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When the Braves got Shane Greene, Mark Melancon, and Chris Martin, those moves all came within ~2ish hours of the deadline. Guess that’s what you hope for today
30 Jul, 04:54 PM UTC
David O'Brien
Shane Greene now has allowed four home runs in his past 9 appearances.
31 Jul, 02:46 AM UTC
Ethan(D³RP AG)
@Braves Snitker after putting Shane Greene in the 9th Inning and seeing how he did
31 Jul, 03:01 AM UTC
Freddie Stubble
How many times is Chip Caray going to say “Shane Greene is past the spring training period.” We know Chip. He just sucks this year.
31 Jul, 02:47 AM UTC
i don’t care how many 13 year olds love him, shane greene is !!!not good!!! this year
31 Jul, 02:49 AM UTC
I’ve eaten so much crow about Shane Greene.
31 Jul, 02:49 AM UTC
Why is Shane Greene not good anymore?
31 Jul, 02:50 AM UTC
Ace (Restricted List)♊️♠️
Guys, at this point I think Shane Greene would’ve sucked even if he signed with us on the first day of Free Agency.
31 Jul, 02:58 AM UTC
David Carroll
Shane Greene and Sean Newcomb in a fierce battle over who gets the short straw when Richard Rodriguez arrives. #Braves
31 Jul, 02:48 AM UTC
@Braves Braves fans when they see Shane Greene.
31 Jul, 03:09 AM UTC
Home Run Tracker
#Brewers 9 @ #Braves 5 [T9-0o]: Eduardo Escobar homers (1): fly ball to CF (solo) Hit: 424ft, 105mph, 32°🚀 Pitch: 92.9mph Sinker (RHP Shane Greene, 5)
31 Jul, 02:45 AM UTC
j a c k s o ñ
Shane Greene giving up that homer was the most predictable thing ever
31 Jul, 02:46 AM UTC
Would it dong?
Eduardo Escobar vs Shane Greene #ThisIsMyCrew Home Run 💣 Exit velo: 105 mph Launch angle: 32 deg Proj. distance: 424 ft This would have been a home run in 28/30 MLB ballparks MIL (9) @ ATL (5) 🔺 9th
31 Jul, 02:47 AM UTC
Austin Wagner
@Braves Send Shane Greene to the moon.
31 Jul, 03:01 AM UTC
Leslie Mines
It sucks to see how far Shane Greene has fallen because last season he was our best and most reliable reliever imo.
31 Jul, 02:51 AM UTC
Can someone find the real Shane Greene and bring him back to us k thanks
31 Jul, 02:51 AM UTC
A's enjoyer
@KeteIMarte It's off shane greene does it really count?
31 Jul, 02:49 AM UTC
Andy Harris
@BravesMattC It occurs to me that Shane Greene also has an option.
31 Jul, 02:48 AM UTC
nick cellini
Shane Greene too. I’m appalled!!!! @Braves @680TheFan
31 Jul, 03:16 AM UTC
RonaldMVP Szn 2022
@MLB off shane greene absolutely doesn’t count
31 Jul, 02:52 AM UTC
John Schiller
@TalkingChop So we're agreed that the Shane Greene experiment is over, right?
31 Jul, 03:07 AM UTC
Shane Greene has an awful lot of brown running down his leg
31 Jul, 02:51 AM UTC
Liam • Alex Anthopoulos Masterclass SZN
Shane Greene expected to be Designated for Assignment after tonight's performance.
31 Jul, 02:57 AM UTC
Yah this bullpen looks fantastic. Shane Greene is straight garbage.
31 Jul, 02:56 AM UTC
kit ⚾️
shane greene literally looked me in the eyes (barely bc iykyk) yet he still ran into me in the hotel lobby .
31 Jul, 02:54 AM UTC
I don’t know if every team in baseball saw something that we didn’t and that’s why Shane Greene went unsigned for so long and it’s showing up now, or if it’s because he waited so long to sign….. but the dude sucks now
31 Jul, 02:49 AM UTC
Jeremy Timmerman
I’m beginning to think Shane Greene may not have it this year, you guys.
31 Jul, 02:48 AM UTC
Ynoa’s Hand
Remember when Shane Greene was good? Those were the days
31 Jul, 02:47 AM UTC
Jon D H
Shane Greene Shane Grün Shane Groan
31 Jul, 02:46 AM UTC