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Robbie Slater
@Craig_Foster Well done mate ! This will be your greatest achievement ! #SaveHaekeem
11 Feb, 10:47 AM UTC
Staunch Atheist SaveHakeem 🇦🇺
So it seems Hakeem al-Araibi will be released. Whilst I still don’t fully believe it: A big thank you from Australia to the Thais & others who supported the #SaveHakeem campaign! 👌🏽 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺 #SaveHaekeem #SaveHakeem #HakeemAlAraibi #Hakeemhome
11 Feb, 08:29 AM UTC
Bahrain Human Rights
"مركز البحرين لحقوق الإنسان" يرحب بقرار السلطات التايلاندية الإفراج عن لاعب كرة القدم البحريني المحتجز لديها حكيم العريبي الذي سيصدر نهاية اليوم بعد أن أسقطت البحرين مذكرة تسليمه. وذلك بعد جهود ومطالبات حقوقية بالإفراج عنه #SaveHaekeem #Bahrain Bahrain Human Rights's photo on #SaveHaekeem
11 Feb, 09:20 AM UTC
I think that Craig Foster deserves a massive shoutout for keeping #SaveHaekeem at the front of our minds. Not often you see a former sports star act so effectively & with such class.
11 Feb, 09:17 AM UTC
Michael Usher
First reaction from @Craig_Foster tonight on the surprise release of #SaveHaekeem from Thai custody, plus reaction from @ScottMorrisonMP and @MarisePayne. Huge news. Live on “The Latest from 7News” at 10.30pm @Channel7.
11 Feb, 11:00 AM UTC
Tim Wilson MP
Outstanding news that Hakeem al-Araibi is to be released from a Thai custody, and returned home tonight. Thanks to @MarisePayne, @dfat and all who fought to #SaveHaekeem for your work — we all look forward to bringing him home 🇦🇺 https://t.co/bG1zWp888m
11 Feb, 09:26 AM UTC
Paul Marsh
Massive congrats to @Craig_Foster @thepfa @WorldPlayersUtd and everyone else involved in the #SaveHaekeem campaign. One of the most inspiring things I’ve seen in my time in sport.
11 Feb, 10:36 AM UTC
Claire Mallinson
Thanks to all of @amnestyOz supporters and to our amazing friends @AmnestyThailand who did such courageous work to help #SaveHaekeem @Craig_Foster
11 Feb, 10:13 AM UTC
This is too emotional to me 😭😭❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 thank god thank you Australia , Australian people and all people over the world who fought to #SaveHaekeem #Hakeemhome
11 Feb, 11:08 AM UTC
Viet T
@Craig_Foster Your passion is unmatched. Thank you for being a strong voice when those in power stood back and watched. A true gentleman and unwillingness to backdown. You should never have to buy a drink ever again! #hakeemhome #SaveHaekeem
11 Feb, 09:36 AM UTC
Toddy O
Hey @Craig_Foster you are a deadset champion for what you have done to #SaveHaekeem
11 Feb, 10:32 AM UTC
حـســـن الــسـتري
حكيم حر .. والعار سيلاحق اصحاب الأغلال #SaveHaekeem
11 Feb, 11:25 AM UTC
حـســـن الــسـتري
حكيم شنهو تقول لحكومة #البحرين ؟ #SaveHaekeem حـســـن الــسـتري's photo on #SaveHaekeem
11 Feb, 12:18 PM UTC
شكراً#استراليا حكومةً وشعباً وللمنظمات الحقوقية وبعض اللاعبين الدوليين القدامى وناشطي البحرين المهجرين قسراً في الدفاع المستميت عن اللاعب الدولي حكيم العريبي والضغط على السلطات التايلنديه الظالمه في اطلاق سراحه اليوم✌🏼 #SaveHaekeem
11 Feb, 01:27 PM UTC
You did it @Craig_Foster your name is all over #Bahrain #SaveHaekeem Fadhelyusuf🇧🇭's photo on #SaveHaekeem
11 Feb, 01:00 PM UTC
Tim Miller
If @Craig_Foster isn’t the next Australian of the year I will emigrate. What an incredible man who has lived his values, we should all be more like Craig #BeLikeCraig #SaveHaekeem #AusPol
11 Feb, 11:28 AM UTC
Awesome news. #SaveHaekeem is on his way home.
11 Feb, 10:38 AM UTC
العذراء والشعرالأبيض
@greeen_mojo الحمدلله والله يجبر بخاطره وخاطر عروسته عن اللي صادهم والله يجزي كل من تضامن معاه سواء عرب أو أجانب في أزمته #SaveHaekeem
11 Feb, 10:20 AM UTC
Alexandra Gummer
Incredible news! @Craig_Foster you are one of a kind! The power of football community can be amazing... #SaveHaekeem https://t.co/xd11cKjayi
11 Feb, 11:18 AM UTC
Omgd! This is bloody brilliant news. @Craig_Foster You have done Hakeem, his family, your family, Australia and all of Humanity proud! You deserve a standing ovation for the effort you have put into #SaveHaekeem 🙌🙌👏👏 https://t.co/vqynH3Wzxu
11 Feb, 10:36 AM UTC
หอย4ever🐚💋Dangerous Boy❤
ในที่สุด https://t.co/m3IudHhww1 #SaveHaekeem
11 Feb, 10:03 AM UTC
saud524خادم ال ياسين
الفرحه بانتصار هالشخص تخلي الابتسامه ماتفارقك انتصار مظلوم وأخذ حقه حتى لوكان هذا الحق منقوصا إلى أن يرجع لوطنه بريئا يبقى انتصار مظلوم على الظلم يفرحنا جميعا #SaveHaekeem
11 Feb, 12:21 PM UTC
@Craig_Foster @ahkh990 This is was a nightmare for us. I hope he’ll recover soon form the damage they have done to his mind because of fear. I can’t imagine that #SaveHaekeem #Bahrain
11 Feb, 11:47 AM UTC
Trisha Carter
#SaveHaekeem has turned into #HakeemHome and #HakeemSaved https://t.co/WCkAkt69w6
11 Feb, 11:43 AM UTC
What an awesome work @Craig_Foster has been doing and his countless hours of unconditional effort finally paid off. Craig Foster made the nation and soccer fan around the globe proud. I hope he gets in FFA BOD and changes the way our system works. #SaveHaekeem #HakeemAlAraibi
11 Feb, 11:34 AM UTC
Bobby Norris
So on one hand you have @Craig_Foster - a remarkable man, great humanitarian and his work for #SaveHaekeem has been awe inspiring. Then on the other hand you have the current rabble at the @FFA - who rejected this great man. The sport is a mess and it’s no wonder why.
11 Feb, 11:26 AM UTC
Just goes to prove, if you believe in something so much and put in the effort, you can achieve. @Craig_Foster Hats off to you. #SaveHaekeem
11 Feb, 11:23 AM UTC
Jamie Manson
Well done on all your hard work @Craig_Foster #SaveHaekeem #HakeemSaved #HakeemHome Refugee footballer Hakeem al-Araibi to return to Australia https://t.co/N4uloBDdlR
11 Feb, 10:43 AM UTC
الحمدلله كما ينبغي الحمد منتهاه مبارك الإفراج عن اللاعب #حكيم_العريبي #SaveHaekeem
11 Feb, 01:44 PM UTC
Catherine Dowlan
@kalnaga This great outcome re #SaveHaekeem is the result of several factors: including an inspiring people-powered groundswell of support! Always hope 🙏 #humanrightswin https://t.co/Ni1GWDsHLi
11 Feb, 01:33 PM UTC
11 Feb, 01:24 PM UTC
Mahdi frhan🇫🇷
We are all honorable Bahrainis inside and outside Bahrain. Thank you for your humanitarian efforts, which contributed greatly Thank you @Craig_Foster You are really a great man ، We oppressed the Bahrainis, proud of what you did❤️❤️ #SaveHaekeem Mahdi frhan🇫🇷's photo on #SaveHaekeem
11 Feb, 01:17 PM UTC
Janet Muggivan
@MikeCarlton01 @Craig_Foster But how telling a hero like @Craig_Foster could achieve what our politicians could not / would not. Thank you! #SaveHaekeem
11 Feb, 12:49 PM UTC
Anne CL
Great work by @drharry64 and @craigchallen They have helped @Craig_Foster to release Hakeem. Well done everyone! #SaveHaekeem #HakeemisFREE #HakeemHome
11 Feb, 12:39 PM UTC
Wow great news!! Great work by everyone, incl @FIFAcom, Thai govt and definitely @Craig_Foster For his unbelievable effort!! What a great man and champion. We all wish to have a great friend like him in our corner in a time of need! #SaveHaekeem #Hakeemhome https://t.co/69RVTERCa5
11 Feb, 12:38 PM UTC
@Craig_Foster You legend! What you have done for #SaveHaekeem is above and beyond ❤️
11 Feb, 12:26 PM UTC
What a great man @Craig_Foster is. He believed in something and made his voice heard #SaveHaekeem
11 Feb, 11:45 AM UTC
Stuart Smith
@Craig_Foster #SaveHaekeem a truly magnificent effort Craig. All of Australia should be immensely proud of you and your efforts. Such a shame we don't have the same level of passion humanity and desire in our political leaders Have a drink or three, time with your wonderful family and enjoy!
11 Feb, 11:39 AM UTC
Ben Manning
Well done @Craig_Foster for leading a whole-of-sport/community movement to #SaveHaekeem
11 Feb, 11:36 AM UTC
@Reem_Khalifa Thank to @Craig_Foster is the hero of this battle #SaveHaekeem
11 Feb, 11:29 AM UTC
Amanda Pearce
Congratulations @Craig_Foster so very proud of your tireless work #SaveHaekeem
11 Feb, 10:36 AM UTC
Early nom for Australian of the year @Craig_Foster #SaveHaekeem
11 Feb, 10:35 AM UTC

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