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Príncipe Estranho
A série nova do Ryan Murphy é um soco no estômago. Mais do que contar a história real do serial killer Jeff Dahmer mostra como o racismo foi o fator capacitador pra que o cara cometesse os crimes. E o Evan Peters é um ator gigante. https://t.co/RKnLqY0YfH
24 Sep, 01:57 PM UTC
Evan Peters out here collecting Serial Killer roles like they’re infinity stones https://t.co/5Qr321XjMu
25 Sep, 01:21 AM UTC
nunu .
The same people praising Evan Peters for playing his role “too good” as Jeffery Dahmer (a gay serial killer), made multiple homophobic statements about J. Alphonse Nicholson’s sexuality for his performance as Lil Murda in P-Valley because he played his role too good.
25 Sep, 12:48 AM UTC
Wicked gila wei series ni. Pasal sex offender and serial killer. Takleh brain dia punya tahap psycho sampaikan simpan kepala mangsa dalam freezer. Based on a true story. https://t.co/HP9AEC9CUx
25 Sep, 03:02 AM UTC
Kris P. Bacon
tv serial killer: I am a super genius. my machinations allow me to evade capture and suspicion. I am meticulous beyond compare rl serial killer: thanks for bringing back that guy covered in cuts screaming that I'm a murderer officer. We're rehearsing a play and they got confused
24 Sep, 06:48 PM UTC
Honestly tho — what’s the deal with Evan Peters taking all these serial killer roles???? Anything he wanna share with the class??? What did Emma Roberts know and WHEN did she know it?
24 Sep, 11:06 PM UTC
O Clube Do Medo 🎃
📸🕵🏻‍♂️"Dahmer: um canibal americano" é uma das séries sobre serial killer mais assustadores e pesadas que eu jávi. Sem contar a performance incrível de Evan Peters. https://t.co/kuTDJAsjst
25 Sep, 01:32 AM UTC
It’s crazy. They say Jeffrey Dahmer was a serial killer… a pedophile.. a cannibal… a racist… But they conveniently forget to mention the fact that he was GAY.
25 Sep, 03:37 AM UTC
@JaejaRose No no tak boleh rasa simpati towards people like this yea. There are many people who have abandonment issues but they don’t go until becoming a serial killer.
24 Sep, 05:48 PM UTC
Jack Posobiec XLV
Yes but that's bc you're a serial killer https://t.co/xlEI9XiMw1
24 Sep, 04:23 PM UTC
shae ❀´◡`❀
Jeffrey Dahmer was a disgusting human being and just because he’s being portrayed by Evan Peters, doesn’t mean he wasn’t a terrible person. Please don’t romanticize a literal serial killer
25 Sep, 03:43 AM UTC
Hugo Gloss
Você: Serial killer assume nova personalidade e recomeça vida em prévia enigmática da 4ª temporada; assista! https://t.co/lmyIqeyd93 (Fotos: Reprodução/Netflix) #Tudum @HugoGloss's photo on serial killer
25 Sep, 12:18 AM UTC
Julia 🇺🇸
@JackPosobiec Did you watch the series? Couldn’t believe they managed to weave so much wokeism into glorifying a serial killer.
25 Sep, 05:46 AM UTC
Kirubhakar Purushothaman
#Chup: Don't know if critics command such respect here to be the target of a serial killer. The film validates critics more than the reality. However, I found the idea wacky, @dulQuer terrific, and the film quite enjoyable. @Kiru_bhakar's photo on serial killer
25 Sep, 07:55 AM UTC
Dr. Kate Ozment
High school history textbooks are basically true crime—we spent months learning about how dictators did it like a serial killer fascination. Knowing how to organize and resist fascism would have been way more useful than instilling a morbid fascination with fascism.
25 Sep, 02:05 AM UTC
doxxing kids? are you fucking dumb??? doxxing kids over fictional characters, over a tv show? fuck i hate white people and i am one. please spread awareness, rt, tweet, educate yourself in the right way, not over a fucking serial killer. respect black/poc people.
25 Sep, 08:24 AM UTC
The fact that I gotta mute the name of a cannibalistic serial killer that's been dead since the mid 90s just shows how much the media has a stranglehold on a lot of ppl's psyches.
25 Sep, 07:52 AM UTC
Sadako Yamamura
Man why is everyone so upset about For Honor possibly becoming a chapter? For one, a knight killer would be epic, and for two, midevil map would be dope. Dead by Daylight is not strictly a "serial killer" oriented killer roster. This might be a good thing, you never know.
25 Sep, 11:54 AM UTC
Ms. Black Dynamite
I knew people was sick just based off some kinks they have but being sexually attractive to a serial killer who you know ate their victims you might need to check in a psychiatric hospital
25 Sep, 01:18 PM UTC
TRUE CRIME / 🐦 @CaledonianKitty🔪🦇
For your weekly dose of all things Serial Killer & #TrueCrime related, check out my blog: https://t.co/pjeQcaDxcN IG: https://t.co/USeRuolyYu YouTube: https://t.co/qrIBORkgDZ Links: https://t.co/TWTOsRry5i https://t.co/41LXoPbZ3c
25 Sep, 01:26 PM UTC
Anissa V 💗💜💙
Baby Stop 🤭🤚 praktis lang in case magkaron ako ng serial killer jowa 🥰 https://t.co/9JJLRwOZ2v
25 Sep, 01:29 PM UTC
Abolition Dreaming 💜
“the prison is the serial killer. The prison is the serial rapist… If we really want to reduce rape and reduce early death, we would get rid of the prison.” — Dean Spade https://t.co/TjMSQaT80W
25 Sep, 01:25 PM UTC
My sister, the serial killer. https://t.co/pKSR2aXBYl
25 Sep, 01:31 PM UTC
y’all memeing a man portraying a serial killer? https://t.co/fizFdoH6c4 @iamlexstylz's photo on serial killer
25 Sep, 01:31 PM UTC
@Sara18357846 @GodsonLindo @_yzoll @mrloozer I think another question should be what makes someone a serial killer. In my mind a career criminal who happened to kill on multiple occasions along with their crimes is not a serial killer. It’s someone like Jeff who is obsessed or s€xually driven to commit the murders.
25 Sep, 01:30 PM UTC
Atacar em trancelim e defender em zigue-zague 🇧🇷
@KauePGarcia @tribuzzana Tem vergonha na cara de dizer essas coisas, não, cara? Mas perguntar a petista é se ele tem vergonha na cara, é como perguntar a serial killer orgulhoso, se ele se arrepende de seus crimes. Então, sem efeito aqui.
25 Sep, 01:30 PM UTC
Dev 💋💄
@PettyCooperJJ Exactly serial killer fans are so out of of touch
25 Sep, 01:30 PM UTC
Me 🫱🏻‍🫲🏼obsessing over researching a serial killer
25 Sep, 01:30 PM UTC
kat 🏒🐧
@queend236 that was her lesson to us that no matter how charming and cute someone is to just not go home with random men from the bar bc they could quite literally be a serial killer
25 Sep, 01:30 PM UTC
é horrivel ver ele tao gostoso assim e não poder cadelar pq é um serial killer 😭
25 Sep, 01:30 PM UTC