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Vince Z. Mercogliano
Ryan Reaves said it’s “a parallel universe” with him getting two assists and Laffy fighting. #NYR
25 Nov, 03:25 AM UTC
Get a load of the mitts on Ryan Reaves (@reavo7five)! @NHL's photo on Ryan Reaves
25 Nov, 02:48 AM UTC
Mollie Walker
#NYR Ryan Reaves said he was going to saran wrap his hands after the two assists he had tonight. “I’m trying not to touch anything, I’m like Ricky Bobby, I don’t know what to do with my hands.”
25 Nov, 03:32 AM UTC
Ryan Mead
Open Invitation: Ryan Reaves can come to Thanksgiving at my house.
25 Nov, 02:40 AM UTC
Mollie Walker
FINAL - #NYR 4, #Isles 1 Rangers handily defeat a minor-league version of the Islanders. Two goals for Kevin Rooney, two goals for Chris Kreider, two assists for Ryan Reaves, a fight for Alexis Lafreniere & a partridge in a pear tree.
25 Nov, 03:11 AM UTC
NYR Stats & Info
In his 701st career NHL game, Ryan Reaves records his third career multi-point game (2A) and first since Jan. 2, 2018 (w/PIT at PHI). @NYRStatsInfo's photo on Ryan Reaves
25 Nov, 02:44 AM UTC
Forever Blueshirts
Aside from Ryan Reaves having two assists in the game…has anyone noticed the #Isles Matt Martin or Cal Clutterbuck tonight? Yeah…#ReavesEffect
25 Nov, 02:41 AM UTC
Tyler McGillick
Where were you the night Ryan Reaves dangled and relegated the Islanders to the AHL?
25 Nov, 02:39 AM UTC
Vince Z. Mercogliano
Ryan Reaves with some nifty work to set up Rooney for his second of the game to push the lead back to 3-1. How about the hands on Reavo? #NYR
25 Nov, 02:37 AM UTC
Rangers Videos
"It's like we're in the movie Interstellar, a parallel universe, I don't know what was going on" 🤣 - Ryan Reaves on seeing Adam Fox and Alexis Lafrenière get into fights tonight @SNYRangers's photo on Ryan Reaves
25 Nov, 04:06 AM UTC
Rangers Videos
Ryan Reaves assessment of Alexis Lafrenière's fighting skills? "He didn't get punched, that's a win for me" @SNYRangers's photo on Ryan Reaves
25 Nov, 04:11 AM UTC
Rangers Videos
Ryan Reaves is going to protect his hands after his assist on Kevin Rooney's second goal tonight 🤣 "I'm gonna saran warp these, I'm trying not to touch anything. I'm like Ricky Bobby, I don't know what to do with my hands right now" @SNYRangers's photo on Ryan Reaves
25 Nov, 04:14 AM UTC
eleni 👍🏼
How The New York Rangers Rebuilt Ryan Reaves
25 Nov, 02:40 AM UTC
@CSnarfield @ksupran_ @NYRangers Your defenseman got dangled by ryan reaves 0_0
25 Nov, 04:19 AM UTC
Steve Brudzynski
Ryan Reaves man of the people
25 Nov, 04:06 AM UTC
@IslesGirl3 Ahl players should be able to stop barclay GOODROW and Ryan reaves from beating your team but I did have fun. Also bagels were pretty fire ngl
25 Nov, 05:13 AM UTC
@based_shesty Matt Martin just Ryan reaves without a stick in the hockey hall of fame
25 Nov, 05:11 AM UTC
I forgot to give a shoutout to Ryan Reaves tonight
25 Nov, 05:00 AM UTC
@SammmyStern Ryan reaves... good plair
25 Nov, 04:46 AM UTC
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https://t.co/fewzgrhnaz New York Rangers Defensemen Ryan Reaves answers questions from the media following the Nov. 24th game vs. the New York Islanders. » Subscribe to the NYR https://t.co/RCVQkGvH3I https://t.co/fewzgrhnaz
25 Nov, 04:40 AM UTC
Ryan Reaves: First two-assist game in over 700 https://t.co/jZxawvunpG
25 Nov, 04:36 AM UTC
Stephen #Shesterkin4Vezina (12-4-3)
@Carlos55YB @Laf4MVP @NYRangers Ryan Reaves owns your shit franchise https://t.co/e97CbPiZg5
25 Nov, 04:31 AM UTC
Chris Tropeano
@ERostern @NYIslanders That’s not a good enough excuse for letting Ryan reaves score not 1 but 2 points against you.
25 Nov, 04:21 AM UTC
Chris Tropeano
@igotislanders @SalRezolve @NYIslanders That’s not an excuse to let Ryan reaves get 2 points against you.😂
25 Nov, 04:18 AM UTC
Chris Bello
@Michael_ASzabo Some stellar fourth line play as well. Ryan Reaves has been debatably the best pick up of the off season.
25 Nov, 04:03 AM UTC