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YourRAGE First Account
Niggas went 2-3 years hating Russ for absolutely no reason
24 Jul, 04:16 PM UTC
B/R Gridiron
Russ and Ciara welcome Win Harrison Wilson to the family ❤️ (via @DangeRussWilson) @brgridiron's photo on Russ
24 Jul, 05:54 PM UTC
Bleacher Report
Russ too smooth with it 😤 @BleacherReport's photo on Russ
24 Jul, 11:44 PM UTC
YOSHI! Tsutsugo gets his first Major League hit by sending this ball to the seats! @draysbay's photo on Russ
25 Jul, 12:29 AM UTC
$asha Banks
Getting HANDED a title does not make you a Champion.... taking it does! @WWEAsuka #ScrewYouBecky #ThankYouVince #SmackDown #RAW @SashaBanksWWE's photo on Russ
25 Jul, 12:55 AM UTC
Russ with the smooth finish 🔥 @ESPNNBA's photo on Russ
24 Jul, 11:53 PM UTC
Hoop Central
Russell Westbrook coast to coast🔥 Russ makes this finish look so smooth
25 Jul, 12:24 AM UTC
Houston Rockets
🗣🗣🗣 #WholeNewGame @HoustonRockets's photo on Russ
25 Jul, 12:35 AM UTC
Kendrick Perkins
Russ and Vanvleet just picked up a double Technical...I’m here for it got Damn it!!!
25 Jul, 12:13 AM UTC
I really did miss Russ. (via @BleacherReport) @SLAMonline's photo on Russ
24 Jul, 11:43 PM UTC
Bobble☆Hat ✿ BLM
Oh??? Genderbent????
24 Jul, 10:46 AM UTC
Alykhan Bijani
Expect to see this play with Jeff Green often. This is out of 'Delay' series. You can tell it is by the type of screen House sets. #Rockets see Green as a small-ball 5 and someone who can provide vertical spacing. He can pop to the perimeter or roll to the rim like on this play. @Rockets_Insider's photo on Russ
24 Jul, 11:59 PM UTC
This is championship defense I’m seeing you can’t tell me otherwise
24 Jul, 11:53 PM UTC
Russ bringing the jelly to the bubble. 🍇 🎥: @HoHighlights on IG @SLAMonlineph's photo on Russ
25 Jul, 12:39 AM UTC
Dame sucked nothing Tatum sucked nothing But Russ has 10 points and 9 rebounds and gets hated like it’s game 7 of playoffs I hate it here
25 Jul, 12:54 AM UTC
And Russ averaged 31 and 10 and folks disrespect my dawg. (Not even mentioning the rebounds) but 30 and 10 is INSANE
24 Jul, 06:51 PM UTC

"Dame has bad game" crickets "Tatum with 3 points" crickets "Russ has bad game" - "WESTBRICK LMAO" "Not a top 10 pg" "1st round exit"
25 Jul, 01:01 AM UTC
Kobe’s GOAT
Wait we really still thinking Kyrie > Russ What is Kyrie better than Russ at other than shooting Russ is a better scorer Playmaker defender rebounder
25 Jul, 12:59 AM UTC
Michelle Filmore
@DangeRussWilson @ciara The JOY on Russ’ face! Congrats
25 Jul, 12:58 AM UTC
im 6'1 please date me
@K8rlo 5. Curry Dame Wall Russ Kyrie
25 Jul, 01:03 AM UTC
T2 🤘🏾
No Russ second half No Austin I’m liking what I’m seeing small sample size of some greatness
25 Jul, 01:02 AM UTC

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