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Juan Gomez
Well Senator Cruz is flying to Cancun while millions of Texans do not have electricity #Priorities #ThanksforNothingSenator @ProjectLincoln @keithedwards @shannonrwatts @Juan_Gomez18's photo on Senator Cruz
18 Feb, 01:57 AM UTC
Steve Vladeck
During the biggest crisis in Texas in decades: Governor Abbott: Went on Fox to (wrongly) blame green energy. Lt. Gov. Patrick & AG Paxton: Unusually quiet compared to the press releases that usually accompany their culture wars. Senator Cruz: Ran away to Cancun. #Leadership.
18 Feb, 01:03 PM UTC
Jen Perelman
Governor Abbott & Senator Cruz’s absurd talking points are brought to you by the fossil fuel industry. #AbbottFailedTexas #texaswinterstorm
17 Feb, 08:10 PM UTC
Texans are freezing to death. No power. No heat. Covered in ice. Where is Senator Cruz? Cruz flew to Cancun.
18 Feb, 11:58 AM UTC
JJ in the USA🗽
@tedcruz Senator Cruz, maybe you could open up your home as a shelter, since you’re not using it at the moment?
18 Feb, 12:27 PM UTC
Imagine during a debate for a U.S. Senate seat the question was asked, “would you be in the state working side by side with those on the ground during a state of emergency or would you flee to a more comfortable setting and ‘work’ from a distance?” Your answer senator Cruz?
18 Feb, 01:10 PM UTC
Senator Cruz helped cause insurrection then when your state is in an emergency you take a vacation to Cancun! He needs to resign immediately.
18 Feb, 05:36 AM UTC
Ffs. Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale, a business owner did more for Texans without electricity and food than Senator Cruz. @tedcruz priorities include the sun and sand in Cancun. Senate GOP is full of shitbags.
18 Feb, 01:14 PM UTC
Lloyd and Maria
@emmahondry @ezralevin @EarthMother60 Add and Senator Cruz flew away to warm and sunny Cancun. What a total POS
18 Feb, 06:08 AM UTC
Once more for clarity. TEXAS SENATOR CRUZ is vacationing in Cancun while BETO, (the guy who ran against Cruz and lost) is making sure Texans are safe. (Saying this as a Texas voter): we get the leaders we deserve.
18 Feb, 01:14 PM UTC
SeoulSister 🌿
@tedcruz Where are you, Senator Cruz? Rumor has it that you’re in Cancun right now.
18 Feb, 01:14 PM UTC
David Cline
I often speak of integrity and honor. Senator Cruz may not have broken any laws or done anything immoral, but he certainly is not acting honorably toward his constituents. We would all do well to ask what honor requires of us, and act accordingly.
18 Feb, 01:11 PM UTC

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