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Brian Windhorst
Russell Westbrook has 24 assists going into 2OT. Scott Skiles’ record of 30 assists has been around for almost 30 years but it’s in some danger.
11 Jan, 05:18 AM UTC

Westbrook is only 10 assists away from Scott Skiles' single game assist record.
11 Jan, 05:06 AM UTC
Russell Westbrook zanotował 24 asysty w przegranym 147-154 meczu z San Antonio Spurs. To jego najlepszy wynik w karierze. Do rekordu NBA zabrakło wiele. Scott Skiles miał 30 asyst w 1990 :)
11 Jan, 10:08 AM UTC
Elijah Carey
Please go to triple OT. I want Westbrook to break Scott Skiles' record of 30 assists.
11 Jan, 05:22 AM UTC
Andrés Alvarez
The record for assists in an NBA game is 30 and it's held by Scott Skiles. What's even more amazing, he did it in regulation, and he also took 13 shots!
11 Jan, 05:40 AM UTC
Bill DiFilippo
russell westbrook needs to get the assist record because scott skiles is a cop
11 Jan, 05:20 AM UTC
Mike Fischer
Scott Skiles did it in a regulation blowout win. You are silly for posting this tweet bait. Go back to following LeBron around Akron in the summer #PureMagic
11 Jan, 05:26 AM UTC
Atomic Grudge Inc.
@NBA A shame he couldnt beat out Scott Skiles
11 Jan, 06:23 AM UTC
Matthew Danieluk
@fernie_richard Wish he would have really gone for it and gotten the assist record. Would have been cool to have a real nba star and not freaking Scott Skiles owning that record.
11 Jan, 06:01 AM UTC
Matt Holzapfel
Russell Westbrook’s 24 assists tonight vs San Antonio were the most by an active player since Rajon Rondo had 25 on 12/27/17. Russ’ line: 24p/13r/24a (Loss) Rondo’s line: 2p/7r/25a (Win) *The NBA record for single-game assists is 30 by Scott Skiles on 12/30/90 vs Denver*
11 Jan, 05:43 AM UTC
Jiu-Jitsu Jimmy
Westbrook must ain’t know he was close to Scott Skiles record lmao
11 Jan, 05:32 AM UTC
Colton Pouncy
@mattyyyk First guess was Magic but I looked it up after seeing this haha. That’s a nice accomplishment for Scott Skiles
11 Jan, 05:32 AM UTC
Joe Hawkes-Beamon
@THAREALMIKEP Creeping into Scott Skiles territory
11 Jan, 05:30 AM UTC
Avry's Sports Show
Scott Skiles and his kids, all 18 of them are worried about Westbrook getting closer to his single-game assist mark. #OKCvsSAS
11 Jan, 05:26 AM UTC
Thousands free and high-res images on #Handholding #Love #Ring scott skiles's photo on scott skiles
11 Jan, 11:00 AM UTC
Scott Skiles record of 30 assists was in real danger. That 30 assists is one of the most impressive stats Ever to me.
11 Jan, 08:59 AM UTC
Eager Ev
@h8rproof82 Scott skiles with that 31 I think? Not sure
11 Jan, 08:43 AM UTC
Mamba out
@TrashTalk_fr Le record de Scott skiles peut sauter
11 Jan, 08:30 AM UTC
Saw Russ’ stats, got confused about how 24assists wasn’t a record and then had to be reminded of Scott Skiles with 30 (cues @ATCQ “Uh huh, you know science, you get buckwild Running mad games as if your name was Scott Skiles”)
11 Jan, 07:16 AM UTC
Trying to go after Scott Skiles I see
11 Jan, 06:36 AM UTC
@Polancooooo Bruhhhhhhh Could’ve broke Scott Skiles record
11 Jan, 05:57 AM UTC
@TrashTalk_fr Au final c’est pour ca que je dis que le record de scott skiles est pas imbattable ca reste possible (meme si tres duur)
11 Jan, 05:50 AM UTC
Pass Da Rock
Scott Skiles lives another day in the history books!
11 Jan, 05:45 AM UTC
Randy Dorsey
Russell Westbrook really was close to breaking the assist records set by Scott Skiles... wow... Lamarcus Aldridge put up 56 ... sheesh
11 Jan, 05:45 AM UTC
kerrie  🇰🇪
Russ needed 6 ast to tie Scott skiles record of 30 ast
11 Jan, 05:38 AM UTC
I just started appreciating Scott Skiles 30 assists game a lot more. It’s taken Russ 2 OT’s to accomplish 24 assists...CRAZY
11 Jan, 05:35 AM UTC
Gavin Gintz
Scott Skiles rooting for this game to end
11 Jan, 05:31 AM UTC
Cinco From Marketing
@TraeHopkins Yep Scott Skiles got the record
11 Jan, 05:29 AM UTC
It's still wild to me Scott Skiles had 30 assists in a non-OT game.
11 Jan, 05:25 AM UTC

See top twitter trends from United States.

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