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Tim Miller
If you think the GOP putting on the Donald Trump suicide vest won’t impact future elections then I’d like to introduce you to Senators Ossoff and Warnock.
12 May, 03:18 PM UTC
Amy Klobuchar
There’s a crisis when there's an insurrection because Senators push the Big Lie. There’s a crisis when voters stand in line in garbage bags. There’s a crisis when you can’t hand out water or there’s ONE ballot drop box for 5 million people. We NEED the For the People Act. @amyklobuchar's photo on Senators
12 May, 02:48 PM UTC
If we really want to say #RIPGOP, we have to beat weak-ass Senators in winnable states in 2022. Your RT and small donation will support our efforts to achieve that goal.
12 May, 11:59 PM UTC
The ReidOut
.@RepSwalwell said, “It’s so frustrating to watch this and hear my colleagues try to erase history” on the conduct of GOP congressmen in the hearing.
13 May, 12:12 AM UTC
Citizens for Ethics
The Koch network + senators who benefit from their spending = a corrupt alliance against popular and desperately needed democracy reforms @CREWcrew's photo on Senators
12 May, 04:00 PM UTC
Adam Kredo
SCOOP: Congress Orders Biden to Cancel Iran Talks as Tehran-Backed Terrorists Attack Israel -- More than 40 senators led by @MarcoRubio say Biden's sanctions relief for Iran will fuel more terrorism against Israel
13 May, 12:04 AM UTC
Charles Booker
Kentucky’s 2 U.S. Senators are gross hypocrites, but insulting an entire commonwealth of hardworking people is ignorant and counter to our collective prosperity as a nation. Kentuckians will not be a GOP or Dem punching bag for a fight over tax cuts for the rich. Delete this.
12 May, 08:06 PM UTC
Ian Millhiser
Why is the Facebook Oversight Panel any less legitimate of a court than a Supreme Court where a third of its members were appointed by an unelected president and confirmed by a bloc of senators representing less than half of the country?
13 May, 12:55 AM UTC
Ottawa Senators
#SensSayThanks @Senators's photo on Senators
13 May, 03:20 AM UTC
Josh Norris wraps up the @Senators season on a high note! NHL x @trulyseltzer @NHL's photo on Senators
13 May, 02:45 AM UTC
You remembered when i told u they will get to the point of killing Igbo prominent politicians tag to be IPOB/ESN to declare state of emergency for conquest? Now as they withdraw securities from Gov's, senators & VIP'S they will easily carry on the assignment and rebel it to IPOB.
12 May, 08:57 PM UTC
Enes Kanter
. @RTErdogan is abusing @INTERPOL_HQ to silence Turkish citizens abroad like me. Call your Senators to support the TRAP Act (S. 1591) to stop foreign governments from using Red Notices to silence their political opponents. @SenatorWicker @SenatorCardin 👇
12 May, 11:25 PM UTC
Katy Gallagher
Two government senators (Canavan and Rennick) are crossing the floor in the Senate right now to vote with Labor on a motion calling on the Morrison Govt to get Australians stranded in India home. #auspol #strandedAussies @SenKatyG's photo on Senators
13 May, 03:03 AM UTC
Oluchi System
Southern Senators Endorse Resolutions Of Governors Over Banning Of Open Grazing ~ Vanguard
12 May, 06:26 PM UTC
Elochukwu Ohagi
What do you make out of the Nigeria government's withdrawal of police escorts from South East, Rivers Governors, senators, VIPs? I think this has nothing to do with rescuing security in South East.
12 May, 11:16 AM UTC
Meg Kinnard
NEW: Amid a lack of lethal-injection drugs, South Carolina will soon officially have a firing squad as an execution method. Just now, state senators approved changes the House made to a bill the Senate had already OK'd. Gov. @henrymcmaster has said he will sign the bill ASAP.
12 May, 09:22 PM UTC
Ottawa Senators
Thank you #Sens fans! While we couldn't host you at Canadian Tire Centre this year you were a still massive part of this season! The third period coming up, NOW is your chance to win on Twitter! Reply with #SensSayThanks for your chance to win! @Senators's photo on Senators
13 May, 01:48 AM UTC
The ReidOut
.@RepSwalwell said, “It’s so frustrating to watch this and hear my colleagues try to erase history” on the conduct of GOP congressmen in the hearing.
13 May, 03:45 AM UTC
Ottawa Senators
What a night for Kells! #GoSensGo @Senators's photo on Senators
13 May, 03:27 AM UTC
David Sirota
I want them to behave as if there's an existential threat to democracy and the planet, and sorry, doing literally nothing to move two senators in your own party is not such behavior, and everyone who's honest knows it
13 May, 04:08 AM UTC 🇺🇸
We’re going after vulnerable senators in 2022 in order to help deliver Joe Biden a decisive mandate that can’t be undermined by Manchin and Sinema. You can help with a RT and small contribution here.
13 May, 03:30 AM UTC
Uneku "Clark Kent" 20/10/20
Even the governors said Baba doesn't talk to them, I guess it same for ministers and senators. So who does he talk to?
12 May, 01:57 PM UTC
Baseball by BSmile
The smooth side-arm delivery of legendary Washington Senators fireballer Walter Johnson! #TheBigTrain #MLB #Baseball #History
13 May, 12:44 AM UTC
I’ve taken a tour the Capitol. I didn’t break any doors or windows, injure any police officers, enter the Senate Chamber, threaten Senators or the VP, or smear feces on the walls. If I’d done that, it would not have been a tour, it would have been an insurrection.
13 May, 03:00 AM UTC
VOA Farsi
🔺بیش از ۴۰ سناتور با اشاره به حمایت آیت‌الله #خامنه‌ای از #حماس، خواستار «پایان فوری» مذاکرات با #ایران شدند ▪️ ۴۴ سناتور نوشته‌اند #اسرائيل نزدیک ترین متحد #آمریکا در منطقه است و رهبر جمهوری اسلامی آن را نه یک «کشور» بلکه یک «پادگان تروریستی» خوانده است
13 May, 02:19 AM UTC
Mark Dubowitz
Senator ⁦@marcorubio⁩ and 43 Republican senators send letter to ⁦@JoeBiden⁩: In light of recent attacks by Hamas against Israel, US should...under no circumstances, provide sanctions relief to Iran. @mdubowitz's photo on Senators
13 May, 12:46 AM UTC
Punch Newspapers
APC, PDP senators clash over calls for Buhari’s impeachment - Punch Newspapers
13 May, 01:30 AM UTC
Baseball by BSmile
Aerial view of Griffith Stadium, Washington, D.C. - Home of the Washington Senators (1933) #MLB #Baseball #History
13 May, 01:07 AM UTC
Joseph Ford Cotto
I am much more interested in the AZ audit than I am in DC's 'For the People' theatrics. Lots of powerful folks are very nervous about what the AZ Senate is doing, and the senators are actually asking the right questions, so that tells me they are on to something very important.
13 May, 04:23 AM UTC
9 of 9 GOP Senators Agree That Voters Waiting in Line Should Not Be Given Food or Water || By: Jessica Corbett
13 May, 03:45 AM UTC