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Nick de la Torre
Since 2018: Scott Frost: 10-19 (7-16) Chip Kelly: 8-19 (8-13) Dan Mullen: 27-6 (17-6) Good job, Scott Stricklin. Good job.
27 Nov, 10:20 PM UTC
Jeff Johnson
KF basically calls BS on Scott Frost's complaints about clapping to intentionally mess with Nebraska's "What are we talking about? Next thing you know we're going to treat it like golf ... It's football. Should I be changing my pants? My shirt?" All-time rant.
27 Nov, 10:22 PM UTC
Irrational Hawkeye
Nebraska winning percentage last 3 coaches: Bo Pelini .705 Mike Riley .500 Scott Frost .357 👍
27 Nov, 01:18 PM UTC
Sam McKewon
Scott Frost: "I’ve been doubted in this state before, and I’m sure there are some out there right now. But I know what happened last time. It’s going to happen again." #huskers
27 Nov, 09:55 PM UTC
Steven M. Sipple
Scott Frost tells reporters he's been doubted in this state before, and knows there are people probably doubting him now. He says, "I know what happened last time (there were doubters), and it'll happen again."
27 Nov, 09:56 PM UTC
#QBSneakU Barstool Hawkeyes
Only spiral Scott Frost is able to complete is the downward spiral this Nebraska program has taken @BarstoolHusker @BarstoolUIowa's photo on Scott Frost
27 Nov, 09:22 PM UTC
Scott Frost being an asshole over something that didn't happen
27 Nov, 08:43 PM UTC
Mitch Sherman
Nebraska coach Scott Frost talked a lot about his playing days in Lincoln after this loss to Iowa. He finished with this: "I’ve been doubted in this state before, and I'm sure there’s some out there right now. But I know what happened last time, and it’s going to happen again."
27 Nov, 09:54 PM UTC
Chaz in SoCal ❄️
I’ve said it since the day Scott Frost was hired. #Nebraska will be back when The Pipeline is back and not before.
27 Nov, 10:00 PM UTC
Patrick Simpson
Scott Frost, Jim Harbaugh, and James Franklin are a combined 3-12 this season
27 Nov, 09:22 PM UTC
Bobby Larsen
If the Huskers lose today, Scott Frost will match Mike Riley's loss total (19) at Nebraska while being nine wins from matching Mike Riley's win total (also 19).
27 Nov, 04:30 PM UTC
Jake Sorensen
Scott Frost before every single play to decide which QB to use:
27 Nov, 09:03 PM UTC
Pat Harty
Seems that Scott Frost either blames his players after a loss, or makes ridiculous excuses. Today was the latter.
27 Nov, 11:06 PM UTC
Scott Frost claiming the Iowa sideline clapping was the cause of this bad snap might be the most hilarious thing I've ever heard
27 Nov, 10:15 PM UTC
Ben Dawson
It's time for the update. Through 29 games.... Scott Frost: 10-19 .355 winning percentage Tim Brewster: 11-18 .379 winning percentage
27 Nov, 09:31 PM UTC
Pat Harty
I wonder who annoys Kirk Ferentz more between Scott Frost and PJ Fleck? Or, maybe it’s a tie.
28 Nov, 12:11 AM UTC
You can’t look at Scott Frost, Adrian Martinez, Wan’Dale Robinson, and Cam Taylor-Britt and not love their passion for the team. Scott MF-ing the ref. 2AM performing in return. Wan’Dale doing EVERYTHING. CTB crying in frustration as he left. #GBR my dudes.
27 Nov, 11:13 PM UTC
Mike Norvell, Scott Frost, Tom Herman and Justin Fuente. Maybe these AAC coaches aren't it.
27 Nov, 08:41 PM UTC
Adam Krueger
This is as animated as you'll see Kirk Ferentz get. He was having no part of Scott Frost's accusations that the #Hawkeyes sideline was clapping to throw off #Huskers center Cam Jurgens. Still not a rivalry huh?? @AdamKruegerTV's photo on Scott Frost
28 Nov, 12:39 AM UTC
Let's revisit this one.
27 Nov, 09:27 PM UTC
Hawk Central
Kirk Ferentz also wonders if Nebraska’s sideline would like him to change clothes. “The next thing you know, we’re going to be treating this like golf … where nobody is allowed to say anything,” Iowa’s coach said after the Hawkeyes’ 26-20 win.
28 Nov, 12:45 AM UTC
The Daily Iowan
The Iowa-Nebraska rivalry was on display on Black Friday. Husker players chirped at Keith Duncan in warmups, and Kirk Ferentz scoffed postgame at comments made by Scott Frost. In between, the No. 24 Hawkeyes won their sixth straight game in the series.
28 Nov, 12:22 AM UTC
Parker Gabriel
The practice grades were 'dead even,' so Scott Frost turned to both Adrian Martinez and Luke McCaffrey against Iowa via @LJSSportsWagner
28 Nov, 12:42 AM UTC
Ben Robison
Honestly, I think I’d be OK with regular losses in a competitive ISU series if it meant the Hawks never lost to PJ Fleck or Scott Frost.
28 Nov, 12:49 AM UTC
Caden Ollom
Can we all agree that Scott Frost is the most overrated coach in CFB by far.
28 Nov, 12:38 AM UTC
Curt Loves Burritos
Scott Frost puts the ouch in douche.
28 Nov, 12:50 AM UTC
Onazi Agbese MS SCCC
Last year a nebraska fan said that Scott frost would begin his multi year dominance over Kirk Ferentz starting last Black Friday... I guess we’ll just wait until next year
28 Nov, 12:45 AM UTC
Lincoln Journal Star
NU fans definitely share in Scott Frost's pain. Do they share in his optimism? Depends who you ask, and it's probably best to wait a few days.
28 Nov, 12:58 AM UTC
Husker Extra
Fans definitely share in Scott Frost's pain. Do they share in his optimism? Depends who you ask, and it's probably best to wait a few days #Huskers @HuskerExtraSip's column from Iowa City:
28 Nov, 12:50 AM UTC
Steve Yost
@swmckewonOWH I was there in Sundevil stadium when the Sun Devils beat NU with Scott Frost at QB & Ahman green at tailback. Asu tore down both goal posts and marched them down Mill goddamn Avenue. Frost came back. Frost will again.
28 Nov, 12:53 AM UTC

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