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Bleacher Report
Shai’s been on a tear lately 🔥 SGA’s last seven games: 42 PTS | 8 REB | 4 AST 27 PTS | 2 REB | 5 AST 31 PTS | 4 REB | 9 AST 16 PTS | 4 REB | 5 AST 22 PTS | 3 REB | 6 AST 29 PTS | 7 REB | 10 AST 31 PTS | 9 REB | 7 AST Age 22. Future is bright. @BleacherReport's photo on Russ
25 Feb, 07:38 PM UTC
Erica Werner
Forgetting or pretending not to know someone's name is one of Pelosi's fave shade moves (in this case Ron Johnson aka Don Johnson) She never could remember Russ Vought's name, or Steve King's, to name a couple
25 Feb, 04:15 PM UTC
El Negrin de Boka
Cuando le preguntan a Javi Garcia como llego a Boca : @NegrinBoka's photo on Russ
25 Feb, 07:45 PM UTC
Connor Rogers
“Want your 1st round picks back for Russ?” -Joe Douglas, hopefully's photo on Russ
25 Feb, 03:39 PM UTC
Warren Sharp
Pete Carroll’s response to Russ naming trade destinations @SharpFootball's photo on Russ
25 Feb, 07:04 PM UTC
Artūras Karnišovas Fan Club
@DanGrazianoESPN He desires to play in Chicago with Russ in the first dual QB system
25 Feb, 08:09 PM UTC
jovem senhora
@XaropStyles Igual aquele ep de friends que a Rachel namora o Russ
25 Feb, 11:29 PM UTC
Jeff Cavanaugh
A team trading for Russ gets him at 3 years and $70 million. It’s obviously goofy talk but I’d go Dak and #10 to get that and I love me some Dak. Sorry @BobbyBeltTX @JC1053's photo on Russ
25 Feb, 07:19 PM UTC
Dave Sturchio
I want Dak Prescott over Russ. Can’t change my mind.
25 Feb, 07:28 PM UTC
The Real Reason Why Russ Wants Outta Seattle and the West...
25 Feb, 03:30 PM UTC
Connor Livesay
I’d 100% rather pay Dak all the money in the world than trade for Russ. BUTTTT Russ is one of two quarterbacks that if they replace Dak with Russ I wouldn’t be but so upset. Still, pay Dak.
25 Feb, 08:28 PM UTC
Vic Tafur
Dak and Derek texting Russ right now. “Bro ...”
25 Feb, 07:11 PM UTC
If I was Seahawks owner I’d fire Pete Carroll today and ask Russ who he wants the next head coach to be.
25 Feb, 08:10 PM UTC
Robert Schmitz
Can you IMAGINE Russ in Nagy's offense?? 😤😤😤
25 Feb, 08:32 PM UTC
Tim Najewski
@WaddleandSilvy Schefty just said it ‘bears’ watching with Russ. Basically just confirmed Wilson to Chicago IMO
25 Feb, 10:11 PM UTC
Not Robert Griffin
A little magic trick for you Russ
25 Feb, 07:13 PM UTC
I hope the Dolphins trade that number 3 pick for Russ. Seahawks ain’t taking Chase
25 Feb, 03:54 PM UTC
Colby Enebrad
As a Seahawks fan, anyone who says they’d keep Pete over Russ is an idiot
25 Feb, 08:33 PM UTC
Nickell Alexander-Walker fan account
Going from Drew’s “Kill Kill” to Russ’ “Alert Alert, Alert Alert” >>>>
25 Feb, 09:30 PM UTC
// here you go, more russ pictures
26 Feb, 12:28 AM UTC
Russ prefers Chicago over Miami. Ballard already traded for Wentz. Draft Twitter must be big mad right now 😂
26 Feb, 12:29 AM UTC
Jon Gruden is a joke!
One of the roads that touches allegiant stadium in Vegas is Russell Road. Russ to Vegas confirmed.
26 Feb, 12:28 AM UTC
@JwmesMac @swicatsides @TaylorRooks I was actually talking about the other, other number 12, Big Russ!
26 Feb, 12:29 AM UTC
UV(Her Violetness)
@jodeci_back2 Omg scrollin real fast I was like why is Russ saying that abt a fan lol. U really look like him!
26 Feb, 12:26 AM UTC
Dr. Chuck
FREE #NBA prop tonight @SM_Free_Plays as we keep rolling! Russ @WashWizards Over 20 Rebounds+Assists v. @nuggets BOL if you tail...also check us out 🔥🔥 @sportsmemo - @WagerTalk @TROTWAM @WIsportsFan_4L @SkeeProfit
26 Feb, 12:25 AM UTC
Russ signs a massive deal and then complains that there is no talent around him. GTFOH Russ
26 Feb, 12:30 AM UTC
Jeremy Schroder
@chucko24 @TheBGustafson @jtheaps9 You're right, Wilson was definitely underwhelming in the loss to the Rams. Agree Cowboys game was a disaster from game plan perspective. Russ needs more accountability though.
26 Feb, 12:30 AM UTC

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