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Saddick Adams
Dear Vodafone, the future is NOT exciting at all. Dear MTN, you are not present at everywhere we go but everywhere we pay Dear Airtel/Tigo, Life with you is NOT simple Dear Glo, how can we rule our world with an unstable network #SaveOurData and give us quality service
02 Dec, 06:09 AM UTC
Saddick Adams
A lot of people are investing their future into mobile data not cos they're are aimless. But cos they want to stay connected, stay up to date and acquire knowledge online Mobile operators have thus taken advantage to milk. Ghana data is EXPENSIVE May be #SaveOurData Demo soon
01 Dec, 09:03 PM UTC
Saddick Adams
If you buy data in Ghana and you have felt the exploitation, disrespect, horrible services and exorbitant charges, never tweet without adding #SaveOurData We are going to walk soon. Keep them on their toes it your government and ministry won't.
02 Dec, 09:18 AM UTC
Saddick Adams
#SaveOurData is trending and I assure it will not end here on Twitter. We are walking to the Communications Ministry and all the Telcos soon. We are not angry enough
02 Dec, 09:12 AM UTC
Saddick Adams
Data is NOT cocaine everywhere. But it is in Ghana #SaveOurData
02 Dec, 06:17 AM UTC
Saddick Adams
According to A4AI data research published by CNN earlier this year, Ghanaians use more than 20% of their average earnings for just 1GB of mobile data. By contrast, the most affordable rates in the continent are in Egypt at 0.5% and Mauritius at 0.59%. #SaveOurData
02 Dec, 11:29 AM UTC
Gary #JoySports
The data issue is just depressing chale. And has been so for awhile. Frustration is how powerless it all seems. #SaveOurData
01 Dec, 11:45 PM UTC
Nungua Mia Khalifa. 🇬🇭
Dear @MTNGhana, Your network is big across Africa. You are the biggest running mobile money network. The largest network usage in Ghana. What at all again do you want that you keep robbing us of the little cash we raise from our hustles? #SaveOurData
02 Dec, 08:44 AM UTC
Dove 👸
From 500mb to 127MB .... #SaveOurData I’m walking too @SaddickAdams count me in #SaveOurData
02 Dec, 09:56 AM UTC
The ones who have to push and continue pushing this are the bloggers and those of us who are heavy users of data.we must go beyond mere tweeting @ameyaw112 #SaveOurData
02 Dec, 08:16 AM UTC
Dove 👸
I haven’t renewed my data just yet but I’ve seen these ridiculous packages. We are not angry enough. Tag your network @MTNGhana @airteltigoghana @VodafoneGhana #SaveOurData
02 Dec, 09:52 AM UTC
Lawyer Ntikateche Bombay Isaiah
#SaveOurData The average Ghanaian spends too much.. way too much on data as compared to our brothers and sisters in other countries. The NCA and Telcos should do something about this. Money no dey saa o wey the small we get too we dey spend all on common data. That's ridiculous!
02 Dec, 12:12 PM UTC
❡០⩔៩Ʀ⩎០Ʀ 🇳🇬🇬🇭
@MTNGhana 1.Your bundles do not expire buh I just purchased kokroko bundle of GH¢1.09 which was to give 436MB and 21.80min talk time But I received only 400MB and 20min which doesn't correspond to what u guys said and I was notified it expires HOW? @SaddickAdams #SaveOurData https://t.co/cbufEpE3sU
02 Dec, 06:03 AM UTC
abdallah mohammed
We can't be spending all our incomes on data bundle,, please all the telecos should do something before we demonstrate against them,,, @SaddickAdams #SaveOurData
02 Dec, 09:48 AM UTC
kwabena Ess😍❤🇬🇭
Now di3 my mtn sim will just be used to transact momo s3 i will buy bundle again never. Sick people @MTNGhana #SaveOurData
02 Dec, 10:27 AM UTC
❡០⩔៩Ʀ⩎០Ʀ 🇳🇬🇬🇭
My people just dial *125# and continue pressing 1 u will thank me 😎 they think they are smart Retweet for others to see this❗❗ #SaveOurData @gyaigyimii @Mr_Ceyram @SaddickAdams @sarkodie @garyalsmith @Kaypoisson1 @kobby_kyei @ameyaw112 @johndumelo1
02 Dec, 12:37 AM UTC
Univ. of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA)
Gradually, the semester is grinding to a halt, and the Joshua Alabi Library is beginning to experience the usual pressure that accompanies the End of Semester Examinations. We wish all fresh and continuing students an exciting and successful examination! #SaveOurData @UPSASRC https://t.co/W2iMxLjpa6
02 Dec, 10:39 AM UTC
I can't be spending all my income on data bundle @VodafoneGhana something needs to be done!!! @SaddickAdams #SaveOurData
02 Dec, 11:09 AM UTC
Apostle Max
#SaveOurData why must u pay for calls and browsing... I don't remember last time I purchase credit... Follow me @MaxwellGyesi and retweet I will DM u de trick simple @MaxwellGyesi's media on #SaveOurData">https://t.co/LbvQMDgoVs
02 Dec, 11:57 AM UTC
On the real we the mtn users should come together and stop using the network till they do something about this bundle thing... Upon all the money you have you still draining your customers.. if we drop that "mtn network" i think you'll come to your senses! #SaveOurData @MTNGhana
02 Dec, 01:38 PM UTC
I purchased 100gh Glo data and its been almost 5months yet still i hve some data which i cN use for a month or two i guess.. just try mtn 😂 ma guy u go die 😂 u enter facebook n))) u have used 50% of your bundle 😂 charlie help #SaveOurData
02 Dec, 01:44 PM UTC
Danies Jabuni
#SaveOurData #SaveOurData #SaveOurData
02 Dec, 01:43 PM UTC
3y3 wagyimi kakra stay focus😂😂😂😂
@SaddickAdams Let's blame our useless leaders who knows how to spend money buh not working( not only this leaders, buh the past leaders and now) Very useless leaders and such a useless kentry we dey. #SaveOurData
02 Dec, 12:43 PM UTC
This is @MTNGhana's way of taking back the quick loan money 😂😂😂.#SaveOurData
02 Dec, 01:42 PM UTC
Tuff Seed (Efo)
@MTNGhana x @VodafoneGhana Do something about your data charges fast or we advise ourselves. Yooo!!! #SaveOurData
02 Dec, 01:40 PM UTC
joe wellington blay
The way data start dey cost for this country inside eh, boys go shun dey do long distance relationship oo.. You do small video call then ur data all finish.. eeeii #SaveOurData
02 Dec, 01:40 PM UTC
@SaddickAdams Not in Gh. We only know how to threaten the telcos. It's a sad distin. #SaveOurData
02 Dec, 01:44 PM UTC
@MTNGhana the data that I’m paying for, I’m unable to use it at home because of your poor network and u have increased it too #SaveOurData
02 Dec, 01:44 PM UTC
GøødKid BørnSinner 🔰🔴⚪⚫
#SaveOurData na we taya too much
02 Dec, 01:44 PM UTC

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