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Rick Wilson
If David Rhodes of the Oath Keepers can be charged with sedition, so can Steve Bannon.
13 Jan, 11:19 PM UTC
Natasha Bertrand
MORE: DOJ has charged 11 defendants with seditious conspiracy related to the Capitol attack on January 6, 2021, including the leader of the Oath Keepers, Stewart Rhodes. It is the first time the DOJ has used the sedition charge in more than 700 cases related to 1/6. via @kpolantz
13 Jan, 06:44 PM UTC
John Collins
Tucker Carlson: "How many have been charged with sedition?" Eleven, Tucker. Eleven.
14 Jan, 02:20 AM UTC
Tim Young
Since they arrested that oath keeper guy on sedition... I'm sure Ray Epps is next, since he's on multiple videos literally committing sedition... right?
13 Jan, 08:41 PM UTC
Kevin M. Kruse
Sedition! @KevinMKruse's photo on Sedition
13 Jan, 07:28 PM UTC
So long as we're arresting people for sedition, let's talk about Marjorie Taylor Greene last night openly calling for "Second Amendment Solutions" against Democrats if they pass the voting rights act.
13 Jan, 06:59 PM UTC
Lindy Li
Stewart Rhodes, head of the Oath Keepers, and 10 of his goons were arrested for sedition This mastermind behind the Capitol terrorist attack is missing an eye because he was stupid enough to shoot himself in the face …while working as a firearms safety trainer I kid you not
14 Jan, 04:05 AM UTC
The DOJ now confirms what we said in January 2021: it was sedition. We won’t rest until they are all brought to justice. @MeidasTouch's photo on Sedition
13 Jan, 07:08 PM UTC
Really American 🇺🇸
Sedition has consequences, and a bunch of traitors are in the "find out" part of consequences. RT if you're glad those seditious criminals are behind bars.
14 Jan, 05:29 AM UTC
The Daily Show
RIP to the "no sedition charges" talking point, 2021-2022 @TheDailyShow's photo on Sedition
14 Jan, 01:06 PM UTC
Marshall Cohen
TAKEAWAYS from the landmark Jan. 6 sedition case: (1) DOJ finally went there. (2) New details of plans for violence. (3) The attack could've been worse. (4) The seditious plot was bigger than Jan 6 itself. (5) Prosecutors are moving up the food chain.
13 Jan, 11:32 PM UTC
Jennifer 'pro-voting' Rubin
@LarrySabato This is enormously important. If the attack was sedition that anyone involved is part of the criminal conspiracy. Moreover, it invokes 14th A, Section 3. This is the anchor for pulling in Trump and his allies. HUGE.
13 Jan, 06:53 PM UTC
The Washington Post
Analysis: We now have the first seditious-conspiracy charges from Jan. 6. Here’s how historic that is.
13 Jan, 09:34 PM UTC
Michael Tracey
The absolute glee with which Dems/liberals greet "sedition" charges -- despite the long history of such charges being used to stifle and criminalize speech -- once again demonstrates their untameable eagerness to crush political enemies with the most extreme available state power
13 Jan, 09:59 PM UTC
Sailor Michael⚓✈
Turns out the DOJ hit the Oathkeepers Leader with Sedition charges..That is the closest thing to treason that you can get is what I am reading..This is a huge deal and it means heads are about to roll.
13 Jan, 07:09 PM UTC
Amanda Carpenter
Why did the Oath Keepers make such careful, detailed plans? Why so many weapons? Could it be, maybe, they plotted to violently overthrow the government? Can everyone call it sedition now?!? Looking at you Bannon, Fox News, & WSJ From me.
14 Jan, 12:05 PM UTC
Glenn Greenwald
Democrats are such authoritarians that they really do believe DOJ charges are tantamount to Truth. Yes, Merrick Garland -- after a year of refusing to do so -- capitulated to mounting pressure and attacks from Dems by finally charging sedition. Everything in this video was true:
14 Jan, 01:26 PM UTC
Philip Bump
Has the “but no one was charged with sedition” crew figured out where the goalposts are going to be? Or are they still working on pushing out the “we never said Epps had to be ‘law enforcement’” talking points?
14 Jan, 12:31 AM UTC
Glenn Greenwald
Democrats/US liberalism is an authoritarian movement. Everything is catastrophized: going back to Russiagate, they don't fight political opponents but instead traitors and terrorists. Sedition is typically an authoritarian tool so of course they love it:
14 Jan, 01:29 PM UTC
Gunther Eagleman L.E.O. Retired
I wonder how long it will take before they charge anyone from BLM or Antifa with sedition...
14 Jan, 01:37 PM UTC
Jennifer Jacobs
“Finally, they’re charging people with the sedition we saw with our own eyes on live TV. Hopefully one day the feds will learn the identity of that shadowy figure, who was the president, who told them to do it,” Colbert says on @colbertlateshow, of Jan. 6 @JenniferJJacobs's photo on Sedition
14 Jan, 11:04 AM UTC
Analysis: U.S. built 'textbook' case of sedition charges for Capitol attack -legal experts @Reuters's photo on Sedition
14 Jan, 12:45 PM UTC
Glenn Greenwald
After Dems spent 4 years pretending to want an apolitical DOJ, they mounted increasingly shrill attacks on Garland to the point that he had to have a news conference to promise he'll do more. Let's see if "sedition" holds up in court. It rarely does.
14 Jan, 01:27 PM UTC
Glenn Greenwald
This is what happened the last time sedition charges were brought. It was 2012, and the Obama DOJ under Eric Holder charged 5 members of the Christian militia Hutaree. The judge threw out all the charges, ruling it was based on protected speech.
14 Jan, 01:35 PM UTC
The seditious conspirators are facing 20 years in prison. Finally, somebody is gonna get more time for sedition than I got for weed.
14 Jan, 01:09 PM UTC
Rachel Vindman
I can't stop singing this today. It gets better with age @RandyRainbow #SeditiousConspiracy SEDITION! - A Randy Rainbow Parody via @YouTube
14 Jan, 01:27 PM UTC
Raw Story
'Let the games begin': Legal experts say new sedition charges prove a coup and insurrection on Jan. 6
13 Jan, 07:41 PM UTC
DOJ unveils explosive sedition charges against the Oath Keepers for the Jan. 6 attack
13 Jan, 07:34 PM UTC