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NFL Memes
Live look in as Sam Bradford arrives in Arizona NFL Memes's photo on Sam Bradford
13 Mar, 06:50 PM UTC
Adam Schefter
Sam Bradford intends to sign with Arizona, source tells ESPN.
13 Mar, 06:24 PM UTC
Dan snyder trying to decide wether to give Ndamukong Suh or sam bradford 5 yrs 125 millon PFTCommenter's photo on Sam Bradford
13 Mar, 01:42 PM UTC
Breaking: Sam Bradford intends to sign with the Arizona Cardinals. (via @AdamSchefter) SportsCenter's photo on Sam Bradford
13 Mar, 06:31 PM UTC
Sam Bradford is proof that u too can scrape together a modest living if u study hard eat ur vegtables and manage to allways get injured before you have the opportunty to lose any big playoff games
13 Mar, 07:03 PM UTC
Ian Rapoport
The #AZCardinals are signing QB Sam Bradford to a 1-year deal worth $20M, source said, with an option year at $20M.
13 Mar, 06:38 PM UTC
Adam Schefter
Sam Bradford to Arizona: 1-year for $20M, including $15M guaranteed; 1-year option for $20M, per source.
13 Mar, 06:39 PM UTC
Jimmy Kempski
If Sam Bradford sees the entirety of his $20 million contract, he will have earned $134,084,404 over his career. 34 career wins since he entered the league in 2010, and never more than 7 wins in a season.
13 Mar, 07:01 PM UTC
Adam Schefter
Now that Arizona will land Sam Bradford, it leaves the Jets and Bills still in search of veterans. Veteran QBs available include Teddy Bridgewater, Josh McCown and AJ McCarron.
13 Mar, 06:29 PM UTC
Sam Bradford expected to sign with @AZCardinals: (via @tiffblackmon) NFL's photo on Sam Bradford
13 Mar, 06:36 PM UTC
Eliot Shorr-Parks
QBs I would take over Sam Bradford (#Eagles only edition) ** Carson Wentz ** Nick Foles ** Nate Sudfeld
13 Mar, 06:45 PM UTC
Eric Weddle says no player has been paid more for less than Sam Bradford
13 Mar, 11:55 PM UTC
Eagles Fans🦅 SB Champs
I wish I could work as little as Sam Bradford and get paid as much as he does.
13 Mar, 06:45 PM UTC
David Steele
Jay Cutler, $10M after he announced his retirement Sam Bradford, $20M after missing 14 games Colin Kaepernick, “I’m not sure if he really wants to play football”
13 Mar, 06:46 PM UTC
Niners Nation
Sam Bradford keeps getting paid, Kap can’t get a call. Sounds about right.
13 Mar, 06:38 PM UTC
Andy Ruther
Sam Bradford signs $20 million deal with $15 million guaranteed. In related news a new study shows that CTE is now affecting NFL GMs.
13 Mar, 07:09 PM UTC
Cameron DaSilva
If Sam Bradford makes $20 million with the Cardinals in 2018, his career earnings will sit at $134.1 million. He’s never taken a postseason snap.
13 Mar, 07:14 PM UTC
NFL Update
QB carousel: Kirk Cousins: Vikings Case Keenum: Broncos Sam Bradford: Cardinals Teddy Bridgewater: Jets Tyrod Taylor: Browns Josh McCown: Jets Drew Brees: Saints
14 Mar, 12:19 AM UTC
John Gambadoro
There were two other teams that attempted to sign Sam Bradford. He took less to sign with Arizona.
13 Mar, 08:50 PM UTC
Sam Bradford has 34 career wins and ZERO playoff appearances. He’s made over $114M and now has signed for $20M more. Colin Kaepernick has 28 regular season wins and is 4-2 in the playoffs and teams won’t even look his way. This is a problem.
13 Mar, 06:55 PM UTC
The Greek Sportsbook
Here's a preview of what Sam Bradford will look like behind that Arizona Cardinals offensive line... 😂😂 The Greek Sportsbook's photo on Sam Bradford
13 Mar, 06:37 PM UTC
Denver vs.
At the end of the day, the Broncos signed Case Keenum for an estimated: • $10MM less per season than Kirk Cousins • $7MM less per season than Drew Brees • $2MM less than Sam Bradford • $8MM more than Josh McCown • $Pending: Teddy Bridgewater
13 Mar, 11:05 PM UTC
Cat Lover
DayDreamer #cat #cats #catlover #ilovecat #mycat #funnycat #usacat #cattraining #cattrainer #catlife #catstyle #catmom #cats_of_instagram #funnycats Jordy Nelson Space Force Sevilla Manchester United Malcolm Butler Sam Bradford Packers Josh McCown #TravelTuesday Danny Amendola Cat Lover's photo on Sam Bradford
13 Mar, 10:18 PM UTC
SB Nation NFL
Man, teams really love giving Sam Bradford money, huh
13 Mar, 11:35 PM UTC
Coach Flight
Sam Bradford has finessed the NFL since day one. His agent is the goat
13 Mar, 10:20 PM UTC
Vincent Dellocono
Sam Bradford’s agent could get a team to sign Lieutenant Dan to a 2 year deal as a kicker. #NFLFreeAgency2018 @darrenrovell
13 Mar, 08:35 PM UTC
Dov Kleiman
Never had a 4,000 yard season, never threw for 25 touchdowns in a season, never took a team to the playoffs, never went to the Pro-Bowl=$134 million worth in contracts from #NFL teams and was traded for a first round pick and drafted 1st overall. Sam Bradford, luckiest guy ever?
14 Mar, 12:10 AM UTC
What a diff a season makes Vikings QB’s last season 1.) Case Keenum: Broncos 2.) Sam Bradford: Cardinals 3.) Teddy Bridgewater: Jets Vikings QB this upcoming season 1.) Kirk Cousins #NFLFreeAgency
14 Mar, 12:30 AM UTC
Michael Hauff
Sam Bradford and his agent getting ready to negotiate with the #Cardinals earlier today... #NFLFreeAgency Michael Hauff's photo on Sam Bradford
13 Mar, 11:46 PM UTC
Shawnasaurus Rex
Sam Bradford arriving in Arizona after signing with the @AZCardinals ! 😂😂 #sambradford #AZCardinals #vikings Shawnasaurus Rex's photo on Sam Bradford
13 Mar, 06:59 PM UTC
SONTLive Sports
Jordy Nelson TE Jimmy Graham Malcolm Butler Sam Bradford Kirk Cousins Case Keenum Packers Brown NBA NFL News March …
13 Mar, 10:41 PM UTC
Rich MacLeod
Sam Bradford got a one-year, $20M contract. The #Jets are only, apparently, spending $5M on Teddy Bridgewater.
14 Mar, 12:29 AM UTC
Not a big fan of the Sam Bradford signing at all, but it’s not like there were tons of better options. Hope we move up in the draft and find our long-term QB finally.
13 Mar, 11:04 PM UTC
Sam Bradford and Black Chyna, the ultimate finesse kids
13 Mar, 11:55 PM UTC
No MLB team gave Sam Bradford $20 million.
14 Mar, 12:26 AM UTC
Buck Rodges
Sam Bradford and $20M should never be used in the same sentence
13 Mar, 11:19 PM UTC
Kakarot Targaryen
Kirk Cousins: -Starting record: 26-30-1 -Record against teams with 9+ wins: 4-19 -Teams with 8+ wins: 8-21 - Playoff record 0-1 And he Really getting 84 Guaranteed Ms 🤦🏾‍♂️ Like Bro and then there’s this guy SAM “Stealing Money” Bradford: -Starting Record: 34-45-1
14 Mar, 12:31 AM UTC
HoodieTae 👤
I can’t believe the Cardinals really paid Sam Bradford $20 million dollars for 1 year.....
14 Mar, 12:29 AM UTC
Sam Bradford has the GOAT of Agents on payroll
13 Mar, 11:04 PM UTC
Jonathan Harris
Sam Bradford is the GOAT...
14 Mar, 12:31 AM UTC
Joseph Wagner
Honestly, Sam Bradford is living the life. Got paid 18 million last year to play one game. This year he will make 20 million. He’s never won more than 7 games. He’s the definition of C’s get degrees. Give just enough effort to pass, enough to make a buttload of money.
14 Mar, 12:31 AM UTC
Has Sam Bradford ever completed 1 NFL season without an injury?
14 Mar, 12:31 AM UTC
#Teante Gray
Sam Bradford 20mil 1 year get ur money but NFL bias is terrible smh 🤦🏾‍♂️
14 Mar, 12:30 AM UTC
If Sam Bradford worth 20 a yr @Kaepernick7 worth at lease 25a yr
14 Mar, 12:30 AM UTC
Denver Post Sports
Sam Bradford is expected to sign with the Arizona Cardinals
14 Mar, 12:30 AM UTC
Las Vegas RJ Sports
Sam Bradford and the @AZCardinals have agreed to a one-year, $20 million contract with a second year option, also for $20 million
14 Mar, 12:30 AM UTC
Matt Meier
Tomorrow, Sam Bradford will receive his third eight-figure signing bonus to start for the fourth team of his eight-year career. He has thrown two game-winning touchdowns. #Bradfacts
14 Mar, 12:29 AM UTC
Arquimedes Fernandez
@cesc19oscar Asi parece. Ahora dicen que Sam Bradford firmara' con #AZCardinals .
14 Mar, 12:29 AM UTC
Pierre Dillinger
@IAmSpilly Sorry, the answer we were looking for was Sam Bradford. Overpriced, bad for you, you know ull regret it almost immediately afterwards, but for about 35 seconds ur in heaven.
14 Mar, 12:29 AM UTC
David Hassett
No shit. Sam Bradford 20 mil that’s 5 mil a game according to his track record
14 Mar, 12:29 AM UTC
Love watching Sam Bradford play QB , but $20 million.... Wah...
14 Mar, 12:29 AM UTC
Going to hate having to root against a hometown product like Teddy Bridgewater. Cardinals are inept for signing Sam Bradford over Teddy Bridgewater
14 Mar, 12:29 AM UTC
@Cardschatter you have covered the cards for 19 years ..i have been a fan since the 1960's St L Cards .. i cannot take the pain of supporting them anymore .. how can they sign Sam Bradford ... my cards continue to be a JOKE !!!
14 Mar, 12:29 AM UTC
Tom Kelly
I’m still enraged that someone actually gave Sam Bradford 20 million
14 Mar, 12:28 AM UTC

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