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#abc730 Chris Bowen was all over the 'brief' tonight with Sarah Ferguson. She tried hard but Bowen was outstanding. He had nothing to hide and answered the questions well. Still waiting for chicken-little Dutton to show up.
04 Aug, 10:18 AM UTC
The Sage
“Australia’s back Sarah. Australia back as a key international partner engaging in the task of reducing emissions and maximising the economic opportunities for Australia as we do so” Sarah Ferguson pressing Chris Bowen on #abc730 but he’s got the answers.
04 Aug, 09:47 AM UTC
Baroness Bruck
<It -formed part of the Grosvenor Estates portfolio, but has now been transferred to Fergie Her representatives -confirmed the purchase but refused to discuss any specific details [It] has also not yet been published by Land Registry officials> 🔍🤔 https://t.co/0moawKj5lZ
03 Aug, 09:38 PM UTC
💉💉💉💉Traveller Mark
Sarah Ferguson @abc730 is having a shocker!
04 Aug, 09:45 AM UTC
Barry Strickland
Sarah Ferguson trying hard to trip up Chris Bowen on climate change tonight on @abc730 and she didn't succeed. #ClimateBill @Bowenchris #auspol
04 Aug, 09:45 AM UTC
Christine Phillips 💧🔥😷 🐀 👿Bots Trots✳️✳️✳️ ✳️
Finally Chris Bowen correcting Adam Bandt’s lies and misinformation on @abc730 despite Sarah Ferguson best effort to box him in. I suggest before asking such a question, she should have researched the mythical number of mines ‘ready to go’ They aren’t #auspol
04 Aug, 10:22 AM UTC
@twitchybirdee @melaniedoak I thought Sarah Ferguson was very professional. She threw every question at Chris Bowen who answered every one of them with equal professionalism. Do not confuse hard line questioning with bias. It's her job. She didn't give opinions like Sales did.
04 Aug, 09:53 AM UTC
Leonardo Puglisi
Sarah Ferguson: "Will you still be back for the rest of the world if you keep expanding coal & gas and adding to the emissions in the world?" Chris Bowen: "I reject the premise of your question" https://t.co/LeqeJqF17X
04 Aug, 10:26 AM UTC
Margaret Bell
I do wish Ms Sarah FERGUSON would drop the prosecutor's tone!!
04 Aug, 09:57 AM UTC
Is Sarah Ferguson employed by Rupert Murdoch? Or is Ita out to prove the ABC does have right wing views?
04 Aug, 09:48 AM UTC
nina reeder no lnp, abc rescue.🌺💉💉💉💉🌺😷🌈🌈
@BrianFr20712503 @bruce_haigh I think it’s within everyone’s right to criticize her style, she is after all paid by the taxpayers, Sarah Ferguson is first and foremost interested in Sarah Fergusons thoughts, not so much the people she is interviewing,been that forever
03 Aug, 10:13 PM UTC
Daily Mail Online
Sarah Ferguson buys £5m home in London's high-end Mayfair despite frequent gripes about her financial woes https://t.co/yALsoKzB5s
04 Aug, 07:20 AM UTC
Go @Bowenchris !! I hope people will remember Minister Bowen from the last time he was on the Government benches. Sarah Ferguson meets her match. #auspol #abc730
04 Aug, 09:52 AM UTC
elho elho
@Bowenchris forthrightly announced to @abc730 and Sarah Ferguson @FergusonNews that gotcha questions will no longer be tolerated and will be called out. I applaud Bowen and I put Ferguson on notice. Do better Sarah.
04 Aug, 09:57 AM UTC
Alex McDonnel
I'm getting a bit tired of Sarah Ferguson's aggressive manner of questioning guests. She has a reputation as an effective interviewer but currently, when interviewing Labor ministers she sounds like a rabid leftie IMO. Tonight's i/v with minister Chris Bowen was rude & pointless.
04 Aug, 09:50 AM UTC
Aaron Richardson
@travellerMark @abc730 @FergusonNews simply doing what Sarah Ferguson does… Ensuring the questions are answered and not dodged. Chris Bowen interview, robust and ensured all questions were appropriately addressed. The interview allowed @Bowenchris to demonstrate @AlboMP Government is the real deal.
04 Aug, 10:13 AM UTC
janine gebert
Many of us can now watch Question Time without feeling assaulted. I would like to watch 7.30 and feel the same. Sarah Ferguson would do better to abandon the bumptious style and rude interrupting. Kerry O’Brien didn’t do it. And she has better skills to call on.
04 Aug, 11:23 AM UTC
Nookienooo 🇦🇺😻😻🐩🐨💐🇦🇺
Unexplained personal and business loans to the Duchess of York of more than £500,000 from an entertainment investment company were a “matter for investigation,” a high court judge has been told. https://t.co/YmLU9aF1p4
04 Aug, 02:26 AM UTC
Leftwing Bastard
@cscviews @MargMcCrohon @abc730 Sarah Ferguson today on @abcnews in a promo for @abc730 said 730 was about “truth to power.” The utter hubris! It’s a long time since the ABC had anything to do with truth to power. Twitter has taken up that role…
04 Aug, 11:17 AM UTC
D.K.R. Boyd
Prince Philip 'wouldn't associate with Sarah Ferguson before Andrew marriage' https://t.co/8nx7EOEShT
04 Aug, 11:41 AM UTC
Mich Mac
If we ever go full communist, Sarah Ferguson can read the news. #auspol #abc730
04 Aug, 12:05 PM UTC
Tao de Haas
@pfbt @travellerMark @davidbewart @abc730 Sarah Ferguson is very uptight, keeps wringing her hands nonstop #auspol
04 Aug, 12:01 PM UTC
Trevor Maurice
@SarkySage Chris Bowen was superb! But I still like the way Sarah Ferguson is going on 7:30 because she asks the tough questions AND she hasn't got a hint of bias either way - as it SHOULD be 👍😊
04 Aug, 12:12 PM UTC
Sarah Ferguson : malgré ses problèmes financiers, elle craque pour une maison hors de prix à Londres https://t.co/8DF15FCa00
04 Aug, 12:08 PM UTC
Miss Polly
@janinegebert @mtpjcb I'm tempted to watch QT. I haven't had the chance yet but it sounds like it's been a blast. Sarah Ferguson's combative style is so annoying. I don't think I'll bother watching her anymore. I barely watch the bias ABC BS anymore. https://t.co/DTMPosjXtY
04 Aug, 12:01 PM UTC
Renee Pettitt-Schipp
@Bowenchris Shame on you @Bowenchris for patronising Sarah Ferguson on @abc730. My respect for you has gone out the window
04 Aug, 11:54 AM UTC
Nouveau Nederland
Nu is prins Andrew dus helemaal op zichzelf aangewezen. https://t.co/0PR0fak4cn https://t.co/wNKkJBWso5
04 Aug, 11:47 AM UTC
Marian Smedley
@abc730 Sarah Ferguson tried hard to get Bowen to answer the very specific question about Beetaloo basin gas project - that opening it up would completely blow the '43% target'. He wouldn't answer and just kind of ranted instead about renewable energy.
04 Aug, 11:43 AM UTC
arrigo arrighi
04 Aug, 11:37 AM UTC