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Leonor Rivera when she found out Jose Rizal wrote letters to other girls too. #rp612fic @chingoals's photo on #rp612fic
11 Jun, 04:57 PM UTC
"I can show you the world, shining, shimmering, splendid..." #rp612fic @imcrystalliZEDD's photo on #rp612fic
12 Jun, 12:28 AM UTC
Actual video of Mt. Mayon as it walks from Albay to Naga, according to Miss Mocha Uson #rp612fic @itsjojojhonas's photo on #rp612fic
11 Jun, 11:07 PM UTC
Ivanvs Iustinvs
DepED AP textbooks be like: #rp612fic @IvanvsEtNobilis's photo on #rp612fic
11 Jun, 04:31 PM UTC
α΄„Κœα΄€α΄ΚπŸ’ ʏᴏᴏɴᴍΙͺΙ΄
Filipinos National heroes Trying to On their grave Explain why they Celebrate independence day through memes #rp612fic https://t.co/KVDAFCAk3w
12 Jun, 12:53 AM UTC
Justine Danielle #LabanBayan
simoun revealing his basilio who true identity and doesn’t know explaining his plan how to break to rescue maria clara the news about her death #rp612fic https://t.co/4FPs4TCyz9
11 Jun, 04:51 PM UTC
Kenneth V.
El Filibusterismo : Ang Piging Chapter 35 before the explosion. #Rp612fic @31kenetCabinet's photo on #rp612fic
11 Jun, 01:29 PM UTC
BREAKING: Jose Rizal's Facebook messenger hacked on Independence Day celebration. #rp612fic https://t.co/8Y4pJbTUtw
12 Jun, 02:04 AM UTC
Alias at Salome
#RP612fic When the Philippines is being invaded by one Invader to another @isaiahgabriel28's photo on #rp612fic
11 Jun, 05:29 PM UTC
𝒍 𝐞 𝐦 πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ
Our country's national bird, the Philippine Eagle #rp612fic @lemuelhyung's photo on #rp612fic
11 Jun, 04:02 PM UTC
Ivan the Terrible πŸ”ͺ
Nobody: Isagani: #rp612fic @GerardIvanTot's photo on #rp612fic
11 Jun, 04:49 PM UTC
Rizal's friends to his mother: #rp612fic @aaaronjp's photo on #rp612fic
12 Jun, 01:00 AM UTC
lapu-lapu at the battle of mactan #rp612fic @angkas's photo on #rp612fic
12 Jun, 01:24 AM UTC
A rare photo of GOMBURZABUNDA #rp612fic @_jasonique's photo on #rp612fic
11 Jun, 11:31 PM UTC
Mabuhay, Pilipinas! πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­
A comparisson picture of the 1916 Senate (Digitally Restored) and the 2019 Senate (HD Camera) #rp612fic https://t.co/LKvspmpMiP
12 Jun, 01:00 AM UTC
jv | #ResistTogetherβœŠπŸ»πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ
Spain, America, and Japan knowing they all fucked the Philippines up #rp612fic @jvcabrera_'s photo on #rp612fic
11 Jun, 04:53 PM UTC
Josephine Bracken vs. Rizal's exes #rp612fic https://t.co/45lmxAhOjg
11 Jun, 07:33 PM UTC
Jai Cabajardashian
"Blackpink is the revolution" -Katipuneros #rp612fic
11 Jun, 04:59 PM UTC
Netflix Philippines
Rizal: To All The Girls I Loved Before. #RP612Fic https://t.co/OvM42paZR4
12 Jun, 01:59 AM UTC
Josephine Bracken to Rizal’s ex-girlfriends: β€œAko Legal Wife” #rp612fic https://t.co/GmopmzFUct
12 Jun, 12:24 AM UTC
jv | #ResistTogetherβœŠπŸ»πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ
Spain introducing Christianity to the Philippines #rp612fic @jvcabrera_'s photo on #rp612fic
11 Jun, 05:50 PM UTC
γ…€ γ…€ γ…€ ㅀ𝙑𝙖𝙨 π™«π™žπ™§π™œπ™šπ™£π™šπ™¨
fine katipuneras line up as they audition for "Katipunans Next Top model" #RP612Fic @yungkashe's photo on #rp612fic
12 Jun, 01:13 AM UTC
Frances Ogilvie
In this episode of Keeping Up with the Katipuneras... #rp612fic @fceogilvie's photo on #rp612fic
11 Jun, 04:06 PM UTC
A long-lost section of the Doctrina Cristiana En Lengua Tagala has just been unearthed. It reads: "Suerte me mo cun mapagbibiguian Yngatan mo an pag-ibig nan Isan cacaibabe Cacaibabe Cacaibabe." #RP612Fic
11 Jun, 06:28 PM UTC
Cassie Mondragon
The Bataan Death March #rp612fic https://t.co/jafGBlPKZg
11 Jun, 06:23 PM UTC
Masterjayp β—’ β—€
High school students after reading Noli Me TΓ‘ngere and El Filibusterismo. #RP612fic @JPPunlocked's photo on #rp612fic
11 Jun, 04:08 PM UTC
head akgae of the queensguard
Actual Footage of General Gregorio Goyo Del Pilar fighting off the American troops during the Battle of Tirad Pass (circa 1899) #rp612fic @thecaincass's photo on #rp612fic
11 Jun, 04:01 PM UTC
salazar family portrait. - grace - teddie - bobbie - alex - gabbie - cj #rp612fic @liamadriano's photo on #rp612fic
11 Jun, 06:03 PM UTC
A rare photo of Daniela and Romina Mondragon refusing to look at the camera cuz they hate each other. #rp612fic @ParkYanie13's photo on #rp612fic
11 Jun, 01:51 PM UTC
Netflix Philippines
I guess she’ll always be his maybe. #RP612Fic @Netflix_PH's photo on #rp612fic
12 Jun, 01:59 AM UTC
kΕ«rt πŸ‡
Happy Independence Day!! #RP612fic https://t.co/oLHWiTzCX6
12 Jun, 01:46 AM UTC
Rare photo of a young Katipunero intruding the gate of Spaniards asking them to leave the Philippines. (1896, 1am) #rp612fic @tonklinton's photo on #rp612fic
12 Jun, 01:28 AM UTC
Choose your fighter #rp612fic https://t.co/4AbSY4ARuX
11 Jun, 04:03 PM UTC
rare picture of blackpink during spaniards colonial era. truly indeed they are the revolution. #rp612fic @nikodizon_'s photo on #rp612fic
11 Jun, 11:21 PM UTC
Padre Gomez, Burgos, and Zamora in the afterlife knowing they ingnited the fire of nationalism among the Filipinos #rp612fic @chrisdomingoo's photo on #rp612fic
11 Jun, 04:44 PM UTC
Pope John Pug II
My mother was hugging me as we weather the leveling of Manila by American bombs. I thought I was going deaf because of the sudden silence. I peered thru our barred window and saw a huge shadow in the sky. Bakunawa came to eat these inferior, man-made suns. #RP612Fic
11 Jun, 06:25 PM UTC
josephine bracken when asked about jose rizal’s exes #rp612fic @lancerpapi's photo on #rp612fic
11 Jun, 04:19 PM UTC
A rare photo of a fearless katipunera who fought for her country against the spaniards. #rp612fic @dndnttnlp's photo on #rp612fic
11 Jun, 04:54 PM UTC
SπŸ…±eve Goatman
#rp612fic Mabini wheeling into the president's office at 3am saying that these Americans cannot Emilio be trusted Aguinaldo https://t.co/KOaqikadKq
11 Jun, 08:57 PM UTC
user jose rizal's social media serye catches nationwide attention! #rp612fic https://t.co/cApZLr8Wih
12 Jun, 03:02 AM UTC
Shanti Doc πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ πŸ₯
Simoun when he planned to kill the elite with his lampara #rp612fic @urgeeel's photo on #rp612fic
11 Jun, 12:53 PM UTC
A photo of Spanish arrival in the Philippines in 1521. #rp612fic @richardzxneil's photo on #rp612fic
11 Jun, 04:13 PM UTC
A rare photo of Gabriela Silang, the first female revolutionary leader, and her men as they get ready to fight for independence against the Spanish government. #rp612fic @aintyourbeetch's photo on #rp612fic
12 Jun, 04:35 AM UTC
Rare photo of the first batch of auditionees for Idol Philippines. (ONLY TO GET THE MOST WTF COMMENTS FROM YOU KNOW WHO) #rp612fic @PHjoke's photo on #rp612fic
12 Jun, 01:56 AM UTC
b tris
#rp612fic thats just how himagsikan works @doodleweb45's photo on #rp612fic
11 Jun, 03:51 PM UTC
#rp612fic | unseen pictures of some revolutionary filipinas at the cry of pugad lawin. https://t.co/kQA1VTyfKn
12 Jun, 01:26 AM UTC
bonifacio questioning the results of the tejeros convention. #rp612fic https://t.co/0fq6bsLkLA
12 Jun, 03:23 AM UTC
˗ˏˋ 𝒔𝒉𝒆𝒏 𝒍𝒐𝒗𝒆𝒔 π’šπ’‚π’π’ˆπ’šπ’‚π’π’ˆ Β΄ΛŽΛ—
A rare photo of NCT U's Taeil, Jaehyun and Doyoung after performing Without You in Inkigayo. #rp612fic https://t.co/jO0PdHNPmp
12 Jun, 02:02 AM UTC
micah #StandWithTheLumad
Spoliarium, Juan Luna. (Colorized, 1884) #rp612fic https://t.co/HFhWmwzC45
12 Jun, 07:11 AM UTC
ODAmbass ( πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ )
actual image of Lapu Lapu killing Magellan on the Battle of Mactan #rp612fic https://t.co/7KBJVAcALt
12 Jun, 12:28 AM UTC
grayeving again
Rare video of a katipunera turning into an iconic superheroine. #rp612fic https://t.co/rUdWoUexQe
12 Jun, 02:25 AM UTC
I wish this was #rp612fic but police playing kpop, a foreign song, to drown the sound of their own kababayan during independence day is a reality https://t.co/g6XO3uACbn
12 Jun, 03:30 AM UTC
nel | #Feitoverse🌌
rare photo of a filipina fighting spanish molesters at night (circa 1848) #rp612fic #MNL48 https://t.co/qZJegIZFKP
11 Jun, 04:37 PM UTC
spaniards upon learning about rizal's noli me tangere and el filibusterismo #rp612fic https://t.co/wY21I9syAG
12 Jun, 06:11 AM UTC
froustmourne hungers
Emilio Aguinaldo overhearing the cries of the women and children after the assassination of heneral luna: #rp612fic #rp612 https://t.co/tl25Cc7qvm
12 Jun, 05:27 AM UTC
Low-key fan
Gabbriella Silang as a MNL48 member #MNL48Gabb #rp612fic https://t.co/5MOZ15TmcX
11 Jun, 07:20 PM UTC
Crystal Jobli
A rare photo of zild serenading shanne dandan, with blaster and badjao. #rp612fic https://t.co/t0mqvRCmxe
12 Jun, 03:34 AM UTC
archived photos of iKONICs who are ready for battle against Dispatch, SBS, allkpop, Koreaboo, Soompi and OH_mes2 #rp612fic https://t.co/AQzZgDuI1V
12 Jun, 06:47 AM UTC
Due to high and popular demand, the new episode of HTGAWM has been released. #rp612fic https://t.co/LYNC9MbGoP
12 Jun, 08:49 AM UTC
Un philippin
Manuscripts, personal effects, and other items of great historical value are safe in state custody and publicly accessible, well away from acquisitive, wealth-signaling, status-seeking collectors. #rp612fic
12 Jun, 03:13 AM UTC
allΓ©n πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ
unseen footage of a pre-colonial mangkukulam casting a curse: #rp612fic https://t.co/nbUhn9XgQ8
12 Jun, 09:31 AM UTC
Grand Magus
Crispin and Basilio's last moment together. #rp612fic https://t.co/pbEdfu8tNo
12 Jun, 09:31 AM UTC
Classic Stolen Pose from Dalagang Filipinas #rp612fic https://t.co/93FETFbofP
12 Jun, 09:31 AM UTC
Fitz Villafuerte
Katipuneros line up for the JCo Buy 1 Take 1 promo, circa 1898 Freedom is life, but donuts are lifer. #RP612Fic @brodfitz's photo on #rp612fic
12 Jun, 09:31 AM UTC
Ang Biyaherong Fanboy
The ultimate legacy of freedom. Maligayang araw ng kalayaan, Pilipinas! #rp612fic https://t.co/PzfyLA7q0v
12 Jun, 09:31 AM UTC