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BREAKING : The #Buccaneers are very close to signing free agent WR Antonio Brown, per Ian Rapoport. Brown will likely join Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Scotty Miller in what was already a stacked WR room.
23 Oct, 10:23 PM UTC
Arif Hasan, but spooky 👻
don't get distracted. scotty miller is meant to confuse you. the real issue is that the antonio brown signing is an act of war declared upon tyler johnson
23 Oct, 11:14 PM UTC
Stank Bastard
WR1 Scotty Miller WR2 Chris Godwin WR3 M1K3 WR4 AB 2020 is wild y’all
23 Oct, 11:02 PM UTC
JC Cornell
Antonio Brown was the most productive receiver in the NFL from 2011-2018. Has averaged 86 YPG in his career. The Buccaneers have been banged up at WR all year from Chris Godwin to Mike Evans to Scotty Miller. AB can play all 3 WR positions. As long as he can behave this is a W.
24 Oct, 12:27 AM UTC
Adam Koffler
Initial reaction to Antonio Brown reportedly signing with the Buccaneers: Chris Godwin 📈 (slot targets ⬆️) Mike Evans 📉 (fighting with AB for targets on the outside) Rob Gronkowski 📉 (too many receivers to feed) AB - WR2 🔥 Scotty Miller now becomes droppable in all formats
23 Oct, 10:51 PM UTC
El Presidente of Griselda Records
Bucs WR Scotty Miller after hearing AB just got signed
23 Oct, 11:20 PM UTC
Jordan Moore
Buccaneers already have one of, if not THE best defense in the NFL. With the addition of AB... this offense is the best in the NFL (on paper at least) #GoBucs Tom Brady Ronald Jones Leonard Fournette Mike Evans Chris Godwin Antonio Brown Scotty Miller Rob Gronkowski Cam Brate
23 Oct, 10:45 PM UTC
Cory (Bucs 4-2)
QB: Tom Brady RB: Ronald Jones II WR1A: Mike Evans WR1B: Chris Godwin WR 3: Antonio Brown WR 4: Scotty Miller WR 5: Tyler Johnson TE 1: Rob Gronkowski TE 2: Cameron Brate #GoBucs
23 Oct, 11:43 PM UTC
🇰🇭Noah Terranova🇰🇭 #BlackLivesMatter ACAB
Antonio Brown 5 snaps in when Brady throwing more passes to Scotty Miller
23 Oct, 11:23 PM UTC
Tyler Sullivan
Most talented skill position group of Tom Brady’s career: Mike Evans Chris Godwin Antonio Brown Scotty Miller Rob Gronkowski Leonard Fournette Ronald Jones 🤯🤯 #GoBucs
23 Oct, 11:35 PM UTC
All these weapons and Brady still gonna throw it to Scotty Miller and Rob Gronkowski
23 Oct, 10:27 PM UTC
Antonio Brown when Brady targets Scotty Miller more than him in his first game on the Bucs
23 Oct, 11:55 PM UTC
Joe-l 🪐
He’s a changed man. Going to be a great role model for Scotty Miller
23 Oct, 11:32 PM UTC
Christopher Gasper
Ok, I guess. Gronk is coming on. I like the rookie Tyler Johnson. Brady seems to like Scotty Miller I'll confess I don't know the extent of Godwin's and Evans' injury situations, but they're both practicing. It just seems like a lot of mouths to feed.
23 Oct, 11:32 PM UTC
Chris James (🏴‍☠️Bucs 4-2) (🍢FSU 2-3)
QB: Tom Brady RB: Ronald Jones WR: Mike Evans WR: Chris Godwin WR: Antonio Brown WR: Scotty Miller TE: Rob Gronkowski TE: Cameron Brate 😈😈😈 Yes all according to plan
24 Oct, 12:39 AM UTC
The Fantasy Analyst
Can’t wait to see Scotty Miller lead the team in targets in the 2nd half of the year now..
24 Oct, 12:01 AM UTC
Selmon off the Edge
So who does this take the most reps from? Scotty Miller?
23 Oct, 11:41 PM UTC
Imagine if the Buccaneers played like how Stacked they really are The best qb of all time A ok o line not perfect 2 TE in gronk OJ Howard (I.R) Leonard fournette and ronald jones Mike evans Chris godwin Scotty miller Antonio Brown A defense that can be the best at some times
24 Oct, 12:37 AM UTC
🇰🇭Noah Terranova🇰🇭 #BlackLivesMatter ACAB
AB getting big heated after Scotty Miller walking away from that week 9 game with more targets
24 Oct, 12:36 AM UTC
this affects chris godwin big time and eliminates scotty miller,mike evans should be ok,also affect gronks/brate target share as well
24 Oct, 12:13 AM UTC
TK Fantasy Junkie
Scotty Miller shares everywhere just stayed the same.
24 Oct, 12:04 AM UTC
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23 Oct, 11:38 PM UTC
Mike Evans, Goodwin, AB , Scotty Miller , & Gronk that’s scary
24 Oct, 12:41 AM UTC
scotty miller the first time he sees AB in the lockerroom
24 Oct, 12:33 AM UTC
4nier 🇨🇦🐬
@JakeTrowbridge They should go get scotty miller
24 Oct, 12:07 AM UTC
Pumpkin Zone Resident 🏳️‍🌈
I think you can drop Scotty Miller
23 Oct, 11:40 PM UTC
Nolan Bohannon
@RealBirdLawyer Scotty Miller, or as I call him, Scotty Killer disrespect is real. @MillerTime___10
23 Oct, 11:57 PM UTC
Final Fantasy Football (3-3)
@FantasyGoobers I strongly disagree. Evan’s dealing with injury, Godwin can’t stay healthy, Scotty Miller can’t stay healthy and welcome to the bench, OJ Howard done. You’re looking at: Evans, AB, Godwin, Gronk Fournette, Rojo Brady That’s a stupid great starting roster imo!
23 Oct, 11:52 PM UTC

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