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HBD to "The Homie" Dario Saric! @Ballislife's photo on Saric
08 Apr, 09:16 PM UTC
The best Clipper tonight has been Dario Saric
09 Apr, 02:51 AM UTC
Gerald Bourguet
Worst Dario Saric game I can remember in awhile. Nothing going his way on either end
09 Apr, 02:52 AM UTC
Mike Vigil
Saric’s offense lately has been garb, but I trust that it’s mostly the ebb and flow of the season (remember freaking out about Book?). What I’m concerned with is the amount that good teams target him on defense. He’s basically guarding the best offensive player on every play.
09 Apr, 02:54 AM UTC
Cody Hunt
Dario Saric has two speeds
09 Apr, 03:06 AM UTC
Mingau Mil Grau
Saric jogando MUITO.... pro time do Clippers! Melhor jogador deles até o momento
09 Apr, 02:55 AM UTC
Dom Ricky Rubio (Suns)💅
Meu mano Saric está tentando assassinar o basquetebol hoje
09 Apr, 02:52 AM UTC
Positive Residual
Great pass by Rajon Rondo to give Patrick Patterson an easy dunk. Patterson cuts to the paint and roams baseline, the finds himself open when Dario Saric comes to help. Cam Payne’s completely unaware of Patterson, so no help arrives.
09 Apr, 02:50 AM UTC
CamJohnson (36-14)
Coloca o Jalen aí q garanto q joga melhor q o SARIĆ hj
09 Apr, 02:53 AM UTC
🌵GabeVon Carter🌵
For the love of God put Kaminsky back in for Saric!
09 Apr, 02:46 AM UTC
alec bushman
When did Dario Saric decide to play worse than a literal piece of poop?
09 Apr, 02:52 AM UTC
Suns Türkiye 🇹🇷
Geçen sezon bile bu kadar kötü maçı yoktu Saric'in. Korkunç oynuyor keşke Kaminsky oynasa şu an.
09 Apr, 02:53 AM UTC
Todd DiMenna
Take Saric out of this game dear god
09 Apr, 02:52 AM UTC
Brett Fabian
Honestly I like Ayton trying some threes to keep the defense honest. Much better than watching Saric just travel on open layups
09 Apr, 02:59 AM UTC
🅰🅼🅹 🦂 (36-14)
get saric out the game bro he’s cheeks rn
09 Apr, 02:53 AM UTC
Tony Bentler
Saric has been ass lately 😭
09 Apr, 02:52 AM UTC
Leonardo A. Barros
@PhoenixSunsBra A alma do Saric ficou no Arizona e só foi o corpo para Califórnia. Tá de brincadeira hoje?! Hoje é papo de deixá-lo no banco direto.
09 Apr, 02:52 AM UTC
Chase Bendel
I’m driving and can only listen to the radio is saric really that bad right now?
09 Apr, 02:52 AM UTC
Tuff (Torrey Craig Stan)
I wouldn’t mind trying Kaminsky over Saric at this current moment
09 Apr, 02:52 AM UTC
Suns Türkiye 🇹🇷
Lütfen çıkarın Saric'i acilen çıkarın şu adamı oyundan.
09 Apr, 02:52 AM UTC
Leonardo A. Barros
@RiqueMathias @PhoenixSunsBra Ayton tá bem demais. Podemos apostar no Johnson. Saric pode mandar para a casa dele hoje e mandar um "feliz aniversário".
09 Apr, 03:12 AM UTC
@brawadis Brandon I think u should change your wallpaper to something other then Saric...
09 Apr, 03:08 AM UTC
@JokerWRLD Dario Saric playing for the clippers right now bro he’s so fucking ass
09 Apr, 02:53 AM UTC
Menino NeyMurray 🇧🇷
Los Angeles Clippers legend Dário Saric
09 Apr, 02:53 AM UTC
Bench saric please
09 Apr, 02:53 AM UTC
Stop letting saric handle the ball give it to cp3 duh
09 Apr, 02:53 AM UTC
Iso Joe
Saric shouldn’t play the rest of the game
09 Apr, 02:52 AM UTC