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whalien 52

[#오늘의방탄] 오늘도 매직샵을 찾아준 아미들이 고맙습니다✌🏻 매직샵은 언제나 아미 곁에 ^.~ #BTS #MAGICSHOP오사카점 #오직샵
14 Dec, 11:49 AM UTC


Michael cera walked up to me and was like can I gets a latte 👁👄👁 and I dead forgot I’m a barista I was like wtf is this nigga on LMAO
13 Dec, 10:07 PM UTC


겨울엔 흑백이지,,, 아니 방탄이지,,! @TiktokKR's photo on Vante
13 Dec, 11:15 AM UTC


Pudim De Cachaça
vai ser um grande homem @pocatrasada's photo on Coutinho
13 Dec, 06:13 PM UTC


Donald J. Trump
On my way to the #ArmyNavyGame in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! @realDonaldTrump's photo on #ArmyNavyGame
14 Dec, 06:44 PM UTC

John Dingell

Donald J. Trump
The last time I spoke to Debbie Dingell was her call thanking me for granting top memorial and funeral service honors for her then just departed husband, long time Congressman John Dingell. Now I watch her ripping me as part of the Democrats Impeachment Hoax. Really pathetic!
14 Dec, 11:26 PM UTC


14 Dec, 06:25 AM UTC


Rob Reiner
Greta Thunberg is a passionate caring champion for the survival of our planet. Donald Trump is a Soulless Pathologically Lying Malignant Narcissist who cheats to win and pisses on our Constitution and the Rule of Law. So there’s that.
14 Dec, 01:48 PM UTC


Rahul Gandhi
आज दिल्ली के ऐतिहासिक रामलीला मैदान में कांग्रेस पार्टी की ओर से आयोजित भाजपा सरकार की तानाशाही, I.C.U में पहुँचा दी गई अर्थव्यवस्था और लोकतंत्र की हत्या के विरोध मे जनसभा को संबोधित करूँगा। Live: #BharatBachaoRally @RahulGandhi's photo on #BharatBachaoRally
14 Dec, 04:21 AM UTC


Barstool Sports
On the 7th anniversary of Sandy Hook, Newtown wins the Connecticut State title on the last play of the game. Chills. @barstoolsports's photo on Newtown
14 Dec, 11:49 PM UTC


Dan Bongino
When do the resignations begin for the media hacks who absolutely blew the two biggest stories of our generation? They told us collusion was real & Spygate was a hoax, knowing full well that the opposite was true.
14 Dec, 12:32 AM UTC


⚜️━━━━━━━━━━━━━━⚜️   #キャッシュレスはQUICPay   💫タッチで夢のようなひとときを💫 ⚜️━━━━━━━━━━━━━━⚜️ \1,300名様/に 豪華賞品プレゼント…29日目🎁 📣フォロワー限定キャンペーン🥳 1️⃣このツイートをRT 2️⃣結果がすぐ届く 詳細👉 @QUICPay_PR's photo on Pons
14 Dec, 03:00 PM UTC

John Wall

Washington Wizards
Sending thoughts and love for John Wall and his family after the passing of his mother, Frances Pulley. She will forever be a part of our #DCFamily.
13 Dec, 11:42 PM UTC

Fine Line Live

Fine Line Live. One Night Only. Get ready for @MattBellassai to go behind the scenes live from @theforum tonight on HSHQ’s Instagram Story: @HSHQ's photo on Fine Line Live
13 Dec, 01:05 PM UTC


Rich Brian
wow just got a call from the label they said car accidents worldwide has dropped to 0 since i performed “drive safe” & the researchers sent me this pie chart. we did it yall great job ❤️❤️ @richbrian's photo on Jiminie
14 Dec, 03:49 AM UTC


the tears keep coming i can’t stop crying at this hahahahah @_itsnotliving's photo on Boateng
13 Dec, 07:35 PM UTC


Charlotte Clymer🏳️‍🌈
This is the lovely ad that @HallmarkChannel pulled from their broadcast after conservatives complained. A simple kiss by lesbian newlyweds. Same-sex marriage has been the law of the land for four years. LGBTQ families are beautiful. #BoycottHallmark @cmclymer's photo on #boycotthallmark
14 Dec, 11:10 PM UTC


Nick Ciarelli
This is how I find out I’ve been let go from the Bloomberg campaign. I’m devastated. This is not how you treat your staffers. You can’t silence me from the things I know. This is not the end. #DropOutBloomberg
13 Dec, 09:17 PM UTC

White Power

christine teigen
Let’s pretend for a second these people really are doing the white power/white nationalism hand gesture. What does it even do for anyone? Do you get points for each time it’s seen like? Is there a boss out there keeping score? Or is it like paging someone? @chrissyteigen's photo on White Power
14 Dec, 09:15 PM UTC


【グランブルーファンタジー】グラブルフェス2019 DAY1終了いたしました! 様々なアトラクションやステージプログラム、お楽しみいただけましたでしょうか? 明日も楽しい企画が盛りだくさん!生放送も、引き続きお楽しみに! #グラブル #グラブルフェス2019 @granbluefantasy's photo on Sandalphon
14 Dec, 11:36 AM UTC


Jon Cooper 🇺🇸
The Self-Centered Birther Married to Donald Trump Thinks Greta Thunberg Had POTUS Attack Coming #NyetBeBest
14 Dec, 01:18 PM UTC


What true friends are for. 🐰🦋 @heathersketcher's photo on Belial
13 Dec, 11:09 PM UTC

Vicente Fox

Citizens Fed Up
Vicente Fox already ordered 5 million hats for his campaign... #VicenteFox2020 @CitizensFedUp's photo on Vicente Fox
13 Dec, 06:52 PM UTC

Creator of the Year

Tana Mongeau
creator... of the year......
14 Dec, 05:17 AM UTC

The Heat

New uni, same 👑 @KingJames returns to Miami tonight to take on the Heat. @espn's photo on The Heat
13 Dec, 04:10 PM UTC


I only like taking selfies. If anybody else take my picture it’s ugly.
14 Dec, 10:34 PM UTC

Granblue Fantasy

【グランブルーファンタジー】本日12/13 24:00より「GRANBLUE FANTASY The Animation Season 2」第10話放送!放送を記念して【ローズクリスタル10個】と【碧空の結晶30個】をプレゼント! #グラブル #アニメグラブル @granbluefantasy's photo on Granblue Fantasy
13 Dec, 02:00 PM UTC


Gus Dangit YouTube Johnson
i had a nice time at the #streamys @Gusbuckets's photo on #streamys
14 Dec, 04:11 AM UTC

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