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Pharrell Williams
#SangriaWine out now @Camila_Cabello https://t.co/G9C6fHUf1d 💃🏻🍷 Pharrell Williams's photo on #SangriaWine
18 May, 04:11 AM UTC
Ummmmm Guyzzz 😳🤚🏾🤦🏽‍♀️....*sigh* PLEASE 🙏🏽 don’t go to jail trying to post pictures wit yo #sangriawine if know u ain’t but 12 years old 🤷🏽‍♀️😳😂🤚🏾 LOVE U 💋 #sangriawine
18 May, 03:22 AM UTC
Twitter Moments en Español
⚡️ ¡@Camila_Cabello y @Pharrell nos acaban de regalar uno de los himnos del verano! 💃🏻🎶🕺🏻 #SangriaWine🍷 https://t.co/zPnIa4zbex
18 May, 04:30 AM UTC
.@Pharrell & @Camila_Cabello's new song #SangriaWine is definitely going to be a hit this summer - listen now! https://t.co/LP3950XOWx
18 May, 04:46 AM UTC
JJ Ryan
Wait until you hear this @Pharrell @Camila_Cabello single #SangriaWine ... It’s a bop. Wait, am I even allowed to use the word bop as a dude? 😂 @ErikZ has the @1027kj103 #WorldPremiere just after 11pm tonight!
18 May, 01:55 AM UTC
here's camila singing “honey said she want somebody break her off proper...” on loop. you're welcome #SangriaWine JAI 🍷's photo on #SangriaWine
17 May, 04:36 PM UTC
Sony Music Australia
#SangriaWine by @Pharrell and @Camila_Cabello is out now 💃🏻🍷https://t.co/vTVwJPpePP Sony Music Australia's photo on #SangriaWine
18 May, 04:04 AM UTC
Who here has translated @Camila_Cabello & @Pharrell's #SangriaWine yet? It is pure 🔥🍷💃🏻🔥🍷💃🏻 https://t.co/ahsaphKvFF
18 May, 11:54 AM UTC
Currently making choreo to #sangriawine and there's nothing you can do to stop me! #BuySangriaWineOniTunes so you can do it with me!!!!! JUNO's photo on #SangriaWine
18 May, 07:17 AM UTC
Camilizers México 🇲🇽
#SangriaWine ya está disponible en México, ¡corran a comprarla, regalarla y reproducirla! ¡Llevemos a Sangria Wine a lo alto de los charts en México! 🇲🇽💪🏼 #BuySangriaWineOniTunes Camilizers México 🇲🇽's photo on #SangriaWine
18 May, 03:07 AM UTC
Brian Cantor
Fire production, multicultural vibes, charismatic vocal performances + it's a catchy and memorable collaboration between a hot new artist and an established star. So it's checks all the key boxes. #SangriaWine
18 May, 06:00 AM UTC
Sony Music Malaysia
We're loving every single bit of the #SangriaWine @Camila_Cabello & @Pharrell 🍷 #sangriawineOUTNOW https://t.co/eJgjIdvCgm https://t.co/gGZGR7yBm6
18 May, 04:04 AM UTC
Jenny Runza
Can you do the #sangriawine w/o Camilas glasses nor holding a wine glass? I can’t!! @Camila_Cabello#🍷🍷🍷🍷
18 May, 10:48 AM UTC
Sony Music Brasil
Chegou #SangriaWine, nova faixa do @Pharrell x @Camila_Cabello! Vamos beber desse hino? 🍷 Ouça ▶️ https://t.co/u7fzTfJErH Sony Music Brasil's photo on #SangriaWine
18 May, 12:30 PM UTC
Sony Music In
Fancy some #SangriaWine this #Friday? 🍷 🍇 the new single is here! @Camila_Cabello @Pharrell #SangriaWineOUTNOW 🎶: https://t.co/RZzDtuWYdy . . . #CamilaCabello #camila #Camilizers #pharrell #FridayFeeIing #IVoteCamilaBBMAs  #NewMusicAlert #NewMusicFriday Sony Music In's photo on #SangriaWine
18 May, 05:11 AM UTC
Pick your No.1 hit for this week! 💫📻 ❤️ @BTS_twt / #FakeLove #BTSArmy ✨@Camila_Cabello ft @Pharrell / #SangriaWine #Camilizers 🆕 @cleanbandit ft @ddlovato / #Solo #Lovatics 💋 @CalvinHarris ft @DUALIPA / #OneKiss #PowerDrivetime 📻🎶
18 May, 09:38 AM UTC
Sony Music UK
🍷Who's thirsty for a @Camila_Cabello and @Pharrell duet? Quench your thirst with #SangriaWine 💃🏻 💕 https://t.co/uj5QJIkz6c Sony Music UK's photo on #SangriaWine
18 May, 01:05 PM UTC
Camilizers México 🇲🇽
Hey #CamilizersMexico ¿están listos para #SangriaWine? 🍷👀 Recuerden tener listo: • Cuenta de iTunes o Google Play 🇲🇽 • Tarjeta de crédito/débito o tarjetas de regalo • Cuenta de Spotify 🇲🇽 & 🇺🇸 • Cuenta de iTunes 🇺🇸 • App o extensión para cambiar la IP https://t.co/EdNQoYiOJ8
17 May, 06:14 PM UTC
Pop Connect
Vote for the #SongOfTheDay: • Camila Cabello & Pharrell - #SangriaWine 🍷 • Jennifer Lopez ft Cardi B & DJ Khaled - #Dinero 💵 • Selena Gomez - #BackToYou 💫 • Christina Aguilera ft Demi Lovato - #FALLINLINE 👱🏻‍♀️👩🏻
18 May, 05:44 AM UTC
Music News
Which song released today is your favourite? #SangriaWine #FallInLine #Solo #Dinero
18 May, 04:48 AM UTC
iHeartRadio Canada
If this isn't the actual perfect Long Weekend song I don't know WHAT IS @Pharrell @Camila_Cabello 🙏🙏🍷🍷🍷#SANGRIAWINE https://t.co/7SaJNa0HKV
18 May, 12:35 PM UTC
Sony Music Italy
Che l'estate abbia inizio 💃🏻🍷 Ascolta #SangriaWine di @Pharrell x @Camila_Cabello 🌴🌞 https://t.co/TwLYhyvEIu Sony Music Italy's photo on #SangriaWine
18 May, 12:51 PM UTC
ok, but this is legendary, Camila really did that!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #SangriaWine #BuySangriaWineOniTunes #sangriawineOUTNOW nonaziyo's photo on #SangriaWine
18 May, 12:53 PM UTC
Camila Cabello Brasil
#SangriaWine está em #21(+2) no iTunes US! #BuySangriaWineOniTunes Camila Cabello Brasil's photo on #SangriaWine
18 May, 12:53 PM UTC
Elisha ღ
Sneak Peak at my Sangria Wine reaction video that's coming out VERY SOON 😋 #SangraWineOutNOW #SangriaWine Elisha ღ's photo on #SangriaWine
18 May, 04:14 AM UTC
Sony Music Chile
Llegó el esperado viernes lleno de #SangriaWine 🍷 junto a @Pharrell x @Camila_Cabello 🍭😍 ¡Agrégala a tu playlist! ✨ ➡️ https://t.co/16ntoe5DC8 ⬅️ Sony Music Chile's photo on #SangriaWine
18 May, 12:46 PM UTC
Y’ALL IT’S OUT HERE!!!! Guess who’s getting lit with some french wine while listening to Sangria Wine ??? Yesss it’s me (hope I won’t get caught by my mom) #SangriaWine https://t.co/wH5BNeTYTZ
17 May, 10:21 PM UTC
Camilizers México 🇲🇽
¡Que comience la promoción de #SangriaWine en México!🍷 Aquí les dejamos volantes que pueden descargar, imprimir, repartir o pegar en las calles, en sus escuelas, con sus familias, vecinos, amigos, ¡que todo México escuche esta tremenda canción! 💪🏼 ➡️https://t.co/EzRt14j96i Camilizers México 🇲🇽's photo on #SangriaWine
18 May, 05:25 AM UTC
OOOOOh OK I was kinda scared with all the comments.. yes the song is different from the live version of course but it's seriously a BOP. Very catchy, the chorus is infectious as fuck.. the vibe is chill yet u wanna dance... wow this is REALLY GOOD. #SangriaWine
18 May, 03:29 AM UTC
Sony Music Spain
🆕 @Pharrell Williams y @Camila_Cabello lanzan ¡nuevo single juntos! ¿Un poquito de #Sangriawine? 🍷🍉🍊 https://t.co/bYwGIiXXrQ
18 May, 01:10 PM UTC
Kεllч Pαяяιllα
eu indo dormir eu acordando eu tomando banho eu na rua eu no busão eu no shopping eu na escola/trabalho eu comendo eu na praia eu na roça eu com os migxs eu com os parentes eu numa prisão eu num velório eu no meu caixão #sangriawineOutNOW #CamilaCabello #SangriaWine #Hit https://t.co/vBwI1LrUP9
18 May, 05:39 AM UTC
UnProblematic ™
#SangriaWine is up 2 more spots to #28 on US iTunes 🚨 Top 20 is pending. This single is moving EXTREMELY WELL for most of America to still be sleep! My gut is sensing another #1 debut! Let’s Go #Camilizers 🚨💫💫💫 Link to download👉🏽#SangraWineOutNOW https://t.co/uC5aKmNRO3UnProblematic ™'s photo on #SangriaWine
18 May, 09:38 AM UTC
UnProblematic ™
Woke up briefly to say Camila & Pharrell FUCKING SNAPPED ON #SANGRIAWINE! hands down #SongoftheSummer! This song makes me feel sexy! I don’t dance but yet I want to shake EVERYTHING! Top 30 on US iTunes and it’s only 4am! Oh, they coming🔥 We have another SMASH #SangriaWineOUTNOW https://t.co/Fa594Oso00
18 May, 09:08 AM UTC
mimi🐚 THANK YOU 5H
les juro que ni cuando la VEÍA a camila bailarlo y cantarlo en los conciertos me daban tantas ganas de bailar como lo logró la versión estudio lpm que satisfacción te da escuchar esta canción ESTOY EN MI SALSA PAPÁ #sangriawine #BuySangriaWineOniTunes
18 May, 01:05 AM UTC
#SangriaWine at midnight💃🏻🍷💃🏻 @Camila_Cabello @Pharrell shelby's photo on #SangriaWine
17 May, 04:58 PM UTC
Camila Cabello México
#SangriaWine sigue siendo NÚMERO 1 en la lista de Género Pop de iTunes México. 🇲🇽👑🦋 #BuySangriaWineOniTunes @sonymusicmexico Camila Cabello México's photo on #SangriaWine
18 May, 01:43 PM UTC
UnProblematic ™
One stop shop for Every thing #SangriaWine 🍇🍓🍊🍐 🍷Spotify✔️https://t.co/Egvham2f2Q 🍷YouTube✔️https://t.co/nweIUXo3vf 🍷Apple Music✔️ https://t.co/niVzL24XWP #SangraWineOutNOW #NewMusicFriday #CamilaCabello #PharrellWilliam https://t.co/8KoPSiiad5
18 May, 01:50 PM UTC
Camila On Radio
📝| Request #SangriaWine🍷 through forms: 🔥https://t.co/LDu10Z2kez 🔥https://t.co/AuD9bvO48P ("where do you live?" "Indiana") 🔥https://t.co/XFZwwbI3Ib 🔥https://t.co/VtYYPXL9Da
18 May, 02:00 PM UTC
17 May, 10:49 PM UTC
Camila Cabello Costa Rica
Buenos días, Camilizers. #SangriaWine continúa de #1 en iTunes Costa Rica y ocupa el puesto #5 en la sección Lo Mejor de la Semana. 🇨🇷🍷 https://t.co/wscBNhqiLo
18 May, 01:58 PM UTC
tbh i don't think it'll able to sleep if #SangriaWine doesn't rise to top 10 before midnight #BuySangriaWineOniTunes #IVoteCamilaBBMAs
18 May, 01:56 PM UTC
John Portugal
Loving #SangriaWine by queen @Camila_Cabello 😍
18 May, 01:53 PM UTC
Sony Music Argentina
🍓¡Ya está disponible #SangriaWine, el nuevo single de @Pharrell x @Camila_Cabello!🍓 Dale play ahora: ▶https://t.co/0rX7okVm9q Sony Music Argentina's photo on #SangriaWine
18 May, 02:00 PM UTC
"¿qué, qué?; i died yall this is soooooooo 😍😍💕💕💕💕🍷🍷🍷🍷 proud of you @Camila_Cabello #SANGRIAWINE louise's photo on #SangriaWine
17 May, 04:09 PM UTC
cynthia 5h|cc🦄
Yo ayer en la noche con #SangriaWine vs yo hoy con #DSYLMMusicVideo https://t.co/ul0gfoxU73
18 May, 02:01 PM UTC
Ariana's My Sweetener💧☁
Yassss @Camila_Cabello #sangriawine IS AMAZING YASSS QUEEN
18 May, 02:01 PM UTC
Anissa Nadia F
@Prambors Asiikkkkk baru pulang taraweh enak ni denger lagu barunya @Camila_Cabello sama @Pharrell #SangriaWine terimakasih banyak #Trending20 🔥🤘🏼
18 May, 02:00 PM UTC
El minuto 2:33 me acaba de dar un orgasmo auditivo #SangriaWine
18 May, 02:00 PM UTC
Love, Danny
Can I just say that this shook me to the GROUND. Song of the summer, no doubt. #SangriaWine Love, Danny's photo on #SangriaWine
18 May, 02:00 PM UTC
Beatriz Moreno
@burtoniangirl te vengo a alegrar tu tarde jajaaj😂😊 #SANGRIAWINE https://t.co/gTthwwd3CS
18 May, 02:00 PM UTC
Vevo Italia
🍷#SangriaWine è il nuovo singolo di @Pharrell & @Camila_Cabello: ascoltatelo qui → https://t.co/JFwC0xX6kW Vevo Italia's photo on #SangriaWine
18 May, 02:00 PM UTC
amanhã vou até fazer faxina no meu guarda-roupas feliz, porque vai ser ao som de #sangriawine
18 May, 01:59 PM UTC
oli-fucking-ver 😤
listening to #SangriaWine while celebrating my puppy’s 5 months of life 💓 oli-fucking-ver 😤's photo on #SangriaWine
18 May, 01:58 PM UTC
#SangriaWine 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷
18 May, 01:58 PM UTC

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