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Jackson Wang
The pre-order of #MAGICMAN global album is up. There’s 3 versions total. . Could get 3 versions in one package. OR Could get them individually too. (would have to scroll down to the very bottom and see it at the related albums) . I will show u guys how to do it in a video 😞
23 Sep, 09:43 AM UTC
突然捨てられたゆんゆんの気持ち 貴方は分かりますか? 炎天下の中、水なしで 中で死んでいたら1歳になれなかったよ 来年はうさぎ年のSALEに惑わされるな https://t.co/iVtTdpXIUm
22 Sep, 03:23 PM UTC
Cortes Cazé
“sou surdo e faço leitura labial” Casimiro: f i l h o d a p u t a , m e n t i r o s o, tu está lendo essa porra? 🤣 https://t.co/EiEAIwE9az
22 Sep, 10:00 PM UTC
Flavio Bolsonaro #B22
Será que teremos: “Nicarágua “erra” e corta o sinal da CNN no país” A esquerda é cruel no mundo inteiro, no Brasil, se o ex-presidiário ganhar, não vai ser diferente. @FlavioBolsonaro's photo on S.E.M
22 Sep, 04:41 PM UTC
U N L E A S H M E @abadon_AEW's photo on S.E.M
22 Sep, 08:19 PM UTC
Eliabe Nascimento 🇧🇷2️⃣2️⃣🇧🇷™️💪🏼
Recebi esse vídeo do meu pai, foi hoje, agora a noite 22/Set/2022 - Motociata gigantesca em Tefé no Amazonas é @jairbolsonaro Presidente 👉🏼 22 e Coronel Menezes Senador 👉🏼 222 🪖🇧🇷 #BolsonaroNoPrimeiroTurno22 #CapitaoNoPrimeiroTurno https://t.co/5B88wyuNXh
23 Sep, 02:57 AM UTC
Emilia 🇨🇱 ☀️
Y sigue pelando a Chile ¡es una vergüenza de Presidente! Allá puede mentir pero acá ya nadie le cree por eso perdió por un 62% #AcusacionConstitucionalBoric https://t.co/ViUbZIBbXm
23 Sep, 01:16 AM UTC
2023'e giderken seçmeni ikna etmeye çalışan t e m s i l i MUHALEFET tavrı https://t.co/rp8zxHKKqJ
23 Sep, 08:56 AM UTC
Reasons to join kitten’s slut site… Reason One - All natural posh Brit with E cup tits! Reason Two - Over 2500 x-rated vids and pics to have fun with! Reason Three - Cheap sub price! Reason Four - I’m friendly, kind and kinky! I also do free chats! https://t.co/fCXLeX9CZz
23 Sep, 06:59 AM UTC
Marcel ve como una "oportunidad" el TPP y adelanta que el Gobierno "no se va a oponer" #CooperativaContigo https://t.co/EHzh8QuOkS @Cooperativa's photo on S.E.M
23 Sep, 11:05 AM UTC
🇧🇷 P A R A T U D O Q U E C H E G O U C A M I S E T A S P Á T R I O T A S N O V A S 🇧🇷
23 Sep, 12:06 PM UTC
T a k i p l e ş e l i m mii 🚴
23 Sep, 12:42 PM UTC
横浜ドラスタとS.E.M揃ったー!!!✨✨😭 ありがとうございます!!!🙏✨✨ #SideM生配信 https://t.co/tERfqDTLC6
23 Sep, 11:37 AM UTC
E.B.A.is Mom Bᴬlᴰubᴺation
For today's HT (563) Support all other requests Words ending in Ing,Ion,Ment,LY,IC,En,Ed Es Words starting in C,O,N,T,I,N,U,E to S,U,P,P,O,R,T T,H,E,I,R E,N,D,O,R,S,E,M,E,N,T,S T,O,G,E,T,H,E,R ( For the family) #BOYCOTTMZETxAPTxGMA563 Go go go
23 Sep, 01:09 AM UTC
ひとつの日程にドラスタとS.E.Mを詰めるな高校校歌 ひとつの日にドラスタとS.E.Mを入れるな〜〜 せめて日程分けろ〜〜 キャラ人気もそうだが声優自体の人気も考えろ〜〜〜 嗚呼ちけっとご用意されるはずがない〜 でも声優さん頑張ってキャスティングしてくれてありがとう〜 嗚呼我らプロデューサー〜
23 Sep, 11:51 AM UTC
🌞 𝗗𝗻𝗘 🌛
🐒: Donghae do you have a favorite killing part? 🐯: I don't have it 🐒: What? You don't have any affection to our song?  There's a part that I like in D&E "Zero" song part "Just I'm not in the play" please sing it 🐯: keep singing 🎶 https://t.co/N9kAQA9wNZ
23 Sep, 12:22 PM UTC
いちくま💉💉💉 ☀☔
全員来るか全員来ないかどっちか率がやたら高いS.E.M #SideM生配信
23 Sep, 11:37 AM UTC
Hoorain Yousafzai🇵🇰
There's a mind game going on right now and I'm the master! will defeat them in such a way that they will not be able to get up till 2028. Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf @TeamiPians #ImranKhanOurLifeLine https://t.co/wKryWUZ4d6
23 Sep, 10:57 AM UTC
The Suzanne Blac🦋
I’ve been single for too long and it’s no longer funny . Talking stages wey I don enter this year,if I’m not mistaken,e go don enter like 20.
23 Sep, 08:47 AM UTC
@kkundrra YOU ARE THE ONE WHO POSTED THE STORY YOU ARE THE ONE IN THE MV AND OBVIOUSLY ON THE COVER PAGE AND YDK WHEN ITS GONNA RELEASE WOW!😂😂🤧 woh chote bache hote na bolte mummy se puch ke batata hoon ekdum ditto waise you looked today #KaranKundrra #TejasswiPrakash #TejRan https://t.co/cdZ9EnOps3
23 Sep, 12:44 PM UTC
💚: ❤️ sent me a video of fireworks like "So pretty, isn't it?" 🧑: It's like you two are dating! 😂 💚: Maybe we are? 🤔 "Dating"?! Don't be ridiculous! They're M A R R I E D 😏💚❤️ https://t.co/cR7jaPQkB5
22 Sep, 02:01 PM UTC
Présidence du Niger
Arrivée à #houston en fin d'après-midi du 22 Septembre 2022, le Président de la République S.E.M @mohamedbazoum, a assisté à une réception organisée à son honneur, en marge du Sommet sur l'énergie en Afrique qui débute ce vendredi 23 Septembre 2022 dans la ville texane. @PresidenceNiger's photo on S.E.M
23 Sep, 11:59 AM UTC
gm world! M-I-C, K-E-Y ... M-O-U-S-E is listed .10 ETH reserve https://t.co/UFTHdOOQC3 https://t.co/kJXi5u2gzN
23 Sep, 08:46 AM UTC
E.M. Anderson ✴ preorder REMARKABLE RETIREMENT
Read my latest: “live from the forest, it's e.m. anderson! - in which you may perceive me, a bisexual” https://t.co/ORffCkrqSF
23 Sep, 12:30 PM UTC
La Tercera
📈 @pulso_tw | Mercados se tiñen de rojo ante temores de una posible recesión https://t.co/6W6IbLCekX @latercera's photo on S.E.M
23 Sep, 12:55 PM UTC
Josh Bett 🏀🎙
Y-A-L-L-A H-A-P-O-E-L ❤️🖤🤍 S-P-E-E-D-Y S-M-I-T-H ❤️🖤🤍 Y-A-L-L-A H-A-P-O-E-L ❤️🖤🤍 K-H-A-D-E-E-N ❤️🖤🤍 C-A-R-R-I-N-G-T-O-N❤️🖤🤍 Y-A-L-L-A H-A-P-O-E-L ❤️🖤🤍 L-E-V-I R-A-N-D-O-L-P-H ❤️🖤🤍 Y-A-L-L-A H-A-P-O-E-L ❤️🖤🤍 @WinnerLeague @JerusalemBasket https://t.co/MHv1I7Oqpf
23 Sep, 12:59 PM UTC
🇮🇹 𝔈𝔷𝔦𝔬 𝔄𝔲𝔡𝔦𝔱𝔬𝔯𝔢 𝔡𝔞 𝔉𝔦𝔯𝔢𝔫𝔷𝔢
#Petrarca #23settembre (la crudele ambivalenza di Laura: implacabile durezza e forza ardente) Giunto m’à Amor fra belle et crude braccia, che m’ancidono a torto; et s’io mi doglio, doppia ’l martir; onde pur, com’io soglio, il meglio è ch’io mi mora amando, et taccia: (...) + https://t.co/wYwIWn1T6K
23 Sep, 12:06 PM UTC
@mdrjalnassr @s_e_g_m #النصر #العالمي_طل #الترشيحي #العالمية_صعبة_قوية #الهلال #كبير_اسيا اللى اخترع كلمه مدري بصراحه مدري كيف اشكرك من كل قلبي يالأستثنائي🤔 اجمل من كذا ماشفت🥅😅😎👌🏽 https://t.co/6q1gDLjV28
23 Sep, 10:14 AM UTC
Semakin tinggi pohon semakin terasa kencangnya terpaan angin yang dirasa. Sama halnya dengan manusia, semakin tinggi kualitas diri semakin banyak ujian yang datang bergantian. Maka bertahanlah agar tetap kuat dan berdiri kokoh💫 S E M A N G A T
23 Sep, 10:51 AM UTC