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Taylor Swift Updates
💿 | Taylor’s 7th studio album “Lover” will officially be released in 3 DAYS! #LoverIn3Days Pre-order/pre-save now:
20 Aug, 04:00 AM UTC


Bryan Craig
#GrandHotelSeason2 am I right
20 Aug, 02:21 AM UTC


Pop Crave
.@ScooterBraun, @ArianaGrande, and her team wish #DemiLovato an early happy birthday backstage at #SWTLondon tonight. 🎉 @PopCrave's photo on #DemiLovato
20 Aug, 12:02 AM UTC


im crazy for myself. my last braincells worked hard here #crazyformyself @BTS_twt #BTS
20 Aug, 12:53 AM UTC


"What I'm thinkin' is @LukeGallowsWWE & @KarlAndersonWWE vs. @BraunStrowman and @WWERollins for the #Raw #TagTeamTitles TO-NIGHT!" The #UniversalChamp wants more gold?! #RAW @WWE's photo on #tagteamtitles
20 Aug, 01:14 AM UTC


Bill Gates
Tomorrow is #WorldMosquitoDay, when we recognize all of our partners and grantees who are fighting against the world’s deadliest animal and the diseases it spreads: @BillGates's photo on #WorldMosquitoDay
20 Aug, 03:04 AM UTC


#ISRO Lunar Orbit Insertion (LOI) of #Chandrayaan2 maneuver was completed successfully today (August 20, 2019). The duration of maneuver was 1738 seconds beginning from 0902 hrs IST For more details visit
20 Aug, 04:34 AM UTC


Randy Orton
The six most dangerous letters in @WWE. #RKO #FTR #FTRKO @DashWilderWWE @ScottDawsonWWE @RandyOrton's photo on #FTRKO
20 Aug, 03:51 AM UTC


Beyonce has an uncle named Larry Beyince. Bruh....
Bojangles found out the hard way. #ChickenSandwichTwitter is not to be fucked with. You gotta be ready to die for this shit
19 Aug, 10:42 PM UTC


[#KCONAFTERPARTY] Last but not least, MAMAMOO (@RBW_MAMAMOO) officially closes out KCON 2019 LA’s After Party with a bang! #MAMAMOO #마마무 @kpopconcerts's photo on #KCONAFTERPARTY
20 Aug, 04:46 AM UTC


Emma (August #vss365 host) 🦄
20 Aug 19 🎶Let me be your haven Let me be your light Sail with me across the ocean deep And find a place for love and joy #prompt: [ Haven ] #vss365 #Haven Haven - We Banjo 3
20 Aug, 05:01 AM UTC


Catelynn Baltierra
Vaedas here to tell you that the season finale of #TeenMomOG is tonight on @mtv don’t miss it! We have our visit with Carly ❤️ @CatelynnLowell's photo on #TeenMomOG
19 Aug, 12:55 PM UTC


People who get on treadmills next to me when there are plenty of open ones #PetPeevesAtMyGym
20 Aug, 02:33 AM UTC


Steve Austin
Thanks everybody for helping us trend!! If you enjoyed the show please help a brother out and use #straightupsteveaustin I would love to get season 2. @USA_Network The numbers talk!
20 Aug, 04:06 AM UTC


Kate Chastain
Dear @robmacy, You raised such lovely son. Thank you. Sincerely, The entire world. #BelowDeckMed
20 Aug, 01:56 AM UTC


उठो ये मंज़र-ए-शब-ताब देखने के लिए कि नींद शर्त नहीं ख़्वाब देखने के लिए —इरफ़ान सिद्दीक़ी #TuesdayThoughts
20 Aug, 04:14 AM UTC


Are they a Perfect Match or not? What do you think? 📺 Watch a new episode of #AYTO TONIGHT at 11/10c on @MTV 👀 @AREUTHE1's photo on #AYTO
19 Aug, 03:00 PM UTC


"Mad Cat" Cattis
#HeyGodCouldYou help everyone find that one special friend who is always there for them?
20 Aug, 05:16 AM UTC

Justin and Max

Not everyone wants to see Justin and Max be a match 👀 #AYTO @AREUTHE1's photo on Justin and Max
20 Aug, 03:57 AM UTC

Ross Lyon

Titus O'Reily
Ross Lyon sacked. Says he still has a passion for being paid lots of money.
20 Aug, 01:51 AM UTC


happy song :) 0613 - 1013 bangtan’s debut jimin’s birthday @laughkpop's photo on HAPPY SONG
20 Aug, 03:28 AM UTC

Billie Eilish's Bad Guy

.@billieeilish just became the first artist born in the 2000s to have a no. 1 hit 😭
19 Aug, 08:32 PM UTC

Wendy's and Popeyes

Imani Gandy
Wendy’s and Popeyes are beefing. Chick-fil-A and Popeyes are beefing. Smashmouth and Boston market are beefing. What the hell is going on today
19 Aug, 11:26 PM UTC

U.S. Steel

Carl Quintanilla
(Reuters) - United States Steel Corp. will temporarily lay off hundreds of workers at its Great Lakes facility in Michigan in coming weeks, according to a filing the steelmaker made with the State of Michigan. (via ⁦@TimAeppel⁩) $X
20 Aug, 12:17 AM UTC

Aunt Fanny

nobody: aunt fanny from the Robots movie: @jaeIeon's photo on Aunt Fanny
19 Aug, 07:06 PM UTC


Complex Sports
Devin Booker: We not doubling in open gym... I get that sh*t all season Joakim Noah: Yea we are 😂😂 @ComplexSports's photo on Joakim
20 Aug, 03:20 AM UTC

Jill Biden

Sarah Jones
Jill Biden may have settled for her husband but I'm not sure why anyone else should
19 Aug, 09:30 PM UTC

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes

Marky-Mark and the Funky Mode
Finding out that Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes split is almost as shocking as finding out that Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes were dating
20 Aug, 12:12 AM UTC

Suga Mama

hazel london fan page
If Suga Mama dead I’m settin Disney on fire.
19 Aug, 08:35 PM UTC

Little Brother

Little Brother. May The Lord Watch. Midnight. #LBbizness #MTLW @phontigallo's photo on Little Brother
19 Aug, 02:19 PM UTC


eu não consigo expressar o nojo que eu to sentindo desse governo, não é apocalipse não, é crime ambiental! #PrayforAmazonia
20 Aug, 01:05 AM UTC


Grand Hotel
The Mendozas have many questions they need answered tonight on an all-new #GrandHotel! @GrandHotelABC's photo on #GrandHotel
19 Aug, 04:01 PM UTC


United. 🤝 #SYTYCD @DANCEonFOX's photo on #SYTYCD
20 Aug, 01:17 AM UTC


big yikes
disneyland worker when they’re on their break but a kid sees them:
19 Aug, 08:21 PM UTC

Nick Mullens

Rob Lowder
Nick Mullens. Kendrick Bourne. Touchdown #49ers. (🎥: @NFL) @Rob_Lowder's photo on Nick Mullens
20 Aug, 02:58 AM UTC


Demi Lovato posta vídeo no Instagram ao lado de Scooter Braun, Ariana Grande e sua equipe de dançarinos antes de show da Sweetener World Tour. Os mesmos ainda fizeram um comprimento para comemorar o aniversário de Demi que será amanhã (20). @siteptbr's photo on Braun
19 Aug, 10:40 PM UTC


Jödi-nger's Cat
I signed up for a lobotomy #ThenIChangedMyMind
20 Aug, 01:30 AM UTC

JPJ and Tayshia

Brett S. Vergara
Me trying to determine if I’m into JPJ and Tayshia as a couple #BachelorInParadise @BrettSVergara's photo on JPJ and Tayshia
20 Aug, 01:34 AM UTC

Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn has 3 years left on his current #WWE deal. I legit feel sorry for him #Raw
20 Aug, 02:27 AM UTC

Vic Joseph

I’d vouche for Vic Joseph to be the lead voice of #WWE #Raw... Having him on the show tonight, taking over for Lawler, and having Michael Cole take a step back was a breath of fresh air.
20 Aug, 02:53 AM UTC


Tayshia and JPJ are the couple of paradise I didn’t know I desperately needed #bachelorinpadadise
20 Aug, 12:40 AM UTC

Carson Kelly

Dbacks Snake News
Carson Kelly has just tied Miguel Montero for the most home runs for a catcher (18) in a single season in Dbacks franchise history. #RattleOn
20 Aug, 04:13 AM UTC

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx

E! News
After six years together, Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have called it quits.
19 Aug, 08:45 PM UTC


Blake: “We met at stagecoach...NOTHING HAPPENED” #BachelorInParadise @BarstoolRia's photo on Stagecoach
20 Aug, 01:04 AM UTC

Drew Lock

Mike Klis
Good news: X-rays negative on Drew Lock's right passing hand, per source. #9sports
20 Aug, 02:36 AM UTC

Jimmy Garoppolo

NFL Update
In his first game action since suffering a torn ACL in Kansas City, Jimmy Garoppolo went 1/6 for 0 yards and an interception. Rough outing.... but it doesn’t count.
20 Aug, 12:51 AM UTC

Michael Cole

Ryan Satin
"Sasha, with all due respect, no one is talking about your blue hair." - Michael Cole 😂😂
20 Aug, 02:04 AM UTC

bradley chubb

Bradley Chubb is a beast 😤 (via @thecheckdown) @ESPNNFL's photo on bradley chubb
20 Aug, 01:14 AM UTC


me when columbia drop me from the label because billie eilish took the number 1 spot @LilNasX's photo on Kristina
19 Aug, 10:19 PM UTC


San Francisco 49ers
Runnin' through yo' block like DEEBO! @19problemz takes the reverse 45 yards to help set up the #49ers TD 🙌 @49ers's photo on #49ers
20 Aug, 02:15 AM UTC


I have my #Queen I'm going to take the THRONE. Next #KingOfTheRing @AndradeCienWWE's photo on #KingOfTheRing
20 Aug, 02:04 AM UTC


Capri Marie: Makeup Artist 💋
A1 ain’t shit. You’ve been cheating on your wife all this time, but you wanna cry about her taking a mental break from yo cross dressing ass for a week? Fool is you serious? 🤦🏾‍♀️ #LHHH
20 Aug, 12:36 AM UTC

Kevin Hogan

Kevin Hogan, take a bow! 🙌 #SFvsDEN @NFL's photo on Kevin Hogan
20 Aug, 03:05 AM UTC


9NEWS Sports Denver
.@Dalton_Risner66 checking out #Broncos Stadium before his first game on his field of dreams. He’s representing his hometown of Wiggins, CO by wearing a cowboy hat 🤠 and boots- “I don’t see any farmers hanging around the fence.” #9Sports @9NEWSSports's photo on #Broncos
19 Aug, 09:11 PM UTC

Booger McFarland

Booger McFarland just advised Phillip Lindsay to go into debt. I hope he gets fined for this
20 Aug, 02:59 AM UTC


Black Madeline
Drascilla in South Korea when she doesn’t get to walk on tables with her dirty feet.. #90dayfiancetheotherway
20 Aug, 01:52 AM UTC


Patrick Smyth
Broncos QB Joe Flacco on @ESPNNFL MNF telecast: This stadium is unbelievable. I can’t wait to play in front of these fans in the regular season.”
20 Aug, 01:14 AM UTC


Sean Ross Sapp Of And The Twltter
I loved that Rollins/Strowman backstage segment. It made the Raw Tag Team Titles look like a prize worth the top guy's attention.
20 Aug, 01:16 AM UTC


Jenniggafer Hopez
Yall finna have Popeyes on here tweeting to Chick fil A, KFC, Bojangles, & Boston Market like @Asia_Bean's photo on Bojangles
19 Aug, 07:49 PM UTC

Boston Market

Boston Market
Customer: Can I get something like Boston Market mac & cheese but mediocre? Other guys: My pleasure
19 Aug, 06:37 PM UTC

Dakota Hudson

St. Louis Cardinals
Dakota Hudson's 12 wins lead all @MLB rookies!
20 Aug, 03:10 AM UTC


Live PD on A&E
🚨An all-new episode of #PolicePatrol starts TONIGHT at 8PM, followed by a new #LiveRescue at 9PM🚨 @OfficialLivePD's photo on #LiveRescue
19 Aug, 09:00 PM UTC


Denver Broncos
IT'S GAMEDAYYYYYYY in the Mile High! #SFvsDEN @Broncos's photo on #SFvsDEN
19 Aug, 02:21 PM UTC


Bad Bitch Paige
#RAIGE’s 1st real kiss 🥰 @Remdelarem #AYTO
20 Aug, 03:31 AM UTC

deebo samuel

Mike Clay
Sorting 49ers WRs...Dante Pettis was good as a rookie, but he's been outplayed by rooks Deebo Samuel & Jalen Hurd, but Trent Taylor could lead team in catches, but M Goodwin is still a starter, but Kendrick Bourne was the 18 leading receiver, but Jordan Matthews & Richie J...etc
19 Aug, 01:32 PM UTC

Planned Parenthood

Ryan Fournier
BREAKING: President Trump has defunded Planned Parenthood. Promises made. Promises kept.
19 Aug, 07:32 PM UTC


[WEVERSE] 🐋 @BTS_twt HOSEOK | 19.08.2019 Hobi comentó un post: ARMY: Hobiiii, se que es un secreto pero ¿Qué estás haciendo en Estados Unidos? 🥺🥺 JH: Lo siento, negocios importantess...... 🥺🤭 ~"Important business" la frase legendaria de Bangtan 🤣🤣💜💜 Pam🦋~ @BangBangtan_Esp's photo on IMPORTANT BUSINESS
20 Aug, 02:52 AM UTC

The Revival

BREAKING: @XavierWoodsPhD was rushed to a local medical facility following the attack on Raw by @RandyOrton and The Revival.
20 Aug, 02:40 AM UTC


I feel like Cesaro did that for Tyson Kidd
20 Aug, 01:19 AM UTC


No Context DevilArtemis
Kermit’s changed... @NoContxtArtemis's photo on Graves
19 Aug, 01:09 PM UTC

Shake Shack

peppa (페파) stan account
me going to see what’s up with popeyes, wendy, shake shack, kfc, boston market, bojangles and chick-fil-a @peppablink's photo on Shake Shack
19 Aug, 11:09 PM UTC

Emmanuel Sanders

Bleacher Report
8 months after tearing his Achilles, Emmanuel Sanders is back and doing this 💪 (via @NFL) @BleacherReport's photo on Emmanuel Sanders
20 Aug, 12:21 AM UTC

Ryan Allen

Mike Reiss
The Patriots have informed punter Ryan Allen that they are releasing him, per a source. Fifth-round pick Jake Bailey (Stanford) now the top punter.
19 Aug, 10:37 PM UTC

Shelby Harris

I've seen enough from Shelby Harris, let the man rest for the remainder of the preseason. Gonna be a beast this year
20 Aug, 12:36 AM UTC

Rey Mysterio

Raphael Wilson
@reymysterio @lordsofpain @WWE Rey Mysterio, will come out on Raw tonight, with a salmon coloured mask, pretend he's retiring and turn heel. Mark my words 😂... #RAW #WWENetwork
19 Aug, 10:52 PM UTC

Bob Barker

Y’all better leave Bob Barker OUT OF THIS!! I thought the Lord done called him home. 😩 @CutieE305's photo on Bob Barker
20 Aug, 12:27 AM UTC


WWE Universe
Hope you're enjoying #RAW! It's #WatchAndWin time! 50 lucky fans who Quote and RT this tweet with their WWE Universe username and both hashtags #WatchAndWin and #RAW before 9:35 PM ET will win awesome in-game gifts! Best of luck, everyone!
20 Aug, 01:09 AM UTC

Sonya Deville

Smark to Death Podcast
Sonya Deville is probably one of the most underrated performers in all of wrestling. I think she is just so great. #RAW
20 Aug, 02:12 AM UTC


Jamie Foxx
Season Finale of @BeatShazamFOX tonight!!! Will we give away another million to finish out the summer??? Tune in 8/7c on FOX. #beatshazam @iamjamiefoxx's photo on #BeatShazam
19 Aug, 06:43 PM UTC


The #KingOfTheRing Tournament kicks off, @AJStylesOrg defends the #USTitle against @BraunStrowman, and more. Here is everything you need to know before tonight’s #Raw. @WWE's photo on #USTitle
19 Aug, 10:00 PM UTC


Daryl Ruiter
#Browns have 2 more practices left. So far 124 puppies have been adopted. If they get 16 adopted over the final 2 days, team will reach 500 & average 100 adoptions per camp since the program began in 2015
19 Aug, 07:51 PM UTC


Bully Ray
Here we go...@BustedOpenRadio is LIVE NOW!! @IAmJericho at 10am talking @AEWrestling sellouts, debut on @AEWonTNT and possible Wednesday night WARS!! Also...We wanna know what your #KOTR brackets look like. Who makes it to the finals? Who wins? Call in... (877) 344-4893 @bullyray5150's photo on #KOTR
19 Aug, 12:59 PM UTC

Joe Ross

You guys continue to impress me with your support, THANK YOU!! Today’s MLB card: $2000 MAX⚾️ Nationals F5 ML (-120) $2000 MAX⚾️ Nationals ML (-120) That’s right, HIT EM BOTH WAYS!!!👀Joe Ross coming out party today, Nats bats are on 🔥🔥🔥 POUND EM!! BOL to us!🔥💰🤙🏼
19 Aug, 08:31 PM UTC


UP NEXT: @JerryLawler hosts #TheBoss @SashaBanksWWE on The #KingsCourt after her shocking comeback last week! #RAW @WWE's photo on #KingsCourt
20 Aug, 12:22 AM UTC


Darren McKee
Wow!!!!! Best play of preseason and Bolles screws it up!!!! Wow...
20 Aug, 12:41 AM UTC

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