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魔王がブラック企業社長になった漫画です https://t.co/8uWie6ymsL
26 Jun, 10:05 AM UTC


Common White Girl
me on my way to clock out
26 Jun, 02:13 PM UTC


Wobsell Perezbrook🏆
HARDEN BOUT TO RISK IT ALL AND DONT CARE WHO SEES 😭 This is the greatest sports league on Earth
27 Jun, 01:56 AM UTC


藤井四段、29連勝そして新記録樹立本当におめでとうございます! 驚きと喜びと感動と尊敬と、色々な感情が混ざって言葉を選ぶ事が出来ません…これからも応援しています!僕も頑張ります。
26 Jun, 01:44 PM UTC


ACLU National
BREAKING: #SCOTUS to take up Trump's Muslim ban. We'll see him in court. #NoMuslimBanEVER
26 Jun, 02:43 PM UTC


Pretty Little Liars
We can’t believe the end is TOMORROW. #PLLGameOver
26 Jun, 02:16 PM UTC


La clave ? Mentalidad ganadora y mucha unión grupal !!! Gracias a mis compañeros por vivir este momento 26-6-2011… https://t.co/U3LLPIUrDa
26 Jun, 06:37 PM UTC


The 2017 @Kia NBA Defensive Player of the Year is...@Money23Green of the @warriors! #NBAAwards #KiaDPOY
27 Jun, 02:48 AM UTC


marcelo tinelli
GENIAL con mayúsculas Consuelo, la participante no famosa del #Bailando2017
27 Jun, 02:54 AM UTC

Top Trends in USA


WeRateDogs™ 🏳️‍🌈
This is Duddles. He did an attempt. 13/10 someone help him (vid by Georgia Felici)
26 Jun, 07:07 PM UTC


夜マックとかいう100円足すとパティが2倍になるシステムをダブルチーズバーガーに使うとパティ4枚のデブバーガーになるよ。肉の塊を食ってる感じがして非常に良い。 https://t.co/itTiob0Kqv
26 Jun, 01:40 PM UTC


The 2017 @Kia NBA Most Valuable Player is...@russwest44 of the @okcthunder! #NBAAwards #KiaMVP
27 Jun, 03:09 AM UTC


Sen. Susan Collins
I want to work w/ my GOP & Dem colleagues to fix the flaws in ACA. CBO analysis shows Senate bill won't do it. I will vote no on mtp. 1/3
26 Jun, 10:50 PM UTC

Avery Bradley

Isaiah Thomas
How the hell is Avery Bradley not on the all defensive team?? That's crazy!!
26 Jun, 06:20 PM UTC


SLAM Magazine
Drake and Will Ferrell give DeMar DeRozan handshake advice 😂😂
27 Jun, 01:10 AM UTC


Joe Budden
Julz I know u from Tampa before the fat transfer, u might wanna relax soon https://t.co/LPXbZToVC0
26 Jun, 01:36 PM UTC


Ethan Dolan
I love all of you even if you don't follow me I love you even if u despise me I kinda love you
27 Jun, 04:56 AM UTC

Top Trends in Japan


28連勝中の藤井4段14歳は凄い。 だけど同じ14歳でプロになり、授業に出席できない彼の為に ノートを届け続けてくれた女の子と結婚し、 77歳の今日まで仲良しの加藤ひふみんのリア充ぶりはもっと凄い。
26 Jun, 07:06 AM UTC


[トピックス]ファミコンに続いて、スーパーファミコンが小さくなって再登場! https://t.co/8Osf8MIT9a
27 Jun, 12:04 AM UTC


【速報】藤井聡太四段、29連勝で歴代最多記録を更新 竜王戦の決勝トーナメント初戦で増田康宏四段を下し、前人未到の29連勝を達成。将棋界に新たな歴史を刻んだ。
26 Jun, 12:25 PM UTC


You can take niggas out the hood. But you can't never take the hood outta nigga https://t.co/EcL9zlkUNx
26 Jun, 06:45 PM UTC


26 Jun, 09:18 AM UTC


なななんと!! 「貴族探偵」Blu-ray&DVDが11月29日に発売決定致しました🎊メイキング映像や、制作発表記者会見のご様子など #貴族探偵 を応援してくださっている皆様必見の内容を特典映像として収録も😍更にスペシャルブックレ… https://t.co/cZRl3kK3pl
26 Jun, 01:07 PM UTC


【NHKニュース速報 21:25】 将棋の藤井聡太四段 29連勝 30年ぶり歴代最多の連勝記録を更新
26 Jun, 12:25 PM UTC


27日(火)気になる人がいたらRT♪#めざましテレビ出るカモン③ TWICE ▽高橋一生 ▽浜野謙太 ▽土屋太鳳 ▽間宮祥太朗 ▽サニブラウン・ハキーム ▽多田修平 ☆内容変更の際はご了承下さい。
26 Jun, 08:48 AM UTC

Top Technology Tweets

Ed Sheeran
Never thought I'd have to explain it, but everything I do in my live show is live, it's a loop station, not a backing track. Please google x
26 Jun, 09:06 AM UTC
Beerbongs & Bentleys
i poked ur gf on facebook, and she poked me back
26 Jun, 08:34 PM UTC
Camila Cabello
this generation has the duty of not letting hatred, ignorance, or fear win.... tell me how you #showup 💕💕 … https://t.co/MREh2PL22J
26 Jun, 05:52 PM UTC
Tim Cook
Great to see you again @narendramodi. We’re inspired by your vision for India and excited about what we can achieve… https://t.co/DeMsvDFy5F
26 Jun, 04:41 PM UTC
Narendra Modi
Areas where India-USA cooperation can scale up even further include maritime economy, technology, innovation & the… https://t.co/21ZSKuYdi9
26 Jun, 11:59 PM UTC
【ゆるかわ】スマホをガブッ! 動物が噛みついているように見えるアクセサリー https://t.co/eAf4A8hk3w iPhone純正ケーブル用。充電箇所のデリケートな部分に装着するので、断線予防も期待できる。28日発売。
26 Jun, 11:35 AM UTC
Google Maps
✨ We solemnly swear we're up to no good. #HarryPotter20
26 Jun, 07:43 PM UTC
See what happens if you mix two galaxies together over millions of years w/ some ultra-luminous X-ray sources:… https://t.co/LQhhkMmjr7
26 Jun, 08:22 PM UTC
Apple Music
A major 🔑 from @djkhaled 🙏. Show us how you #CantStopWontStop here: https://t.co/e58kV4PXlB
26 Jun, 04:07 PM UTC

Top Business Tweets

Kamala Harris
RT if you believe playing politics with people’s lives is unacceptable. We must send a powerful message to Congress: Don’t threaten our care
26 Jun, 10:47 PM UTC
Elon Musk
Good summary of rocket landing history. There were two successful water landings much earlier, but they didn't surv… https://t.co/CNxoM9Oj9R
26 Jun, 06:54 PM UTC
Jason Kander
I'm unfamiliar with the economic theory that says tax cuts for billionaires trickle down to working people in the form of health insurance.
26 Jun, 09:46 PM UTC
Ezra Klein
This is wild. The tax cuts 400 families get from the BCRA equals the Medicaid expansion for 700,000+ people. https://t.co/dH3Divb0Tz
26 Jun, 02:20 PM UTC
Cody Keenan
Our President is having a cynical morning. So here's a story of the 10 most hopeful days I ever saw in politics, capped off 2 yrs ago today.
26 Jun, 02:14 PM UTC
Kyle Griffin
Ivanka Trump—a Senior Adviser to the President of the United States—says, "I try to stay out of politics" https://t.co/JbWHdfRpwX
26 Jun, 11:53 AM UTC
ABC News Politics
NEW: AMA declares opposition to Senate GOP health care bill, saying it violates "first, do no harm" principle "on m… https://t.co/8I2m3sqLAA
26 Jun, 04:51 PM UTC
26 Jun, 11:30 PM UTC
Phil Davis
Hedging for the Holidays $QQQ $USO $GLD $GILD $FCAU #Futures #PortfolioManagement #markets --… https://t.co/9tAEUF6AJF
26 Jun, 11:34 AM UTC

Top Culture Tweets

Nintendo of America
Super Mario World, Earthbound, Star Fox 2 + 18 more games? Now you’re playing with super power! #SNESClassic launc… https://t.co/URlU6U0ChD
26 Jun, 04:01 PM UTC
Ed Sheeran
Anyway, great night, great atmosphere, family, friends, fun. Love you all x
26 Jun, 09:07 AM UTC
Jeanine Pirro
Supreme court reinstates travel ban‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️YES. @realDonaldTrump
26 Jun, 02:56 PM UTC
Shah Rukh Khan
Eid Mubarak! Thank you for making my day special. And thank you for joining me on this glorious journey of 25 years… https://t.co/h29r3RNelz
26 Jun, 04:27 PM UTC
Bill O'Reilly
Supreme Court allows Trump to ban travel from 6 chaotic Muslim countries embarrassing the liberal judges who sought to limit Trump.
26 Jun, 02:53 PM UTC
[トピックス]ファミコンに続いて、スーパーファミコンが小さくなって再登場! https://t.co/8Osf8MIT9a
27 Jun, 12:04 AM UTC
Ellen DeGeneres
Happy birthday, @ArianaGrande. You light up the world.
26 Jun, 05:23 PM UTC
Adam Schiff
GOP says their "health care" bill is about "freedom and choice." What choice is that? Between paying the mortgage or buying food or meds?
26 Jun, 08:40 PM UTC

Top Sports Tweets

Bleacher Report
Russell Westbrook. MVP.
27 Jun, 03:09 AM UTC
Russell Westbrook caps off a historic season with his first MVP trophy.
27 Jun, 03:08 AM UTC
Cristiano Ronaldo
26 Jun, 09:59 AM UTC
Bleacher Report
“I told myself I wasn’t gonna cry but…” Russ gets emotional thanking his parents in his MVP speech
27 Jun, 03:22 AM UTC
Serena Williams
Dear John, I adore and respect you but please please keep me out of your statements that are not factually based.
26 Jun, 10:27 PM UTC
Cristiano Ronaldo
Gaming experience of nubia Z17 is amazing.
26 Jun, 11:40 AM UTC
The 2017 @Kia NBA Most Valuable Player is...@russwest44 of the @okcthunder! #NBAAwards #KiaMVP
27 Jun, 03:09 AM UTC
Bleacher Report
Bill Russell 😂
27 Jun, 02:12 AM UTC
Bleacher Report
1 year later...
27 Jun, 03:20 AM UTC
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