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This is Frisco. He’s simply a majestic boy. Planning to place these at the front of his modeling pupfolio. 13/10 wo…
11 Jan, 05:21 PM UTC
Kyle Griffin
The new cover of @TIME. Kyle Griffin's photo on Sandhu
11 Jan, 01:15 PM UTC
Because I'm a Guy
Randy Orton with an RKO Outta Nowhere to his son 😂😂 Because I'm a Guy's photo on Sandhu
11 Jan, 01:43 PM UTC
Alaska Airlines
Kevin Durant just scored a HUGE milestone—20,000 career points. To celebrate @KDTrey5's achievement, we're giving o…
11 Jan, 04:41 AM UTC
Project Veritas
Former Twitter software engineer Abhinav Vadrevu on shadow banning: "they just think that no one is engaging with t…
11 Jan, 02:31 PM UTC
Project Veritas
It looks like @Twitter responded again, "Twitter does not shadowban accounts. We do take actions to downrank accoun…
11 Jan, 06:08 PM UTC
Mark Dice
Twitter is in a conundrum. Keep suppressing 'Shadow Banning' from the trending list, or let it rise to the top as…
11 Jan, 08:25 PM UTC
Matt Wolking
This is a devastating and incredible gaffe from Nancy Pelosi that will likely fuel many Democrats' concerns that sh…
11 Jan, 07:30 PM UTC
My parents dog POISONED he was paralyzed. Another hate attack against conservatives. RETWEET.
11 Jan, 06:53 PM UTC
Dan Siddons
‘BLOODY OPEN BORDERS’: @michellemalkin calls on @NancyPelosi, San Francisco elected officials to be held accountab…
11 Jan, 01:47 PM UTC
SHADOW BANNED: It's not a secret, just a weapon. #ShadowBan @JamesOKeefeIII thebradfordfile's photo on Sandhu
11 Jan, 05:08 PM UTC
James O'Keefe
You would think that Tech journos in #SF would love a story from behind the palace guard. Why couldn't the mainstre…
11 Jan, 08:18 PM UTC
Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸
Count how many times Obama promised DACA was temporary Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸's photo on Sandhu
11 Jan, 08:48 PM UTC
Not Match of the Day
Andrea Pirlo: "Football is played with the head. Your feet are just tools." Phil Jones: "Hold my beer." Not Match of the Day's photo on Sandhu
11 Jan, 05:51 PM UTC
Տᗩᑎᗪᖇᗩ ن
We all knew Twitter #ShadowBan conservative accounts, now we finally have proof. Thank you @Project_Veritas Twitt…
11 Jan, 07:51 PM UTC
Project Veritas
upside down blue bird > tiny blue check mark Project Veritas's photo on Sandhu
11 Jan, 09:23 PM UTC
City Sikhs
Fantastic to know that Sophia Duleep Singh will be on a stamp next month to mark 100 years since women over 30 got…
11 Jan, 03:06 PM UTC
Scientific American
Researchers used autonomous and remotely operated underwater vehicles to survey the Havre volcano in the Pacific Oc…
11 Jan, 05:55 PM UTC
I have faith in the rising generation.
11 Jan, 03:50 PM UTC
Oh Shera..
If you ever meet someone who u vibe with naturally & they make u feel so good about urself don’t ever lose that per…
11 Jan, 06:34 PM UTC
KFC Big Bash League
.@ThunderBBL XI: Shane Watson (c), Ben Rohrer, Chris Green, Jay Lenton (wk), Gurinder Sandhu, Arhun Nair, Fawad Ahm…
11 Jan, 07:59 AM UTC
Rugby AM 📺
WIN a Queensland shirt signed by Wally Lewis! RT & ENTER ⬇ #RugbyLeague
11 Jan, 07:19 PM UTC
Baaj 🙇🏻‍♂️
men over 6ft don’t take L’s
11 Jan, 08:23 AM UTC
LBSU Mens Basketball
Jordan Roberts becomes the 12th different 49er to start this season - your Beach five for tonight's game against CS…
11 Jan, 03:15 AM UTC
Bloomberg Markets
What bond rout? Let's not get carried away by the hype and noise analysis by @tanvir_sandhu Bloomberg Markets's photo on Sandhu
11 Jan, 12:13 PM UTC
Happy birthday to my favourite person 🎊🎉Have an amazing day babe❤️❤️ @davina_sandhu
11 Jan, 06:30 PM UTC
Sundeep Sandhu
Gimme a top that says "Smallest Offlicense in the Village" I'll moonwalk my way onto @hmunitedkingdom Home Page
11 Jan, 08:34 PM UTC
Yaar naiyo Miliyaa♥♥ Bye Harday Sandhu ♥
11 Jan, 09:08 PM UTC
Garry Sandhu never disappoints 🙌🏼
11 Jan, 07:40 PM UTC
Harminder Sandhu
Super excited for the arrival of these amazing books #rtla38 #sd38learn Harminder Sandhu's photo on Sandhu
11 Jan, 10:37 PM UTC
There will be an organization meeting today in Mr. Sandhu’s regarding Stan Stewardson Night @ 3:00pm today. Members need to attend.
11 Jan, 07:40 PM UTC
Paige Sandhu
I got screwed by my pharmacy and started ordering birth control online #preach
11 Jan, 06:55 PM UTC
Davina Jasmine✨
@Nathyooth Thank you so much ☺️❣️
11 Jan, 06:40 PM UTC
“I thought my life was over” 😂😂😂
11 Jan, 06:36 PM UTC
RT ServiceNowANZ "$28b dollar organisation EYnews globally transformed their #HR services, achieving growth objecti…
11 Jan, 11:04 PM UTC
Nick McGrath
@HrbEaverstinks Sass from Herb while he's on vacay - incredible. Did you see Sandhu bowling! Who was that and what…
11 Jan, 11:03 PM UTC
kalpana jaggi
Billa Sandhu Sanjeev Kishore Mehra Sanjay Kapoor Raaj Muttreja Thank you Sheela Sharma for this memorable day.
11 Jan, 11:03 PM UTC
Wendy Eades
See Kindy Sandhu @ Cov Uni about research on BME women & welfare reform research & Tina Beatty CRESR Research on lo…
11 Jan, 10:52 PM UTC
RT servicenow "ServiceNow’s latest release – Kingston – is now available. Find out how the new capabilities drive…
11 Jan, 10:41 PM UTC
Steady hand: For Shoojit Sircar, cinema is like a psychological war ..
11 Jan, 10:34 PM UTC
RT drammohan "RT BorisBuechelNOW: A very inspiring interview with wadors, #CHRO at #ServiceNow, about the #HR indus…
11 Jan, 10:31 PM UTC
RT drammohan "Thanks for the servicenow mention!"
11 Jan, 10:31 PM UTC
Cracked Hacked Apk
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist JASMINE SANDLAS feat GARRY SANDHU | ILLEGAL WEAPON | INTENSE | Latest
11 Jan, 10:28 PM UTC
Cracked Hacked Apk
I liked a @YouTube video JASMINE SANDLAS feat GARRY SANDHU | ILLEGAL WEAPON | INTENSE | Latest Punjabi Songs
11 Jan, 10:27 PM UTC
Jess Sandhu ⚜️
11 Jan, 10:20 PM UTC
Jess Sandhu ⚜️
Liberals New Plan to Stop Trump 😆 via @YouTube
11 Jan, 10:19 PM UTC
Ryan Sandhu
@SunilCheemaLFC @indykaila Messi Neymar Ronaldo Zidane R9 Matthaus Tadic
11 Jan, 09:54 PM UTC
I have listened to Manni Sandhu's newest album is actually socially acceptable to eat 7 full meals a day.
11 Jan, 09:39 PM UTC
BBC Asian Music Bot
Now Playing Garry Sandhu - Illegal Weapon (feat Jasmine Sandlas) #garrysandhu
11 Jan, 09:35 PM UTC
RT ServiceNow_EMEA "A very inspiring interview with wadors, #CHRO at #ServiceNow, about the #HR industry, how she g…
11 Jan, 09:18 PM UTC
Tonight - - Amar Sandhu, UpsideDown, Pranna -
11 Jan, 09:15 PM UTC
Dil De Kareeb Garry Sandhu Punjabi: via @YouTube
11 Jan, 09:06 PM UTC
sanjhi awaaz radio
Garry Sandhu - Rabb Jane
11 Jan, 09:02 PM UTC
RT servicenow "ServiceNow’s latest release – Kingston – is now available. Find out how the new capabilities drive…
11 Jan, 08:46 PM UTC
پاکستان مُسلم لیگ
@ASIFALISANDHU sandhu sab chok k rkho😂
11 Jan, 08:44 PM UTC
Agnyaathavaasi DUBAI First Review By Umair Sandhu | Pawan Kalyan | #AgnathaVaasiReview Steven's photo on Sandhu
11 Jan, 08:12 PM UTC
Paige Sandhu
@thepillclub focuses "on empowering women through their contraception, something that I think isn’t focused on enou…
11 Jan, 07:54 PM UTC
Rahul Sahu
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Makhaul | Akhil | Manni Sandhu | Latest Punjabi Song 2015 | Speed
11 Jan, 07:42 PM UTC
Muhammad Salman
11 Jan, 07:39 PM UTC
Saurabh Thakur
I liked a @YouTube video Naah Addiction with Harrdy Sandhu and Nora Fatehi | Comedy Skit | Nora Fatehi
11 Jan, 07:36 PM UTC
Arsenal fans when Jack Wilshere got injured last night... Justin's photo on Sandhu
11 Jan, 07:33 PM UTC
mj 2k18
@MaheshhKathi Karmara babu sandhu dorikite chalu ekkeadhamani chustharu..Iena ma pk nee adhea pani ga hate chesthu…
11 Jan, 07:27 PM UTC
mj 2k18
@sunson123 @MaheshhKathi Lekapothe nuv tesey ...Velli....karmara babu sandhu dorikite chalu ...ekkadhhamani chustharu...
11 Jan, 07:20 PM UTC
@relapsedslave @sandhu_rishi @sashok2071 He said to go to this website to get 1k followers
11 Jan, 07:12 PM UTC
FaiZi SaNdHu
#JuSticForZaNaiB #SheWaS A JuSt #7YeaR_oLD RehaM Nhi AYa kaMeeNo KoO #BeChaRiiKaM_Se_kaM_NaaM Ka He LiHaaZ_Kr LeTy 😢😢😢😢😢
11 Jan, 07:03 PM UTC
అజ్ఞాతవాసి | PRINCE IN EXILE
@VARUNdhfm 😂😂sarle sandhu dorkindi kadaani lorylu nadpeyka nadvavv😂
11 Jan, 07:01 PM UTC
@awais_sandhu @BushraGohar @kiranahmedd نا اہل کی لائف بن گئی ہے نااہل ہوکر جبکہ اصلی اور نسلی سسلین مافیا کا نوکر…
11 Jan, 06:40 PM UTC
Owais Sandhu
@JuryGmail @BushraGohar @kiranahmedd نا ہل تو بس رو رو کر پو چھ رہا کیو ں نکا لا 😊😆
11 Jan, 06:34 PM UTC
Daily Viral Vids
Harrdy Sandhu – Naah | Nora Fatehi | Official Dance Mashup Video
11 Jan, 06:33 PM UTC
@sandhu_rishi @sashok2071 @relapsedslave Y don’t u use it to get a thousand followers like bruuu🤮😥
11 Jan, 06:28 PM UTC

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