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Seth Abramson
You don't bring Matt Schlapp on CNN. You just don't. There are certain red lines that cable news should not be crossing, and a pretty obvious one is that you don't put insurrectionists on camera. There's no debate to be had with insurrectionists. They simply must be overcome.
23 Feb, 05:08 AM UTC
Kaitlan Collins
“Just because you fail in court doesn’t meant you don’t have a good case,” Matt Schlapp says on CNN when asked about a string of election lawsuit losses.
23 Feb, 02:48 AM UTC
Ricky Davila
Hey @CNN, any time you have a lying Seditionist propagandist on air such as Matt Schlapp, you’re helping them endorse the deadly insurrection all whilst simultaneously helping them promote another one. What’s wrong with you?
23 Feb, 03:20 AM UTC
Dr. Jack Brown
Hey @CNN, don't give Matt Schlapp an audience. He continues to tell blatant lies. You know this — yet you continue to give him a platform to spread propaganda. Stop. Now.
23 Feb, 05:13 AM UTC
Jon Ralston
Here's the full clip of Cuomo and Schlapp. A smirking Schlapp says twice that there was no signature verification of mail ballots in NV. This is a lie. I don't understand why there is no pushback on this. He and others in The Grifters Fraud Club keep saying this. It's garbage.
23 Feb, 04:15 AM UTC
Leah is in Twitmo till Wednesday 😡
That asshole CPAC chairman Matt Schlapp is saying you shouldn’t be allowed to vote by mail in this country. Tell that to the servicemen and their families stationed overseas you dick.
23 Feb, 02:42 AM UTC
Alex Cole
When Cuomo pressed Schlapp for examples of voter fraud Schlapp brought up cases involving Republicans committing fraud. 😆 What a dumbass.
23 Feb, 07:13 AM UTC
I have never had the stomach for watching a doofus like Matt Schlapp sit there and try to talk over Chris Cuomo the entire time, and I never will. That's trash TV.
23 Feb, 05:31 AM UTC
Cuomo Prime Time
American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp defends his decision to invite Donald Trump to speak at CPAC this weekend, despite the former President's ongoing lie that he won the 2020 election. @CuomoPrimeTime's photo on Schlapp
23 Feb, 03:09 AM UTC
Amee Vanderpool
“Just because you fail in court doesn’t meant you don’t have a good case,” Matt Schlapp erroneously states on CNN when asked about Trump's election lawsuit losses. Actually, it does-we accept the courts as a final arbiter of truth. Matt Schlapp is not a credible panelist, CNN.
23 Feb, 02:04 PM UTC
Charlie Sykes
CPAC continues to be shocked shocked to discover that somehow they have managed to book yet another one of the anti-semiticracistconspiracytheoristpedophiledefending crackpots who always seem to turn up as a featured speaker at Schlapp’s events.
23 Feb, 02:52 PM UTC
In 1923, Hitler attempted a coup in Germany and failed. By 1933, Hitler became the absolute dictator of Germany. The lesson from that is people who attack a democracy should be punished. Instead Matt Schlapp's CPAC is celebrating Trump this weekend. #CPAC2021 is embracing FASCISM
23 Feb, 01:03 PM UTC
Eric Slater
Shame on CNN for inviting that scumbag Schlapp to spew lies and propaganda. What's the point in giving these criminals a platform? ENOUGH.
23 Feb, 12:30 PM UTC
Steve Rustad
4 American deaths in Benghazi. GOP outrage. 16 investigations. COVID deaths? 500,000. No GOP outrage, no investigations. Craven assholes. #TrumpCrimeFamily #FireFauci Ron Paul Clarence Thomas Welfare Ben Carson Schlapp David Perdue Jesusland Horrified Naomi Wolf Powell
23 Feb, 03:50 PM UTC
Why would CNN have a disgraceful liar like Matt Schlapp on the air, anyway?
23 Feb, 02:50 AM UTC
Steve Rustad
Office of the Former President??? Trump never WAS a president. He was the mob boss of a crime syndicate, a gang of grifters, racists, liars, & scheming traitors. #TrumpCrimeFamily #FireFauci Ron Paul Clarence Thomas Welfare Ben Carson Schlapp Ben Carson David Perdue Jesusland
23 Feb, 03:31 PM UTC
#CPAC and Matt Schlapp @mschlapp this weekend will celebrate Donald Trump-a man who incited a terrorist attack on our Capitol that killed a police officer and injured 140 others. The right is embracing political violence and cop killing. My CNN #CPAC2021
23 Feb, 12:32 PM UTC
Shelby Kent-Stewart ™
Wassup, @CNN? You're not airing press briefings but you're giving air-time to Matt Schlapp? Big Mistake. Huge.
23 Feb, 04:02 PM UTC
Cully Hamner
@CuomoPrimeTime "If you have him on the platform, then you endorse what he says." ...You know, this applies to you having Schlapp on, too, doesn't it?
23 Feb, 04:12 PM UTC
Joe Hickman
'It's garbage': CPAC's MattSchlapp blasted for lying about fraud during CNN interview - Raw Story - Celebrating 16 Years of Independent Journalism
23 Feb, 04:04 PM UTC
Fed up in Illinois
'It's garbage': CPAC's Matt Schlapp blasted for lying about fraud during CNN interview
23 Feb, 04:14 PM UTC
Haha ich lach mich schlapp #Querdenken darf nun reisen. Ohne Maske , ich schwöre 👇🏻
23 Feb, 04:14 PM UTC
Stella TK Bosch
@RaheemKassam Schlapp is a bad dude.
23 Feb, 04:14 PM UTC
Steve Sterritt
@CPAC But Schlapp runs the thing!!
23 Feb, 04:14 PM UTC
Cadet Bone Spurs
@ItsMrsRabbitToU And 'Schlapp' in the German language? Limp floppy listless shattered worn-out washed-out
23 Feb, 04:13 PM UTC
@CuomoPrimeTime No more Matt Schlapp.
23 Feb, 04:13 PM UTC
Drain The Trumps 🇺🇸
Pointless WWE-style segments with hapless villains like Dick Schlapp are in the DNA of @CNN programming #ZuckerEffect
23 Feb, 04:13 PM UTC
Schlapp is the perfect FAKE CHRISTIAN
23 Feb, 04:12 PM UTC

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