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Elijah Yelverton
100% COMMITTED 🐤🖤 Tight End U #swarm20
12 Apr, 02:19 PM UTC
NUFC 360
Schar’s worth has gone from £3M to £30M in the space of a season. What a gem. #NUFC
12 Apr, 08:17 PM UTC
Fantasy Premier League
BONUS POINTS AS IT STANDS 3 - Perez 2 - Dubravka 1 - Lascelles, Schar #FPL #LEINEW Fantasy Premier League's photo on Schar
12 Apr, 09:04 PM UTC
Squawka News
Leicester XI vs. Newcastle: Schmeichel, Pereira, Morgan, Maguire, Chilwell, Tielemans, Ndidi, Gray, Maddison, Barnes, Vardy. Newcastle XI vs. Leicester: Dubravka, Manquillo, Lascelles, Schar, Dummett, Ritchie, Ki, Hayden, Almiron, Perez, Rondon.
12 Apr, 06:03 PM UTC
#NUFC Portal
Schar is like the defender Messi wanted to be. #NUFC
12 Apr, 08:18 PM UTC
Sky Sports Premier League
#NUFC XI v #LCFC: Dubravka, Manquillo, Lascelles, Schar, Dummett, Ritchie, Ki, Hayden, Almiron, Perez, Rondon 📺 Watch live now on Sky Sports PL and Main Event
12 Apr, 05:59 PM UTC
AFP news agency
#BREAKING Protesters clash with police in central Algiers AFP news agency's photo on Schar
12 Apr, 05:38 PM UTC
what do you think of fabian schar?
12 Apr, 08:16 PM UTC
Pingu 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Fabian Schar>Van Dijk. Don’t @ me.
12 Apr, 08:17 PM UTC
@Will__NE Paolo Maldini has Fabian Schar posters on his bedroom wall
12 Apr, 09:24 PM UTC
Andrew Musgrove
Fabian Schar was superb - cleared up everything, and is fantastic on the ball. United don't miss the creativity of Jonjo Shelvey all that much when Schar is on form, and given the freedom to go forward - like he was tonight. #NUFC
12 Apr, 09:51 PM UTC
® Lewin ❌
@Louiecrit @EngelGert Was für eine traurige Gestalt dieser Hofnarr @Janboehm doch ist. Dennoch versammelt sich unter seinem Teppichkanten-Niveau eine Schar vollkommen rückgratloser Mitläufer, des eigenen Denkens komplett unfähig, aber prollig laut, um diesen König der Gosse zu huldigen.
12 Apr, 02:59 PM UTC
Alexander Umeakubuike ™ 🤕🔱⚜️
Leicester XI vs. Newcastle: Schmeichel, Pereira, Morgan, Maguire, Chilwell, Tielemans, Ndidi, Gray, Maddison, Barnes, Vardy. Newcastle XI vs. Leicester: Dubravka, Manquillo, Lascelles, Schar, Dummett, Ritchie, Ki, Hayden, Almiron, Perez, Rondon.
12 Apr, 06:08 PM UTC
@ftblmax42 rafa > rodgers schar > maguire dubravka > schmeichel rondon > vardy gn x
12 Apr, 10:10 PM UTC
Mohsin Khan
Schar is quite a decent footballer really isn’t he! #NUFC
12 Apr, 08:19 PM UTC
@fabianschaer @helloIamBesty If Virgil Van Dyke had gone on that run tonight that Schar did Sky Sports would have an hour special on it... great performance all round
12 Apr, 10:19 PM UTC
Fabian Schar is seriously underrated, worried he leaves in the summer to be perfectly honest
12 Apr, 11:29 PM UTC
laughable that some people think Van Dijk > Schar
12 Apr, 11:01 PM UTC
The Fabian Schar Appreciation Society #Nufc
12 Apr, 10:19 PM UTC
Hype Train (Rob)
Fabian Schar. Joel Matip a close second. Lionel Messi a distant third.
12 Apr, 10:50 PM UTC
Bobby Gibson
Btw best part of the game was Schar turning in Franz himself in the middle of the second half. Unreal player. If Almiron had scored there it’d been some goal
12 Apr, 09:44 PM UTC
Is Schar actually serious? The man is fucking unreal. #NUFC
12 Apr, 08:17 PM UTC
Michaela Huber
@waltraud488 Leider ist die Polizei - offensichtlich auch die Sonderkommission - nicht nur ahnungslos, was Formen und Inhalte organisierter sexueller Ausbeutung angeht. Sie können auch nicht gucken. Eine Schar Kinder-Detektive wäre erfolgreicher gewesen. Blamabel und extrem fahrlässig.
12 Apr, 10:38 PM UTC
Daniel King
Fabian Schar is my favourite Newcastle United player since Cabaye, bags of sauce and a side of bastardery
12 Apr, 10:12 PM UTC
Charley Roberts
I saw Schar do this v Cardiff and score with his weak foot. Levels #nufc
12 Apr, 11:15 PM UTC
@Callummwhufc Fair but Schar has still conceded 1 less
12 Apr, 09:46 PM UTC
@tfNUFC Schar was utterly brilliant, what a player. The 10 amongst the other 9’s.
12 Apr, 10:23 PM UTC
Nathan Johnson
What a player schar is, 3m absolute bargain
12 Apr, 09:56 PM UTC
Robert Atkinson 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
12 Apr, 11:52 PM UTC
Just seen that schar video Christ alive
12 Apr, 11:10 PM UTC
@Lee18_92Johnson They were. But Schar, what a player.
12 Apr, 10:25 PM UTC
Fabian schar is in the top 10 centre backs in the world rn
12 Apr, 09:56 PM UTC
@nufcporl And how many games has Schar played
12 Apr, 09:46 PM UTC
@schar_FGO おはようございます🎵
13 Apr, 01:07 AM UTC
13 Apr, 01:03 AM UTC
@DarrenBent Harry Maguire still in you TOTS (outside top 6) after getting tossed by Schar and the boys today? Another clean sheet for the man and top performance #NUFC
13 Apr, 01:00 AM UTC
Juan Miguel Mayorga.
Aquí te va una canción para ti… Cantata No.30 "Freue dich, erlöste Schar", BWV 30: 5. Aria: Kommt, ihr angefocht'nen Sünder de Johann Sebastian Bach
13 Apr, 12:58 AM UTC
@yelverton2002 so proud and happy for you! can’t wait to watch you on my tv one day💛
13 Apr, 12:57 AM UTC
13 Apr, 12:33 AM UTC
おはようございます! 昨日から新イベント始まってる中自分は石集めしてますww
13 Apr, 12:15 AM UTC
Dennis Baldwin
Fabian Schar is a better CB then Luiz, Smalling, Jones Socretes, Lovern, Zouma we’lol do well to keep a hold of him he’s top draw
13 Apr, 12:06 AM UTC
13 Apr, 12:03 AM UTC
@1993wilsonjoe Of course we do man, just they were nobodys when we signed them & cost pennies Dubravka (4mil) top 5 PL goalie, Schar (3.5mil) modern day Beckenbauer, Rondon basically Harry kane but 12 stone heavier
12 Apr, 11:50 PM UTC
@ciannnnnnnnn I left Dubravka and Schar on my bench but if I’d had either out I can guarantee we’d have not won so I’m happy anyway - also got Pereira out ahahaha I triple captained Hazard and he got a hattrick against Cardiff so can only wish you luck fella
12 Apr, 11:47 PM UTC
12 Apr, 11:33 PM UTC
callum lewis
@fabianschaer @NUFC You had a Fantastic game today Schar love watching you play at the minute.
12 Apr, 11:27 PM UTC
had a whole ciabatta roll thanks to @Schar_UK 🥺🤤
12 Apr, 11:19 PM UTC
Ken Adams
Fabian Schar is my dad
12 Apr, 11:11 PM UTC
哀しみを束ねて 剣に刃に ジャスティスの名の下 二度と消えることのない魂の種火をさあ灯せ
12 Apr, 11:03 PM UTC
Mathew Whittaker
Fabian Schar is the best defender in the world.
12 Apr, 11:00 PM UTC
Jack McGurk
Unplayable tonight! One of his best games in to toon shirt him and schar too!! ♥️ #NUFC
12 Apr, 10:59 PM UTC
Richard Redbeard
@Eoin70860346 @Skinnerr3103 I was impressed by Schar, searched his name, saw this shit and now I'm gonna leave 😂
12 Apr, 10:57 PM UTC
Current line-up: Dubravka Yedlin Schar Lascelles Dummett Conti Shelvey Diame Kenedy Perez Rondon
12 Apr, 10:37 PM UTC
12 Apr, 10:33 PM UTC
Ben Spratt
Fabian Schar sure got to Augusta quick.
12 Apr, 10:30 PM UTC
@rachelwillough6 can I swap you for Schar?
12 Apr, 10:27 PM UTC
Joni Hood
@NUFC Absolute class tonight keep it up. Schar was superb.
12 Apr, 10:20 PM UTC
Daniel Navin
I love Fabian Schar
12 Apr, 10:17 PM UTC
Ben Spratt
@JonnyKelsey @fabianschaer @NUFC Jonny, you’re going to have to start pronouncing this properly if you want a ticket for Southampton; oo eh, up the Schar
12 Apr, 10:17 PM UTC
@OfficialFPL Schar isn't on the bouns list! Is this becasue of the yellow card ir what? El-Fanagely's photo on Schar
12 Apr, 10:17 PM UTC
Bradley Heads
When I grow up I want to look like Fabian Schar
12 Apr, 10:15 PM UTC
Schar will tear you apart again 🎼
12 Apr, 09:59 PM UTC
Pᴀᴜʟ ʟʏɴɴ
@ADMusgrove Schar was unbelievably good. Barely broke sweat and his composure is superb for a centre back.
12 Apr, 09:57 PM UTC
#FPL The Gaffer
Disappointing evening! What happened Leicester??? I knew Pereira would blank, and I had Schar as third sub!! 🤬 Apparently Vardy missed a sitter too!! Arrrrrgggghhhh Anyway I’m off on a deserved break tomorrow so may be low key on here! Good luck all #FPL #FPL The Gaffer's photo on Schar
12 Apr, 09:53 PM UTC
Jon Lamberton
Class win. Defended like beavers. Support was mint as always. Schar is slowly but surely becoming one of my fav ever Toon players 👏 #Nufc
12 Apr, 09:46 PM UTC
Peter Tennant
Perez was at his best, Rondon ran his socks off, Schar went on a run that @rioferdy5 could only dream of, well done THE TOON,
12 Apr, 09:45 PM UTC
Blondie Hunter
Great win tonight for Newcastle ! I thought Hayden and Ki were excellent in middle of the pitch and Perez, Almiron and Schar outstanding too ! Just what we needed ! #NUFC
12 Apr, 09:45 PM UTC
Schar عالسيستم مش موجود ف اول 5 اصلا ازاي هياخد نقطه؟
12 Apr, 09:44 PM UTC

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