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this scherzer guy is pretty good, huh @Cut4's photo on Scherzer
08 May, 09:58 PM UTC
Scherzer allows 1 ER and strikes out 14 but the bullpen blows the lead twice, a breakdown
08 May, 11:25 PM UTC
Dave Portnoy
Congrats Max Scherzer. New strikeout record for an opposing pitcher at Yankee stadium. 14 effortless k’s. Making these guys look like a tball squad
08 May, 09:43 PM UTC
Rob Friedman
Max Scherzer, Painted 95mph Fastball. 🖌️🎨 @PitchingNinja's photo on Scherzer
08 May, 08:01 PM UTC
Another 10 strikeout game for @Max_Scherzer, and it only took him 4 innings today. 👀 @MLB's photo on Scherzer
08 May, 08:51 PM UTC
Talkin’ Baseball
Max Scherzer with a pretty rare stat line from Sunday @TalkinBaseball_'s photo on Scherzer
08 May, 09:22 PM UTC
Washington Nationals
This is Max Scherzer's 100th career game with 10+ strikeouts. It's the 4th inning. #Scherzday // #NATITUDE @Nationals's photo on Scherzer
08 May, 08:46 PM UTC
Washington Nationals
This is Max Scherzer's 11th career game with 14+ strikeouts. No active @MLB pitcher has more. #Scherzday // #NATITUDE @Nationals's photo on Scherzer
08 May, 10:04 PM UTC
Washington Nationals
Here are all 14 of Max Scherzer's strikeouts today. No visiting pitcher has recorded more strikeouts in a game at new Yankee Stadium. #Scherzday // #NATITUDE @Nationals's photo on Scherzer
08 May, 10:16 PM UTC
Rob Friedman
Max Scherzer, 84mph Changeup and 86mph Slider, Overlay @PitchingNinja's photo on Scherzer
08 May, 08:53 PM UTC
Talkin' Yanks
As Max Scherzer continues to make the Yankees look dumb today, please remind yourself that he does this to a lot of teams
08 May, 07:58 PM UTC
Yankees acquiring Scherzer at the deadline could be the equivalent of the Astros acquiring Verlander at the 2017 deadline. That kind of difference maker.
09 May, 01:10 AM UTC
Bryan Hoch
Aaron Judge: "We don't quit. Especially with Scherzer on the mound, he had our number all game, except for Higgy. We just kept battling." #YankeesZoomRoom @BryanHoch's photo on Scherzer
08 May, 11:58 PM UTC
Rob Friedman
Max Scherzer, Shakes (Amy Winehouse remix) @PitchingNinja's photo on Scherzer
08 May, 09:18 PM UTC
Washington Nationals
Max Scherzer has 11 strikeouts through 5 IP. 👁️👁️👁️👁️👁️👁️👁️👁️👁️👁️👁️ #Scherzday // #NATITUDE @Nationals's photo on Scherzer
08 May, 09:00 PM UTC
Sweeny Murti
15 career home runs for Kyle Higashioka. 3 of them off Cy Young Award winners—Price, Porcello, now Scherzer.
08 May, 08:24 PM UTC
Max Wildstein
I'd trade anyone not named Jasson Dominguez for even just three months of Max Scherzer. Those will be only thoughts regarding Max Scherzer and the Yankees.
09 May, 02:01 AM UTC
Jim Passon
Max Scherzer now has 2,845 career strikeouts. He is still closer to my career strikeouts total (0) than he is to Nolan Ryan’s (5,714).
08 May, 10:07 PM UTC
CBS Sports HQ
Max Scherzer threw his 100th career 10-strikeout game today! Nolan Ryan: 215 Randy Johnson: 212 Roger Clemens: 110 Pedro Martínez: 108 Max Scherzer: 100 Talk about great company 😳 @CBSSportsHQ's photo on Scherzer
08 May, 09:10 PM UTC
National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum ⚾
#OTD in 2001, Randy Johnson twirled a masterpiece. The @Dbacks left-hander struck out 20 Reds batters, becoming just the fifth pitcher to do so. Since then, only Max Scherzer has matched his feat. @baseballhall's photo on Scherzer
09 May, 01:15 AM UTC
If Max Scherzer gets traded and he doesn’t go to the Yankees, nobody better try to do that thing where they rationalize why it’s okay this happened.
09 May, 02:20 AM UTC
Katherine Rosales
El juego de hoy de los Nationals-Yankees es el #100 en la carrera de Max Scherzer con 10 ponches o más. Se convierte en el 5to abridor con más encuentros de 10 + K en la historia de la MLB. Nolan Ryan - 215 Randy Johnson - 212 Roger Clemens - 110 Pedro Martínez - 108 🔥🔥🔥
08 May, 09:33 PM UTC
Jordan Abreu
Max Scherzer se convierte en 5to lanzador con 100 o más Aperturas de 10+ ponches en la historia de MLB. Más partidos de 10+ K en los primeros 384 juegos de su carrera en MLB: Randy Johnson 161 Nolan Ryan 127 Max Scherzer 100 Pedro Martínez 98 Sandy Koufax 93 #JordanStats
08 May, 09:10 PM UTC
NBC Sports Nationals
Max Scherzer becomes fifth in MLB history with 100 double-digit strikeout games
08 May, 10:25 PM UTC
Jim Passon
Pitchers with 14+ K and 3 or fewer baserunners in a team loss: Max Scherzer (WSN) • 5/8/21 @ NYY Chris Sale (BOS) • 5/14/19 vs COL Chris Sale (CHW) • 6/19/15 vs TEX James Shields (TBR) • 10/2/12 vs BAL Randy Johnson (SEA) • 9/16/92 vs CAL Jim Maloney (CIN) • 6/14/65 vs NYM
08 May, 11:21 PM UTC
Javier Gonzalez 🇨🇺/🇺🇸
Alex Avila fue el catcher Max Scherzer entre 2010-2014, cuando ambos jugaban en Detroit. En 2021, siete años después, ambos vuelven a coincidir y el estelar ace de Washington está muy complacido del reencuentro. Asi me lo confesó para @pelotacubanausa hoy #NATITUDE #HazloGrande
09 May, 03:35 AM UTC
Yankees Slut
One big reason you break the bank to land Scherzer is to prevent competing American League teams from acquiring him. Could you imagine if the Toronto Blue Jays, Chicago White Sox, or (god forbid) Boston picked up Scherzer and knocked NYY out in the playoffs?
09 May, 01:25 AM UTC
Emily is safe at home
Every time Max Scherzer has another great start I think about just how wild it was that the Jays completely beat up on him
09 May, 12:00 AM UTC
Joe Manniello
Newsday's Sunday Early Back Page Yanks Max out after Scherzer exits @APSE_sportmedia
09 May, 01:25 AM UTC
Renier González Jr
Max Scherzer le comentó a @JavierGH1213 de @pelotacubanausa sobre su conexión con el receptor cubano-americano, Álex Ávila. No se pierdan la respuesta!!
09 May, 03:39 AM UTC