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Robert Reich
Graham, Sasse, Rick Scott and Tim Scott holding up bill because it provides unemployment benefits of $600 per week for 4 months. After they voted to give big corps $500,000,000,000. Senators, This is a national emergency. We want people to stay home. What don't you get?
25 Mar, 09:23 PM UTC
Sailor Michael
Tim Scott, Lindsey Graham and Ben Sasse are trying to hold up the bill because they say it puts an incentive on being unemployed..That is straight bull****. Who in the hell quit their job over a small check that doesn't pay your car note? GTFOH
25 Mar, 05:30 PM UTC
Ricky Davila
Let me get this right... American workers are suffering from being laid off to prevent spreading a deadly virus. So, Lindsey Graham, Ben Sasse, Tim Scott are delaying relief because they say it promotes unemployment? THESE CROOKS ARE BLAMING PEOPLE FOR BEING LAID OFF. WTF?
25 Mar, 08:50 PM UTC
🔥Aiden Wolfe
A real tantrum being thrown by Ben Sasse and every other GOP prick born with a silver spoon impaling their rectum. Foaming at the mouth like one of Ted Nugent's feral furry fuck toys because poor folks might get an extra hundred dollars. The sadism here is fucking supernatural.
25 Mar, 07:15 PM UTC
Steven Dennis
IMPORTANT: The problem Sasse, Tim Scott and Graham have is that the UI benefits would be larger than what many low-wage workers make because of the *extra $600 per week.* They worry that would create an incentive for low-wage workers to get laid off and stay laid off.
25 Mar, 06:15 PM UTC
Norman Ornstein
I am watching a really interesting debate on the Senate floor with Dick Durbin and Ben Sasse. Sasse is trying to praise healthcare workers wnile he is sliming them And showing a complete misunderstanding of the unemployment insurance process. If these people voluntarily quit 1/
26 Mar, 12:43 AM UTC
Norman Ornstein
Ben Sasse joining his thoughtless, heartless colleagues holding up the rescue bill because they want to stick it to those thrown out of work by the pandemic. Remember when Sasse was celebrated as the thoughtful, reasonable conservative? I do.
25 Mar, 09:40 PM UTC
Charles P. Pierce
Can someone please explain to me how having Bernie Sanders block the bill instead of the Scott-Graham-Sasse trio is to the advantage of the Democrats?
25 Mar, 08:38 PM UTC
Sarah Reese Jones
Republican Senators like Lindsey Graham and Ben Sasse are blocking the coronavirus stimulus bill because they think it is too good to laid-off people. via @politicususa
25 Mar, 08:01 PM UTC
Ben Sasse doesn't get enough credit as the most comprehensively loathsome "person" in the Senate
25 Mar, 09:44 PM UTC
People for Bernie
This is why @BernieSanders should be President of the United States: "If [Sasse/Graham/Scott's amendment] does go far I will introduce an amendment to deal with the corporate welfare, the $500 billion in corporate welfare." @People4Bernie's photo on Sasse
26 Mar, 01:43 AM UTC
ben sasse is such a fucking dipshit and openly stating his disdain for the working poor - how the fuck do people vote for lizards like this
26 Mar, 01:19 AM UTC
Chad Pergram
Sens Graham/Sasse/ScottSC: A massive drafting error in the current version of the coronavirus relief legislation could have devastating consequences: Unless this bill is fixed, there is a strong incentive for employees to be laid off instead of going to work.
25 Mar, 05:24 PM UTC
Josh Barro
The Graham/Scott/Scott/Sasse objections to the unemployment insurance provisions in the coronavirus rescue package do not make sense even on their own terms.
25 Mar, 10:53 PM UTC
Kyle Cheney
INBOX: Scott, Sasse and Graham oppose fast-tracking coronavirus bill over provision they say incentivizes workers to be laid off. @kyledcheney's photo on Sasse
25 Mar, 05:19 PM UTC
Jennifer Franco
#BREAKING: The Senate rejects an amendment to the coronavirus emergency legislation proposed by Sen. Sasse to ensure employees wouldn’t earn more not working, than working. (Vote was 48-48, falling short of the 60 vote threshold needed to pass.)
26 Mar, 03:21 AM UTC
Chad Pergram
Senate rejects Sasse amendment on barring those taking unemployment benefits from making more than they would if they were on the job The amendment by Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) needed 60 yeas. The vote was 48-48, falling short of the 60 vote threshold
26 Mar, 03:17 AM UTC
Steven Dennis
Inbox: Heritage Action warning that emergency UI benefits that pay more than low-wage workers make “threaten America's workforce” and praise Scott/Scott/Sasse/Graham. They argue this will ultimately hurt workers by not having them “attached to their employers”
25 Mar, 10:04 PM UTC
Chad Pergram
Vote series starts on Senate floor on coronavirus pkg. This is on the Sasse amdt to bar those from making more on unemployment than they would on the job. Needs 60 yeas. Expected to fail.
26 Mar, 02:43 AM UTC
Christine Pelosi
“Show me your budget; show me your values” FAILED Sasse amendment to keep $600 from the lowest paid workers whose livelihoods are being sacrificed to flatten the curve of a pandemic. #COVID19
26 Mar, 04:49 AM UTC
Ted Boutrous
Who could possibly in good conscience vote for the Sasse Amendment, morally or even politically?
26 Mar, 03:01 AM UTC
John Nichols
The objection raised by Senators Scott, Sasse and Graham to the Senate bill are based on ignorance and cruelty. The senators are concerned that impoverished workers might be in a position to demand a little more money. That's not "Life-Threatening." That's Life-Enhancing.
25 Mar, 07:58 PM UTC
@tedlieu @EvansKevans55 @GOP Graham, Sasse, Rick Scott and Tim Scott holding up bill because they serve the interests of Koch/#KochNetwork
26 Mar, 02:39 AM UTC
🚨*UPDATE*🚨 i should have read this first, didn't know.... the bill is shit, but i shall revert my attention to Sasse, Miss Graham and Scott being horrible people for focusing on the wrong thing.
25 Mar, 08:20 PM UTC
Senators Ben Sasse (R-Neb.), Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Tim Scott (R-S.C.), Rick Scott (R-Fla.) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas) Tried to hold up the bill because they didn't want people making minimum wage to earn more than their old wages I hope these 5 senators get Coronavirus tomorrow
26 Mar, 05:08 AM UTC
Dolly Madison ✌🏻
@KellyReed72184 @LindseyGrahamSC @BenSasse @SenatorTimScott Nurses in South Carolina & Nebraska need to revolt against Graham, Scott, & Sasse.
26 Mar, 05:15 AM UTC
@sobasoba___KC えええ待ってるとっても待ってるよ🥺☁️❕
26 Mar, 05:13 AM UTC
𝘕 𝘢
@mazi_sasse かいたんの可愛い寝顔も間近で拝みたいし 一緒に寝よ ....... ? ☺️ きっと 安心しきってゆるゆるなお顔なんやろなぁ (;ω;) ♡
26 Mar, 05:13 AM UTC
Sharon Slater Loyd
@Sen_JoeManchin Why @Sen_JoeManchin ? WHY ??? Why did you vote YES on ill-conceived Sasse amendment? 48-48: Senate defeats Sasse amdt to third coronavirus economic aid bill on near party line vote. 60 votes were needed. Democrat Manchin voted Yes.
26 Mar, 05:13 AM UTC
@95929kc お話したかったーーー!だからリプ来てニヤけた☺️❕てかね、オムニバスで撮ってた動画に多分まりこちゃん映ってたの(笑) ハンズインポケット岸くん我ながら語呂がいいな☺️(褒められて喜ぶな) 本当にかっこいいよね、、Mazyやばかったね(;__;)!
26 Mar, 05:13 AM UTC