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pat⁷ 🃏👩‍🚀🌊💙 commissions (full) 🌙🔆
imagine having a hobi 🥹 https://t.co/qkKDDSB8Sk
08 Dec, 10:30 AM UTC
🔞 Jaybaesun $8.99 OF 🌞
POV: You read a sign that says "Splash Zone Beyond this Point" https://t.co/blsIpYwnDU
08 Dec, 07:49 PM UTC
Genshin Impact
To thank you for your support, we will be giving out Primogems ×800 from Dec.10 to Dec.13. *How to Claim Rewards: Primogems ×200 shall be given out to Travelers via in-game mail at 00:00 (Server Time) each day from Dec. 10 to Dec. 13. #GenshinImpact
09 Dec, 03:57 AM UTC
Nancy Sinatra
Remembering my dad's adopted brother. Happy heavenly birthday, Sam. The world misses you so much. Sammy Davis, Jr. was born today in 1925 and we still celebrate his amazing talent and life force. @NancySinatra's photo on Sammy
08 Dec, 02:56 PM UTC
thv updates ‘Veautiful Days’
ETHEREAL https://t.co/jYcNaBlLIm
09 Dec, 03:11 AM UTC
RazorCandi on ONLYFANS💦
do you like nipple piercings? https://t.co/gfMlvLrMKh
08 Dec, 06:23 PM UTC
Billboard JAPAN
【ビルボード 2022年 アーティスト・チャート“Artist 100”】 1位 Ado 2位 YOASOBI 3位 Official髭男dism 4位 優里 5位 BTS 6位 King Gnu 7位 Vaundy 8位 back number 9位 あいみょん 10位 Saucy Dog https://t.co/LKXqxOAHsV @Billboard_JAPAN's photo on Sammy
08 Dec, 07:15 PM UTC
thv updates ‘Veautiful Days’
Taehyung’s pretty moles ✨🤏🏻 https://t.co/zH65gou8jg
09 Dec, 03:20 AM UTC
Billboard JAPAN
【ビルボード 2022年 年間ダウンロード・アルバム・チャート“Download Albums”】 1位 Ado 2位 YOASOBI 3位 Ado 4位 宇多田ヒカル 5位 優里 6位 藤井 風 7位 BTS 8位 YOASOBI 9位 ZORN 10位 松任谷由実 https://t.co/aAa00b96HW @Billboard_JAPAN's photo on Sammy
08 Dec, 07:15 PM UTC
むぎめし 残156745円
Sammy見てるか...継続率94.2パーのATを2連で終わらせた俺を... https://t.co/gW1TkCmxek
08 Dec, 04:44 AM UTC
Deana Martin
Remembering uncle Sammy Davis Jr. on his birthday 👼 RIP 📷Sammy Davis Jr.'s 60th Anniversary Celebration (1989) https://t.co/9UwnOob1Ef
08 Dec, 05:12 PM UTC
Raise your hand if you remember this scene😂😂 #ThrowbackThursday @adjeteygh @tv3_ghana's photo on Sammy
08 Dec, 09:42 PM UTC
Toronto Maple Leafs
Sensational, Sammy 🤩 @Molson_Canadian | #LeafsForever @MapleLeafs's photo on Sammy
09 Dec, 03:34 AM UTC
The legendary entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. was born in New York City on this day in 1925. Humphrey Bogart and Sammy Davis Jr., both New Yorkers, were good friends. Sammy became one of the key leaders of the Rat Pack after Bogie, the leader of the original Rat Pack, passed away. @HumphreyBogart's photo on Sammy
09 Dec, 01:02 AM UTC
NBA G League
💥FINAL SCORE THREAD💥 Thanks to a pair of 20+ point efforts from Kenneth Lofton Jr. and Kennedy Chandler, @MemphisHustle got themselves a win in Birmingham! 👊 Chandler: 23 PTS, 5 AST, 4 REB 👊 Hurt: 17 PTS, 5 REB, 1 STL, 1 BLK 👊 Williams Jr.: 16 PTS, 7 REB, 2 STL @nbagleague's photo on Sammy
09 Dec, 03:12 AM UTC
08 Dec, 09:16 PM UTC
Bing Crosby
Celebrating Bing's "Robin and the Seven Hoods" co-star - the brilliantly talented Sammy Davis Jr. @BingCrosby's photo on Sammy
08 Dec, 03:00 PM UTC
ううぅぅぅ〜Sammyっ🥶🥶 時間がかかるの、ここだけなんだよな〜うぅぅうう あと一件回ったら買い物🏃‍♀️🚗 https://t.co/3L69UuASzk
08 Dec, 11:54 PM UTC
KR L$DA SIGN > MAKASAM Continuing the same energy and brutality, mocking opps, different flow switches for 8 minutes straight isn't @realkrsna 's cup of ☕ Ye hai fact ab karo deny ❌🧢
08 Dec, 06:45 AM UTC
nil.@ニル〚un I〛➫次回12月未定
1月からのvenerdi様での委託販売では、画像デザインでまだ販売していないものを納品予定です! モード系多めですが、 一部サブカルな感じにも✙✙ https://t.co/RrExrk0YjD https://t.co/ed0FN2RtVJ
09 Dec, 12:50 AM UTC
Ryan Faughnder
Disney+ launched its ad-supported tier today with more than 100 advertiser signed on. Here’s what to know https://t.co/NunYSofZTt
08 Dec, 04:18 PM UTC
Sammy Roth
Tesla's defense against lawsuits over its "full self-driving" technology — which has resulted in all sorts of dangerous situations on the road — is that the technology is a failure, not fraudulent: https://t.co/bR1RvCjOoE via @russ1mitchell
09 Dec, 03:56 AM UTC
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09 Dec, 03:57 AM UTC
i see that ryley, olivia, and sammy are going through it right now
09 Dec, 03:48 AM UTC
誕生日絵まとめ 再掲 #ワートリ https://t.co/vjOUHWNc2E
09 Dec, 03:47 AM UTC
FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS Un 8 de noviembre pero de 1925 nace uno de los cantantes más versátiles de la historia de la música estadounidense: Sammy Davis Jr. @Official_SDJ https://t.co/M4g3w9BlXc
08 Dec, 09:28 AM UTC
✅ 팬앤⭐ 점심 타임별 받으세요 ✅ 행운의 룰렛 돌려서 공짜별 겟겟 I vote for #YetToCome by @BTS_twt for #BopOfTheYear https://t.co/Bion4TSf8U
09 Dec, 03:55 AM UTC
まさか自分が!!!!!!!! ああぁぁぁぁぁ!!!!! ありがとうございますぅぅぅぅぅ✨✨✨✨✨✨ 神様仏様Sammy様アァァァァッッ😭🙏 https://t.co/CwI2Yu8Plk https://t.co/X1eg1gGigv
09 Dec, 03:56 AM UTC
World Soccer Talk
Telemundo's Sammy Sadovnik reveals his secret to gol calls https://t.co/OclLqVytGC
09 Dec, 04:00 AM UTC