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William Shakespeare
Lord, Lord, how subject we old men are to this vice of lying! #ShakespeareSunday
08 Dec, 02:38 PM UTC
William Shakespeare
I am sorry for thy much misgovernment. #ShakespeareSunday
08 Dec, 03:20 PM UTC
co sharp 🏳️‍🌈 🌲👻🌳
“... I like this place, And willingly could waste my time in it.” #ShakespeareSunday “As You Like It” *my 📸* https://t.co/JbCV7SPT2r
08 Dec, 09:52 AM UTC
Westminster Abbey
'A man of great authority' - Henry VI, Part 1 #ShakespeareSunday #StatesmensAisle @wabbey's photo on #ShakespeareSunday
08 Dec, 12:16 PM UTC
Alessandra Binucci
#ShakespeareSunday “I think the King is but a man, as I am. The violet smells to him as it doth to me. The element shows to him as it doth to me. All his senses have but human conditions. His ceremonies laid by, in his nakedness he appears but a man.” Henry V (IV, 1) https://t.co/au4xIKulV1
08 Dec, 06:52 AM UTC
A.Silver-MeMEs & GIFs
#ShakespeareSunday “Hell is empty and the devils are all here.” #SundayFunday #SundayMotivation #ImpeachmentInquiry #ImpeachAndRemoveTrump #RBG https://t.co/9AwYNBjUJ8
08 Dec, 11:22 AM UTC
The Questing Geek
Under whose government come they along? – Henry IV pt 1 A5,S2 #ShakespeareSunday https://t.co/4O75ruCmJb
08 Dec, 07:45 AM UTC
"This tyrant, whose sole name blisters our tongues, Was once thought honest: you have loved him well." Macbeth (A4,S3) #ShakespeareSunday https://t.co/njNEWedvge
08 Dec, 07:25 AM UTC
Toby Stephens News #ShakespeareSunday
So, dear friends, the game's afoot: Follow your spirit! The Captain commands and we obey! Let’s fill today’s #ShakespeareSunday with politics as #TobyStephens wishes! Simple rule: Quote Shakespeare. Possibly add a witty gif. Use the hashtag #ShakespeareSunday. Let’s go! https://t.co/Jqql00aCLx
08 Dec, 07:06 AM UTC
'Action is eloquence': (Re)thinking Shakespeare
"Though I am not naturally honest, I am so sometimes by chance" The Winter's Tale, 4.4.805-806 #ShakespeareSunday https://t.co/0gbCYzLVeh
08 Dec, 11:49 AM UTC
All Things Kenobi
"I charge thee on thy allegiance." Much Ado about Nothing #ShakespeareSunday https://t.co/HFtjiNKFXT
08 Dec, 12:30 PM UTC
Shadow and the Fox
“This spark will prove a raging fire” Henry VI Part 2 (Act 3, Scene 1) #ShakespeareSunday https://t.co/ZiOevvvGEg
08 Dec, 01:07 PM UTC
Studio Beppe 💥 🎨
O God, that right should thus overcome might! Henry IV P 2 5,4 #ShakespeareSunday https://t.co/zTX2PLeJT1
08 Dec, 12:25 PM UTC
Karl Holton
#ShakespeareSunday 'The time may have all shadow and silence in it' Measure For Measure Act III, Scene 1 #Shakespeare https://t.co/1zU56bpjw3
08 Dec, 11:18 AM UTC
Cate Cawley
Be brave, then; for your captain is brave, and vows reformation. There shall be in England seven half penny loaves sold for a penny: #jackcade #HenryVI Part 2 4.2 #ShakespeareSunday #politics #seasons #winter #autumn #landscape #december https://t.co/0Ja4iur30J
08 Dec, 09:17 AM UTC
Karen DenBleyker
O tiger's heart wrapped in a woman's hide! 3 Henry VI #ShakespeareSunday https://t.co/lHN6zR2YqV
08 Dec, 11:43 AM UTC
Alexandra Epps
Woe to the land that's governed by a child.. #RichardIII #CarlLarsson #ShakespeareSunday https://t.co/itguYkLaFx
08 Dec, 10:34 AM UTC
“I fear me, lords, for all this flattering gloss, he will be found a dangerous protector” Henry VI #ShakespeareSunday #Saudis #SaudiArabia #Bribery #Extortion #MoneyLaundering #ArmsDeals #KhashoggiMurder #PensacolaShooter #TraitorTrump #TrumpTreason https://t.co/PVt22Su9rn
08 Dec, 01:15 PM UTC
William Shakespeare
Get thee glass eyes And, like a scurvy politician, seem To see the things thou dost not. #ShakespeareSunday #Lear
08 Dec, 02:57 PM UTC
“This spark will prove a raging fire”- Henry VI Part 2 A3S1 #ShakespeareSunday https://t.co/pDcsL4sTPq
08 Dec, 01:12 PM UTC
Me, my own companion, self partnered
Gonzalo: I would with such perfection govern, sir, To excel the golden age. - The Tempest #ShakespeareSunday #DoctorWho https://t.co/0fialta2qS
08 Dec, 12:52 PM UTC
Maude Frome
“I would with such perfection govern, sir, T’excel the golden age.” The Tempest, Act 2, Sc 1 #ShakespeareSunday Image: The Ragwort Fairy, by Mary Cicely Barker, 1920s https://t.co/l3tixJux7e
08 Dec, 02:49 PM UTC
This vile politician. HENRY IV, PART 1 Act I Scene 3 🎭#ShakespeareSunday🎭 https://t.co/VssVMosWSM
08 Dec, 12:12 PM UTC
Me, my own companion, self partnered
Macduff: Fit to govern! No, not to live! O nation miserable, With an untitled tyrant, bloody-sceptred, When shalt thou see thy wholesome days again. - Macbeth #ShakespeareSunday #DoctorWho https://t.co/R6GMxo734a
08 Dec, 12:48 PM UTC
Emma Billman
Even so most fitly As you malign our senators for that They are not such as you. #ShakespeareSunday Coriolanus A1S1 https://t.co/oB9Zx8sRRT
08 Dec, 01:16 PM UTC
Eeva Tenkanen
Taxation? Wherein? And what taxation? My Lord Cardinal, you that are blam’d for it alike with us, know you of this taxation? #HenryVIII #ShakespeareSunday https://t.co/gTfgWlTbAk
08 Dec, 11:10 AM UTC
“Twas you we laughed at” The Tempest #ShakespeareSunday #NATO #NATOSummit #NATOSummit2019 #TraitorTrump #CutAndRun #ProfilesInGutlessness https://t.co/TycKpN0RSG
08 Dec, 02:02 PM UTC
Karen DenBleyker
To be rough, unswayable and free. Coriolanus #ShakespeareSunday https://t.co/rgjNifXUKK
08 Dec, 01:36 PM UTC
Marie De Ternay
"This might be the pate of a Politician, which this ass now o'erreaches" #ShakespeareSunday #Hamlet (V,I) #Politics #EveryPoliticianIsAnAss https://t.co/B5rjWsiGt4
08 Dec, 08:10 AM UTC
Karen DenBleyker
Almost all repent in their election. Coriolanus #ShakespeareSunday https://t.co/asYE4waStv
08 Dec, 02:20 PM UTC

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