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Kevin M. Kruse
First of all, I would never say "Friends." How dare you. Second, I'd say: 1. Sanford and Son 2. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 3. Mission: Impossible
26 Mar, 12:31 AM UTC
Mets victim
Sanford and Son Rockford Files The Greatest American Hero Fuck i am old
25 Mar, 07:23 PM UTC
Social Distancing Philip Cardella
@ChrisGGates I would never say friends. The Monkeys Barney Miller The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Sanford and Son I can't count. Don't @ me or it'll be the big one.
25 Mar, 08:31 PM UTC
"Hey, hey, hey!" Happy 60th birthday to #HaywoodNelson — Grady’s grandson on SANFORD AND SON and the spinoff GRADY! What else have you seen him in? @gettv's photo on Sanford and Son
26 Mar, 03:45 AM UTC
Ted Bird
1. Hawaii 5-0 2. Barney Miller 3. Sanford and Son Honorable mention: Mannix (in color!)
25 Mar, 10:59 PM UTC
Sanford and Son aired its final episode today in '77! #DoYouRemember tuning in for this? @DoYouRemember's photo on Sanford and Son
25 Mar, 02:41 PM UTC
Plain Ol' Johnny Graz Believes Tara Reade
1. Mission Impossible 2. Sanford and Son 3. Game of Thrones
26 Mar, 04:36 AM UTC
Kendall B.
TOUGH. Here it goes. 1) The Jeffersons 2) Good Times 3) Baretta - Sammy Davis ------ 4) Barney Miller 5) Sanford And Son 6) Night Court 7) Too Close For Comfort 8) Monday Night Football
26 Mar, 03:28 AM UTC
#HalWilliams has been a familiar face for 50 years! See him on GOOD TIMES — 8a ET! And read an exclusive interview w/ him on the @getTV blog! @gettv on Sanford and Son"> @gettv's photo on Sanford and Son
25 Mar, 11:45 AM UTC
The Jeffersons Hawaii 5-0 Alice (tie) Sanford and Son (tie)
26 Mar, 12:10 AM UTC
Bernie McGinn
Barney Miller Sanford and Son Welcome Back Kotter
26 Mar, 03:30 AM UTC
Lord please send me a man that enjoys the same humor I have when I watch Sanford and Son 😂😫😭
26 Mar, 06:23 AM UTC
il padrino
Screw friends , Fat Albert, South Park, Sanford and son 🎸✌🏽
26 Mar, 06:50 AM UTC
John Erik Riley
M*A*S*H Sanford and Son Mission: Impossible
26 Mar, 07:26 AM UTC
(((Matthew CURVE FLATTENER Lewis)))
Welcome Back Kotter Good Times Sanford and Son
26 Mar, 06:14 AM UTC
Anthony Ryan
Barney Miller Sanford and Son Perry Mason
26 Mar, 05:55 AM UTC
Martin Kaste
The Rockford Files Sanford and Son The Jeffersons
26 Mar, 04:11 AM UTC
John Vepera
@ChrisGGates Sanford and Son Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (best part of the show) In Living Colour Rockford Files BBC News
26 Mar, 06:48 AM UTC
Shannon Wheeler
@PatrickZircher Sanford and son, eddies father, Addams family
26 Mar, 06:25 AM UTC
Free Animal Doctor
@ChrisGGates 1) The Rockford Files 2) Sanford and Son 3) Dallas 🐾
26 Mar, 01:33 AM UTC
AAron Leckinger
The Rockford Files Sanford and Son Barney Miller
26 Mar, 07:27 AM UTC
Joshua Hind
The Wire Sanford and Son Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
26 Mar, 07:19 AM UTC
Richie P. 📷🎾#QuibiAndQuarantine
@zingbling Lmao. Just hits you differently, huh? I get that. @MarlaGibbs4Real’s voice takes you there. Good Times- obviously Jeffersons- Moving on up. Come on now. Iconic Sanford And Son - funky ass Quincy Jones track. Even been sampled.
26 Mar, 07:05 AM UTC
Fred Stoverink
Greatest American Hero WKRP Fraggle Rock Honorable mentions: Airwolf Knight Rider Sanford and Son A-Team
26 Mar, 06:52 AM UTC
🌟Lynnett Johnson🌟
The Jeffersons, Sanford and Son, and The Golden Girls
26 Mar, 06:36 AM UTC
#bancars F. Steez
Sanford and Son Fresh Prince Kids in the Hall
26 Mar, 06:28 AM UTC
Robert J. Sheridan 🏳️‍🌈
Twin Peaks Greatest American Hero Sanford and Son
26 Mar, 06:17 AM UTC
Sierra Sky✨
different world sanford and son living single hands down don’t @ me
26 Mar, 06:17 AM UTC
Chris Vitali
@ChrisBiv Your argument absolutely stands. I'm just saying... Jefffersons, Sanford and Son and Taxi are my three. It's a tough decision. Like Sophie's Fucking Choice lol
26 Mar, 06:16 AM UTC