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Open the Portal 🤣
Shavel was it necessary for you to kick off them kitten leopard print heels. #LoveAfterLockup #LifeAfterLockup
21 Nov, 02:37 AM UTC
Chiffon Valentine
Soooo was Shavel’s house just a staged location? Because where did the apartment complex come from? #lifeafterlockup #loveafterlockup
21 Nov, 03:14 AM UTC
𝓥𝓮𝓮 🦋
#lifeafterlockup Homegirl hit Shavel with the “damn that’s crazy” 😂🤣😂 #loveafterlockup
21 Nov, 02:37 AM UTC
Open the Portal 🤣
Shavel your daughter should have NOT known anything about Quaylon. That's on you. #LoveAfterLockup #LifeAfterLockup
21 Nov, 03:14 AM UTC
Shavel said she purchased Quaylon’s phone & the side chick “said damn that’s crazy”. That’s how you know, you lost at life.😂 #loveafterlockup
21 Nov, 02:40 AM UTC
Ernie Butch Atlas
So, Quaylon out here with new gold fronts, non old lady glasses, new jewelry and a new wardrobe. On top of the truck. And still cheating. No wonder Shavel sitting on the curb like boo-boo the fool #loveafterlockup #lifeafterlockup
21 Nov, 03:35 AM UTC
Shavel was on that curb kicking them shoes OFF. Giving me my monica fantasy YEESSS. #loveafterlockup #lifeafterlockup
21 Nov, 02:38 AM UTC
Oh boy..I can’t tell if Shavel is like..skinny or a little chunky? I got distracted trying to figure this out.. #LifeAfterLockup #LoveAfterLockup
21 Nov, 02:40 AM UTC
Your daughters pain is your responsibility SHAVEL #lifeafterlockup #LoveAfterLockup
21 Nov, 03:14 AM UTC
Shavel let it go. He is aging like a banana #LifeAfterLockup
21 Nov, 02:14 AM UTC
cuteness everdeen.
Shavel kicking them shoes off on the curb was unintentionally hilarious #loveafterlockup
21 Nov, 04:41 AM UTC
I don’t feel sorry for Shavel at all...her cousin tried to warn her. #LoveAfterLockup #LifeAfterLockup
21 Nov, 05:15 AM UTC
Shavel talk’n bout “I put 2 & 2 together, they fucked” 😂😂😂 bitch you read a text from another woman sayn “can’t wait to get some more of that fine ass dick” that’s a goddamn answer key, ain’t no putting 2 & 2 together 😂#loveafterlockup
21 Nov, 04:44 AM UTC
Alicia Marie
Listen, I fell asleep watching #loveafterlockup but woke up to Shavel angrily kicking off her shoes into the street and sitting outside, Indian style in her driveway. lol I know she was really going through it because, what a scene 😭 #lifeafterlockup
21 Nov, 04:50 AM UTC
Sharon Godbolt
#LoveAfterLockup Shavel did you really think you were the only one Quaylon was dealing with? You looking so stupid! and why are you angry at the other women? Quaylon played them just like he played you. Own it and move on..
21 Nov, 04:49 AM UTC
Ms. Little
Shavel has got to be the only one surprised by Quaylon’s cheating #loveafterlockup
21 Nov, 04:41 AM UTC
Alicia Marie
When did shavel move into an apartment? #lifeafterlockup #loveafterlockup
21 Nov, 05:24 AM UTC
As soon as Shavel hung up with the girl Quaylon called😂😂. You know that girl was texting him while she was talking to Shavel. #lifeafterlockup #loveafterlockup
21 Nov, 05:23 AM UTC
Shavel ain't got the house no more ?
21 Nov, 05:13 AM UTC
karen huger stan account
Quaylon got Shavel looking stupid as hell on national television. #loveafterlockup #lifeafterlockup
21 Nov, 04:41 AM UTC
Bree Haynes (IG @breehasaplan)
Shavel calling the girl is the worst. Deal with your dude #LoveAfterLockup
21 Nov, 04:37 AM UTC
Renee Kelly PR Girl
Shavel seriously you fell in love with a felon and you let your daughter call a man fresh out of prison her dad 👎🏽#loveafterlockup
21 Nov, 05:17 AM UTC
Sue Me I'm Rootin' For Errybody Dat's Black
Dear #LoveAfterLockup editors: How Shavel braids go from red to black after catching Quaylon cheating?
21 Nov, 05:17 AM UTC
Special Lady
@nola_creole And Shavel is a damn fool. Stevie Wonder could see that Quaylon is garbage. #loveafterlockup #lifeafterlockup
21 Nov, 05:17 AM UTC
Akan Thee Stallion 🇳🇬⚖️
Me laughing at Shavel goofy ass right now: #LifeAfterLockup
21 Nov, 05:13 AM UTC
Shavel didn’t we tell you that you were moving too fast? Like he was locked up for 12 years. He’s not about to get out and be up in just one person. You played yourself. #lifeafterlockup #loveafterlockup
21 Nov, 04:58 AM UTC
Shavel called this lady demanding answers and that file played along with her 😅😅😅
21 Nov, 04:39 AM UTC
Shavel: You’re calling the phone I pay for...Girl: Damn, that’s crazy....Me:😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣 #loveafterlockup
21 Nov, 04:40 AM UTC
Lanese A
Shavel you allowed your daughter to call him DADDY!! #LoveAfterLockup
21 Nov, 04:42 AM UTC
Afiya The Diva
Now Shavel doing dumb💩 calling the other woman going off on her. Call & let her know maybe but cursing her out ain’t it. Get Quaylon! SMDH! Beloved call Iyanla, you are broken & desperation only attracts gnats! #LoveAfterLockUp
21 Nov, 04:40 AM UTC

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