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scimmia garbaggio
almost retweeted shaun king
13 Jan, 11:46 PM UTC
Cassandra Fairbanks 🕊
Shaun King being called a groyper is the content I never knew I needed (I stole this screenshot from someone else because SK has me blocked. I didn’t ‘like’ neocontasters tweet) @CassandraRules's photo on Shaun King
13 Jan, 04:17 AM UTC
Kay ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Maggie Haberman, Ana Navarro And Shaun King Among A Massive List Of Activist Integrity & Journalism, where are you hiding? Opening your wallet may help you remember, facts matter.
13 Jan, 05:52 PM UTC
Oh man. Sanders might get hurt more from people realizing Shaun King is one of his top surrogates than anything else in this exchange.
14 Jan, 12:50 AM UTC
D’Ag due
Shaun King has 1.1 million followers and people are still wondering how a grifter became president.
14 Jan, 01:20 AM UTC
Victoria Brownworth #NoWarWithIran
Bernie spox Shaun King is claiming that Bernie told Warren that he wouldn't run if she did. She announced in December 2018. Bernie announced in February 2019. Making your case that Bernie isn't a liar with proof of a lie doesn't make much sense.
14 Jan, 12:14 AM UTC
chris evans
14 Jan, 01:24 AM UTC
fent dealers for Pete
Shaun King Stop Helping 2020
14 Jan, 02:04 AM UTC
Ruby Cramer
Sanders campaign surrogate Shaun King >
14 Jan, 12:53 AM UTC
Shaun king??? BEST. PRIMARY. EVER.
13 Jan, 10:23 PM UTC
Lumpy Louise
Seriously, Shaun King just said he verified with two sources on Liz's campaign that she likes to She truly is a liar.
14 Jan, 01:26 AM UTC
Topher Spiro
@ShaneGoldmacher @m_mendozaferrer do you know anything about Shaun King's credibility???
14 Jan, 01:41 AM UTC
Holly Otterbein
Sanders surrogate Shaun King after Elizabeth Warren releases her statement >
14 Jan, 12:50 AM UTC
Red-Green Alliance
I, like many, saw Warren as an earnest, almost painfully sincere dogooder type, so its extra funny that she turned out to be so dishonest and slimy she's getting called out for lying by SHAUN KING LMAOOOOO
14 Jan, 12:00 AM UTC
I have blocked Shaun King. I used to respect his perspective. Now I find him to be just another toxic Bernie Bro.
14 Jan, 01:30 AM UTC
Twitchy Team
Now we’re cookin’: Shaun King said he ‘spoke to a source’ who said that Elizabeth Warren ’embellished’ details of her meeting with Bernie Sanders
14 Jan, 12:20 AM UTC
Jason Overstreet
@bigd4dy @rebeinstein @KristenOrthman Yes. It literally comes down to who you believe. Elizabeth Warren or Shaun King’s sources.
14 Jan, 01:24 AM UTC
@Beereeltweets @shaunking You know that King literally works for Sanders, right? And that he's got a... troublesome history with telling the truth. I don't know if the "woman can't win" story is true or not. But you shouldn't let Shaun King be your guide.
14 Jan, 12:58 AM UTC
Jenni 🗽
@shaunking @BernieSanders Wow. Just spoke to a source who told me that Shaun King is a lying grifter. Disgusting.
13 Jan, 11:35 PM UTC
ted cruz likes incest porn
can y'all please stop praising shaun king
14 Jan, 02:17 AM UTC
Just a Guy
@ShaneGoldmacher @maggieNYT Shaun King on embellishing stories?
14 Jan, 01:08 AM UTC
The Warring 20s
Why is Shaun King running point on an "is it misogyny or is it an embellished complaint" storyline? Seems like a bad idea to me...
14 Jan, 02:20 AM UTC
@shaunking Ten sources IN BERNIE WORLD told me Shaun King is a damned liar and that we should question Bernie's judgment for letting him be a surrogate
14 Jan, 01:49 AM UTC
@ShaneGoldmacher @maggieNYT Shaun king is garbage though. I’d wait for an actual source
14 Jan, 01:05 AM UTC
phanpy fan club
you retweeted shaun king you are going to loose subscriber
14 Jan, 02:23 AM UTC
Can someone make an investigative podcast on Shaun King?
14 Jan, 02:26 AM UTC
lewoo 🗽 #Warren2020 #LFG
@POwens26 @shaunking @BernieSanders How is Shaun king not in jail? And why are all Bernies surrogates fucking grifters and frauds?
14 Jan, 12:46 AM UTC
Tyler Jedrey
@CulRMartin @AJentleson @shaunking Shaun King is a tragedy grifter who deserves to be ignored.
14 Jan, 01:15 AM UTC
⚖️Bernie Says He Won't Be Niggardly⚖️
@tommyxtopher Commiserating with Shaun King on Twitter. Cornel West too..
14 Jan, 02:08 AM UTC
@KyleKashuv @ComfortablySmug CNN: Shaun King calls Native American woman a liar.
14 Jan, 02:17 AM UTC

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