail and Parcelforce Protections https://t.co/XsT7lRt3kP
25 Nov, 10:44 AM UTC