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Ron DeSantis
Effective immediately, I am officially suspending Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel for his repeated failures, incompetence and neglect of duty.
11 Jan, 10:04 PM UTC
John Cardillo
Was just told by a source inside Broward Sheriff’s Office that Scott Israel’s command staff, specifically the Colonels, began resigning this morning. Looks like Israel will be suspended pending removal by Gov. Ron DeSantis today.
11 Jan, 02:32 PM UTC
Andrew Pollack
Scott Israel’s self-described “AMAZING LEADERSHIP”cost Broward County innocent lives. Sheriff Greg Tony will restore integrity and honor to BSO. Broward needs a good cop not a shifty politician for Sheriff. Godspeed Sheriff Tony#Fixit
11 Jan, 11:11 PM UTC
ABC News
JUST IN: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis issues an executive order suspending Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel. ABC News's photo on Scott Israel
11 Jan, 09:58 PM UTC
Hillary was never supposed to lose. Brenda Snipes is no longer Supervisor of Elections. Governor DeSantis suspended Sheriff Scott Israel. Republicans are draining the Broward County swamp. #ScottIsrael
12 Jan, 12:18 AM UTC
Stephen Miller
Congrats to Scott Israel on his new job at CNN.
11 Jan, 09:50 PM UTC
Jim DeFede
BREAKING: @GovRonDeSantis just signed the executive order removing @browardsheriff Scott Israel, per source. He signed it in the car while driving into BSO parking lot. Announcement on @CBSMiami live shortly
11 Jan, 09:33 PM UTC
Dana Loesch
This is the statute that would have allowed Scott Israel and his department to arrest the murderer for digitally communicated death threats prior to the massacre:
11 Jan, 10:14 PM UTC
Praying Medic
Ron DeSantis suspends Scott Israel and appoints Gregory Tony as new Broward County Sheriff.
11 Jan, 10:50 PM UTC
Dana Loesch
When I told him this on camera at the CNN townhall, Scott Israel denied it. Prosecutors across the state disagreed:
11 Jan, 10:32 PM UTC
Kyle Kashuv
Good Riddance to Spineless Sheriff Israel! Only took 11 grueling months...
11 Jan, 11:07 PM UTC
Matt Gaetz
It’s a new day for accountability in Florida. The South Florida Water Management District has failed the people. Those who don’t resign should watch today what happens to Mary Beth Jackson & Scott Israel.
11 Jan, 02:35 PM UTC
LIVE Breaking News
BREAKING: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has signed an executive order suspending Broward Sheriff Scott Israel - CBS Miami
11 Jan, 09:53 PM UTC
CBS4 Miami
WATCH - .@GovRonDeSantis suspends @browardsheriff Scott Israel, names former Coral Springs Sgt. Gregory Tony as interim Sheriff. CBS4 Miami's photo on Scott Israel
11 Jan, 09:55 PM UTC
Suspended Broward Sheriff Scott Israel is an arrogant dirty cop and a coward. This egotistical loser really thinks his shit don't stink. As a turd and an expert on all things poo related ... Believe me, it does.
12 Jan, 12:36 AM UTC
WSVN 7 News
#BREAKING: Gov. Ron DeSantis has suspended Broward Sheriff Scott Israel.
11 Jan, 09:49 PM UTC
First Words
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Officially Suspends Broward Sheriff Scott Israel. Israel got cheered on by liberals at the CNN Town Hall after Parkland. They cheered for incompetence. They cheered for a coward and liar. They cheered for the bad guy. Because that’s who they are.
12 Jan, 12:39 AM UTC
Sean Spicier
Sheriff Scott Israel has denied all wrongdoing and like any good Democrat, blames Bush
12 Jan, 01:12 AM UTC
Justice has been served, and the #BrowardCoward Scott Israel has been removed from his post. Check out what @DLoesch had to say about long-overdue decision of @GovRonDeSantis. #FixIt #JusticeIsServed NRATV's photo on Scott Israel
12 Jan, 12:43 AM UTC
Alicia M. Starr 🌟 ❌
Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel has been officially suspended. 👇
11 Jan, 11:18 PM UTC
ABC News
MORE: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis issues an executive order suspending Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel due to a "pattern of poor leadership." "The families of the victims deserve accountability." ABC News's photo on Scott Israel
11 Jan, 10:07 PM UTC
Florida governor suspends Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel
11 Jan, 10:03 PM UTC
Go Trump
Scott Israel has been suspended thank you Senator Desantis....
12 Jan, 12:45 AM UTC
CBS News
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis suspends Broward Sheriff Scott Israel over Parkland massacre response CBS News's photo on Scott Israel
12 Jan, 01:19 AM UTC
Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel has been suspended for "repeated incompetence and neglect of duty" during the Parkland school shooting
11 Jan, 10:59 PM UTC
Donald J. Trump
Scott Israel, you're fired! Donald J. Trump's photo on Scott Israel
11 Jan, 10:22 PM UTC
Jim DeFede
So much for that seized drug plane @GovRonDeSantis was using. Source tells @CBSMiami, Governor had to delay his Broward press conference removing Scott Israel till 4:30 pm because the erstwhile doper plane lost cabin pressure and had to make an emergency landing in St Pete.
11 Jan, 07:47 PM UTC
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11 Jan, 10:54 PM UTC
Gerald Johnson
IT’S OFFICIAL: Gov. Ron DeSantis issues executive order to SUSPEND Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel via @twitchyteam
12 Jan, 01:32 AM UTC
@jordanataylor @RonDeSantisFL @floridastate Gregory Tony sounds more professional the way he talks on tv and will do a way better then Scott Israel. Job well done Ron DeSantis for taken action against Scott Israel.
12 Jan, 01:32 AM UTC
Christina Vazquez
Gov. DeSantis Removes BSO Sheriff Scott Israel From Office; ‘I Have No Interest In Dancing On His Political Grave’ – CBS Miami
12 Jan, 01:32 AM UTC
Chris Sully Cortez
Gov. Desantis of Florida just issued an immediate executive order suspending Broward County Sheriff, Scott Israel, for his inept “leadership” during the Parkland, Fl shooting.
12 Jan, 01:31 AM UTC
@ABC WELL DESERVED CHEERS for Scott Israel's removal/suspension. #CowardofBroward
12 Jan, 01:31 AM UTC
Molly's Mom
Breaking: Gov. DeSantis Signs The Order To Remove Sheriff Scott Israel, Names Gregory Tony As Replacement via @weaselzippers
12 Jan, 01:31 AM UTC

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