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@FranciaMarquezM Vicepresidenta de Colombia ♥️🇨🇴 @MONYRODRIGUEZOF's photo on Saints
24 Jun, 12:01 AM UTC
Public Reviews On Asharamji Bapu
Directors like Prakash Jha showcase Saints & their Ashrams as places for shenanigans. However, Jha Vs Reality is totally different. The Real Ashram is a Spiritual Hub people yearn to visit, to experience tranquility and imbibe real knowledge. Best example #AsharamjiBapuAshram https://t.co/r9XPrCtvjk
23 Jun, 02:34 AM UTC
AzaadBharat Official
Since decades Bollywood directors are targeting Hindus Holy places & defaming Hindu saints. However, Jha Vs Reality are worlds apart. For experiencing The Real Ashram life, thousands flock to #AsharamjiBapuAshram, a Spiritual Hub, Paragon of Hindu spirituality & serenity. https://t.co/bpFoTKvn3D
23 Jun, 02:43 AM UTC
New Orleans Saints
8️⃣0️⃣ Days till the #Saints regular-season opener! @Saints's photo on Saints
23 Jun, 01:00 PM UTC
Jordan 🏈
Rumors: #Saints star RB Alvin Kamara is bracing for a 6-game suspension from the NFL for the incident that occurred during the pro bowl, per @ProFootballTalk
24 Jun, 12:09 AM UTC
Dhananjay Desai
Directors like Prakash Jha have always portrayed Hindu Saints, Ashrams & Culture in a bad light which is totally opposite to Reality. People know The Real Ashram and get peace in this Spiritual Hub . Everyone needs to be aware of Jha Vs Reality . #AsharamjiBapuAshram https://t.co/UatAlJSy3k
23 Jun, 02:30 AM UTC
#অবিনাশী_কবীৰ_পৰমেশ্বৰ Arrogant and fake saints like Sheikh Taki disrespected & doubted the power of Supreme Lord Kabir Saheb Ji. Later on Sheikh Taki himself suffered immensely because of his Karma/deeds of attempting to hurt Supreme Lord Kabir Saheb Ji. Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj https://t.co/9pH74H95X8
23 Jun, 02:05 AM UTC
Young India Speaks
Since decades #Bollywood directors are targeting Hindus Holy places & defaming #Hindu #saints However,Jha Vs Reality is totally different. @thedeol The Real Ashram is a Spiritual Hub people yearn to visit,to experience tranquility and imbibe real knowledge. #AsharamjiBapuAshram https://t.co/w7RbpPOurb
23 Jun, 11:29 AM UTC
Saints RB Alvin Kamara braces for a suspension of at least six games, eventually, due to a Las Vegas incident occurring on Pro Bowl weekend. https://t.co/DnN1IDfMds
23 Jun, 11:54 PM UTC
Archaeology & Art
Reliquary. Place of origin: Belgium Date: 1250-1300. Medium: Silver parcel gilt. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London. A reliquary is a container for displaying precious relics, consisting of the bones and possessions associated with Christ and the saints. https://t.co/taRwCQfKBV
23 Jun, 05:01 PM UTC
Parveen Mankotia
Jha Vs Reality Prakash Jha has made a web series in which Hindu saints have been portrayed in bad light. After all, how long will Hindus continue to bear the humiliation of their saints? The Real Ashram is a Spiritual Hub like #AsharamjiBapuAshram. https://t.co/XqR9EhwLy4
23 Jun, 02:32 AM UTC
Brij Pal
#AsharamjiBapuAshram is The Real Ashram and Spiritual Hub from where the lives of millions have been elevated on the path of spirituality. Today, in Bollywood films, Hindu religion, saints and ashrams are being defamed by anti Hindu people like Prakash Jha. Jha Vs Reality https://t.co/pRQmQJs6z7
23 Jun, 02:30 AM UTC
💞 Chhaya Meena 💞
Jha Vs Reality 😕 The purpose of Ashram web series is to tarnish only and only Ashrams, Hindu saints.😡☠️ The Real Ashram 👉 #AsharamjiBapuAshram . 🛐🙏😌 Spiritual Hub full of spirituality, not one or two, lakhs of crores of people have experienced self peace by going there. https://t.co/NKezpbcZ7f
23 Jun, 02:31 AM UTC
🕉️Anup bhai bemetata (c.g.)🕉️
Bollywood does not understand that the existence of saints and those who play with culture is destroyed. Bollywood is now in danger. Its result is still being seen. #AsharamjiBapuAshram The Real Ashram Spiritual Hub Jha Vs Reality https://t.co/vnockRbuvY
23 Jun, 02:29 AM UTC
St.Helens R.F.C.
FT: 😇 Saints 42-12 Rhinos 🦏 A BIG two points! #COYS
23 Jun, 09:02 PM UTC
Barstool NOLA
WE ARE 80 DAYS AWAY FROM NEW ORLEANS SAINTS FOOTBALL! A 80 yard Brees Bomb to @TedGinnJr_19 in the 2017 Wild Card game against the Panthers https://t.co/oQjzNY6htj
23 Jun, 04:03 PM UTC
Jimmy Kempski
The Saints were 0-4 in games Kamara missed in 2021. https://t.co/N0nbm4zEK6
24 Jun, 01:29 AM UTC
Introducing "Saints"⚜️ Grinding for T3 Leagues and Upcoming CL Quals Roster: 🃏@FenzR6 🕷️@SpiderR6S 💀@TKxzyy 👿@d9vel 🦦@FocalR6 Happy to get to work with the boys🖤
24 Jun, 01:23 AM UTC
🍃💟ULTRA MAGA Texan💟🌿
🌿Good Night Patriot Saints🌿 C.S. Lewis 🕊🤍✝️We have to be continually reminded of what we believe. Neither this belief nor any other will automatically remain alive in the mind. It must be fed.✝️🤍🕊 Praises 2 our preachers, teachers & those that encourage study of the Bible https://t.co/Gdxtp9Zjbe
24 Jun, 01:25 AM UTC
Dark Art of Miller {💀,🎩,◎}
🔥GM, Auction Today!!!🔥 Saints and Sinners - "Monster?" and DamBlox -"That Dams Cat!" are up for a 24 hr auction 06/23/22 at 6PM CST @exchgART. The will both have a 1 ◎ reserve and a .5 ◎ tick. Good luck everyone. ;) https://t.co/JJ6tk60BtN
23 Jun, 11:05 AM UTC
Saints Athletics
Paige McCormick is set to join the Saints' men’s basketball coaching staff as a graduate assistant coach in August, after accepting an offer from @CoachDowns_SLU! https://t.co/nzZo6BlBTg
23 Jun, 02:58 PM UTC
Jonathan Pageau
Wonderful article by Dr. Mario Baghos. Of Saints and Gorgons: Multivalent Aquatic Symbolism in Late Antique Constantinople: https://t.co/Z63PWU6aNV
23 Jun, 08:03 PM UTC
Rajendra Kumbhat
We elect the corrupt, the criminals, the mafia dons, the extortionists every five years and expect them to become saints after election. How is that possible? We all know they are in the business of politics to make tons of dirty money. We deserve what is happening to us.
24 Jun, 01:22 AM UTC
Sherylalgoria Hoffst
Sing unto the LORD, O ye saints of his, and give thanks at the remembrance of his holiness. Psalm 30 : 4💝 https://t.co/P0l3Jj08Rm
23 Jun, 05:31 PM UTC
Les mots rares
Exégète : n. m. Savant qui se consacre à l’explication et à l’interprétation des livres saints.
24 Jun, 12:34 AM UTC
TJAY Jones
If Kamara is suspended for 6 games or more. The #Saints need to call Cleveland to make a trade for Kareem Hunt. #NFL
24 Jun, 12:25 AM UTC
✴MáNü Přîñçě Mäïnwà✴
We all think that we get what is written in our destiny but it's not true. We can change our fate by following the true guidance of true saints. Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Ji preaches about good & bad karma which decides our fate so you can #ChangeYourFate https://t.co/CHJji1qSXz
24 Jun, 01:37 AM UTC
Ken Fry
How did Christianity appear in England long before the early saints arrived? The clues unravel a story that contradicts what we've been told. 📌 https://t.co/vMFrVhEjti #FREE #Kindleunlimited #Bookboost #IARTG #mystery #archaeological #suspense #histfic #danbrown #BookBangs https://t.co/14kFfsdW5N
23 Jun, 11:46 PM UTC
Well what a day we had yesterday we were invited down to the film set of The Land Of Saints & Sinners 😍 It was an absolute pleasure to meet the cast, crew and the main man himself #LiamNeeson, what a gentleman. May 30, 2022 https://t.co/QmwwzRaYJh
23 Jun, 11:10 PM UTC
True saints incarnate on earth for the sake of mankind.millons of people changed their life completely by the life changing tipes given by Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim ji . If those are implemented in real life. #ChangeYourFate https://t.co/Rhy9aeCNIg
24 Jun, 01:29 AM UTC